TV Won’t Let You Change Inputs? Bypass Hotel HDMI Blocks

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What To Know

  • If your TV is in Hospitality Mode, switch it to Standalone Mode using a sequence on the remote. For example, for Samsung TVs: Mute > 1-1-9 > Select Hospitality Mode > Set to Standalone.
  • Use your Samsung TV’s jog controller as an alternative to the remote for changing inputs, or disconnect the Ethernet or coaxial cable from your hotel TV to disable Hospitality Mode.
  • For inputs that are buried in settings, set your TV to auto-detect devices. For example, for Sony TVs: Home > Settings > Preferences > Setup > AV Setup > Manage Inputs > Auto.

Are you stuck with your TV (especially those in a hotel) on one channel or input, clicking the remote in vain?

In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to unlock your TV’s full potential, so you can flip through inputs with ease and finally watch what you want.

1. The TV Is Set to Hospitality Mode

Your TV may be a Hospitality TV or a Hotel TV.

interior of a hotel room

As the name suggests, these TVs are specifically designed for hotels, hostels, and other types of guest houses. 

Since temporary guests will be using these units, they often have a “Hospitality Mode” which prevents unauthorized people from changing the TV’s settings, such as the input. 

Depending on the TV, you may need a separate remote or codes to “unlock” the settings, allowing you to adjust them. It should also be noted that the TV’s codes will vary depending on the TV’s make and model. 

There are two “Hospitality Modes”: Interactive and Standalone. 

The Interactive mode is locked, meaning you will be locked out of the unit’s settings unless you use the correct remote or insert the necessary codes. 

Standalone mode is “unlocked,”  allowing you to access the settings just as you would on any other TV. 

While we cannot provide specific instructions and codes for every TV brand, we have outlined instructions for Samsung Hospitality TVs as an example. 

Let’s learn how to unlock a Samsung Hospitality TV! 

Solution 1: Switching to Standalone Mode

The first way you can unlock a TV is by entering a code that will give you access to the Hospitality Mode setting. 

Step 1: Press your remote’s Mute button, which looks like a striked-out speaker icon. 

Step 2:  Next, enter the numbers 1 – 1 – 9, followed by the Select or Enter button, located in the middle of the arrow keys. 

Step 3: Use the arrow keys to highlight Hospitality Mode on-screen. Then, press Select or Enter to select it. 

Step 4: Change the Hospitality Mode to Standalone by pressing the right or left Arrow keys.

Step 5: Exit from the settings menu by pressing your remote’s Return (⏎) or MENU button. 

Step 6: Now that you’ve changed the Hospitality Mode, it’s time to restart your TV. 

To do this, turn your TV off and unplug it. Leave it unplugged for a minute before plugging it back in. Then turn the TV on again. 

Step 7: Now, you should be able to change your TV’s input by pressing the remote’s Input button. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to change a Samsung Hospitality TV’s Hospitality Mode. 


Solution 2: Using the Jog Controller

Some Samsung TVs feature a jog controller, which is a small joystick-like button. You can move the button in different directions to highlight options on-screen and press it to select items. 

This is a great way to access the input source if you’re having trouble doing so with your remote. 

It’s easy and doesn’t require any special codes or a special remote. 

Step 1: Locate your Samsung TV’s jog controller, usually found in the bottom corner of the back of the unit. It should feel like a large round or square button, with a smaller button in the middle. 

Step 2: Press the button in the center of the jog controller to open the menu.

Step 3: Gently tilt the jog controller’s button to the right to highlight the Input icon on-screen. Then, press the center button to select the icon and access the Input menu

Step 4: Navigate to your desired input by tilting the jog controller to the left or right until the input is highlighted. Then, press the center button to change your TV’s input. 

Now you’re ready to watch your preferred input! 

If you’re unfamiliar with Samsung TV’s jog controller and would like a tutorial on how to change your TV’s input using one, watch the video below! 

Unlock Hack !!!!Some!!!! Hotel TV Inputs (Only for this specific TV Model!!!!)

Solution 3: Unplug the Coaxial or Ethernet Cable

Some hotels are connected to the internet via a wired connection.

Look behind your TV to see if there’s an Ethernet or coaxial cable plugged into it.

If so, try unplugging it from your TV, disarming the Hospitality Mode. Then, try changing your TV’s input using the TV remote or the control panel. 

man holding a coaxial cable in front of the back view of TV

With any luck, you will be able to access the input menu as the TV won’t be connecting to the internet. 

Note: Unplugging your TV’s Ethernet or coaxial cable could alarm the hotel. In the best-case scenario, the hotel staff may warn you not to touch the TV’s cables or settings. In the worst-case scenario, you could be fined.  

Watch the video below demonstrating how unplugging the hotel TV’s Ethernet/coaxial cable can unlock its inputs. 

Unlock Hotel TV inputs

2. The Inputs are Buried in the Settings

Sony TVs have a special input setting that, when enabled, automatically changes the input whenever it detects a new input source. 

a Sony OLED Bravia TV on display at the exhibition

While you may not be able to manually adjust the input, you will be able to adjust the settings so the TV will automatically display your laptop, game console, or streaming stick’s screen. 


Step 1: Press your remote’s Home button. 

Step 2: Click on Settings on your TV. 

Step 3: Next, go to Preferences

Step 4: Click on Setup

Step 5: Navigate to AV Setup

Step 6: Go to Manage Inputs

Step 7: Adjust the input to Auto

Step 8: Now, your TV should automatically recognize new source devices and switch to the correct input. 

If your source device is already plugged into your TV, you may need to unplug it and then plug it back in for your TV to recognize it. 

Good luck! 

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