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Polaroid Smartphone Projector Review

When projectors are being discussed, what comes to mind most of the time is that scenario when you have to connect it with a laptop or a tablet. But, what about having to project from your phone?

Although some projectors are compatible with many devices, mobile phones included, the Polaroid smartphone projector is specially designed to work with your smartphone.

This piece of technological wonder was manufactured by Fizz Creations LTD, and it is a licensed device. The Polaroid smartphone projector is a good choice if you want to enjoy cinematic views with your smartphone.

Who can use the Polaroid smartphone projector?

This question can be translated as, who can use a smartphone? As you know, anyone can use a smartphone. Therefore anyone can use a Polaroid smartphone projector.

Imagine turning your room into a mini cinema without the need for a laptop. No cinema ticket, you don’t have to leave your house or worry about what to wear to the cinema.

You can cry, laugh, scream, and do whatever you want in your room. Together with your phone and a bucket of popcorn, the polaroid smartphone projector should do the magic.


How can this projector be helpful to you?

The Polaroid smartphone projector is just what you need when you intend to have some alone time and enjoy a movie with that special someone.

Suppose what you want to project is on your phone and not your laptop, or there is no laptop available at that moment, then this projector will come in handy. Who says you can’t project without a laptop?

If you are confused about what to give a friend or loved one on their special days, then you should consider getting them this projector. You will surely have a special place in their hearts.

Do you need to be tech-savvy to use this projector? Absolutely not. As a beginner, setting up or using this projector can be as easy as setting up any other device. It is simple and stress-free.

Generally, when you buy a device, you should find some accessories that come with it. And it is good that you know what these accessories are. Why is this important?

You want to get the maximum benefit from any device, but you sure can’t do that if some parts are missing.

So, if you do not find any of the necessary accessories when you purchase the Polaroid smartphone projector, you can easily make a complaint, and the issue will be rectified.

What is in the box?

Amazingly, a box of Polaroid smartphone projector contains just the projector. No wires or cables, no remote, all you need is the projector and your smartphone.

To have a visual explanation of what the Polaroid smartphone projector contains, I have included an unboxing video for this projector. Check it out.

Polaroid Cardboard Projector Unboxing

Overview of features

Moving on, you will find the various features of this smartphone projector. These are the factors that make the Polaroid smartphone projector an excellent pick.

You will also get to know its weaknesses. Definitely, for a cardboard projector, it is not expected to be a hundred percent efficient. Don’t you think so?

What we like

It is easy to set up; no stress is involved. It does not come with any extra accessories like cables and wires.

It is affordable. Unlike many expensive projectors, the Polaroid smartphone projector is very affordable. You only need to spend a little to get it.

This projector is very portable. Its small size and lightweight are some of the features that make it a good choice. You won’t find it difficult to move the projector from one place to another.

It is very helpful when there is no laptop or tablet available. It allows you to make use of the next available option, your smartphone.

What we don’t like

The sticky pad in the projector does not fit into every phone. If you have a phone that perfectly fits into the pad, this would not be a problem for you. However, if your phone doesn’t fit, getting it to stay right in will be difficult.

The projected image is not bright, and you will need to keep the room very dark for you to use the projector. This makes it a no-go-area if you want a projector that you can use in a bright room.

Ease of use


It is easy to use and is beginner-friendly


It is an affordable projector


This projector has amazing features
Customer service


Responsive customer service

How to set up a Polaroid Smartphone projector

Below, you will find a video that explains how you can set up this projector. You will see the entire procedure from unboxing to final set up.

Polaroid Smartphone Projector: Watch THIS Before You BUY! 📱

Is there an alternative?

Yes, there is an alternative for this projector. The Paladone smartphone projector is one alternative that you can opt for. It produces enlarged images from your phone and can give a cinematic viewing right in the comfort of your home.

One amazing thing about this projector is that it has an adjustable focus, which allows you to project images properly on flat surfaces.

It has a good brightness level, enough to make your everyday viewing a lot better.

Paladone Smartphone Projector
  • SMARTPHONE ACCESSORY: A brilliant Smartphone Projector with adjustable focus that can project the...
  • NO FUSS: The easy way for quick and convenient big screen action, make your everyday viewing a whole...
  • PERFECT FOR ANY SHOW: Whether you're watching the latest movies, hottest TV series, or the biggest...


It has always been the bigger projectors gaining fame in the market. Though smaller, smartphone projectors are a means to give you almost the same cinematic viewing at a lesser price.

You won’t always have your laptops or tablets around, but you can easily use your smartphone when none of these is available.

The Polaroid smartphone projector has been designed to meet your needs in the best way possible. The fact that it is super easy to use makes it perfect for both beginners and experts.

Do you want something for the kids? This is a nice choice. Your kids will love it. It will give them excitement to view something other than regular TVs or tablets.

What about some alone time during weekends? This will serve you well. Get the fun and excitement you deserve with just this simple device and your smartphone.


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