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How To Change the LG TV Aspect Ratio, With Troubleshooting Tips

How To Change the LG TV Aspect Ratio, With Troubleshooting Tips

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You bought a brand-new LG TV, pulled it out of the box, and were getting ready to settle in and enjoy a flick with your family. You turn it on, and the ratios of your screen are clearly incorrect.

You’ve come to the internet in search of answers, and lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to address everything that you need to know about the aspect ratios for LG TVs.

We will review what aspect ratio is, what the standard ratio is for LG TVs, and how to troubleshoot any issues you may run into with your LG’s ratios.

Look no further for your ultimate guide to everything LG, let’s get right into it!

What Is Aspect Ratio?

different aspect ratios on TVs


Before we get into the specifics of any LG products, it is best to clarify what aspect ratio is. The simplest way to define aspect ratio is the difference between the height and width of your TV screen.

Usually, this ratio is expressed as width:height.

Most older TVs had a ratio of 4:3, but almost all TVs sold today have a ratio of 16:9. What this means is that, if the television’s screen is divided into equal proportions, there would be 16 across and 9 down.

Using this principle makes it easier to understand all aspect ratios for any screen. In comparison, the majority of movie theater screens have an aspect ratio of 21:9, and most IMAX theaters use a 19:10 ratio.

With this information, let’s talk about your LG TV.

How To Change the Aspect Ratio on Your LG TV?

Like the majority of new TVs, all of LG’s televisions come with a screen with a ratio of 16:9. This doesn’t mean that you have to view your content in this ratio, but if you do, whatever you are watching will fill the entire screen.

LG gives you a few options when it comes to ratio choices. These are some of the options that are frequently offered over and above the standard 16:9 ratio:

  • Original – The aspect ratio that the program or film was originally shot in. Many times, this will be close to a 16:9 ratio.
  • 4:3 – This ratio follows the same principle as 16:9, it is 4 equal portions long, by 3 of those same portions high. It is more common among older televisions and computer screens. When viewed on a modern-day LG TV, you will most likely have two large black rectangles on either side of your screen.
  • Vertical Zoom – This is exactly as it sounds; this will zoom your aspect in closer, but only vertically. This is usually used for a consumer who cares for the black bars that are sometimes found on certain widescreen ratios. It is an easy way to eliminate those horizontal bars.
  • 4-Way Zoom – The power is in your hands with this ratio. You have the freedom to not only adjust the screen vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, but you can also manipulate the position of the screen.

It is quite easy to find these options but will differ depending on which version of webOS you are using. If you are using webOS 6.0, the process will look like this:

Select the Settings button on the remote control > All Settings > Picture > Aspect Ratio > User Selection

Change the Aspect Ratio on a LG TV

If you are operating a different version of webOS, the process could also look like this:

Select the Settings button on the remote control > Quick Settings > Aspect Ratio

For the majority of LG TVs, everything stated previously in this article should apply. When you begin to get into other versions of LG televisions, the standard aspect ratio may be different. Here is a quick reference chart for your convenience:

Models/Platforms Original Aspect Ratio
OLED, LED, QLED LG TVs – Smart TV Models 16:9
Digital LG TVs 4:3
Curved LG TVs 21:9

Why Can’t I Change the Aspect Ratio on My LG TV? – Aspect Ratio Is Grayed Out

Aspect Ratio Is Grayed Out on a LG TV

Some LG owners run into the issue of not being able to adjust the ratio on their TV. When they head to the settings, the ratio options are grayed out.

The reason you are experiencing this is that you are attempting to adjust the ratio of the TV application.

If you are using an application specific to your LG TV, like Netflix or YouTube, which was pre-installed on the TV, you may be unable to adjust the ratio of these apps.

When viewing a movie on a streaming service, a live broadcast, or any other external input, you should have the capacity to change the aspect ratio.

Unfortunately, there is no way to rectify this besides switching to an app that isn’t LG-specific.


Why Doesn’t My Screen Fit on My LG TV?

The reason that your program or movie might seem “zoomed out” is simply because your aspect ratio is incorrect. Keep in mind that the shape of most modern TV screens is 16:9, so if your aspect ratio isn’t the same, your picture will seem off.

Head to your settings and adjust the aspect ratio, for most flatscreens the 16:9 ratio should work well, and if the picture still seems strange to you, try using the 4-Way Zoom to fit it to the screen.

However, keep in mind that when using the 4-Way Zoom the edges of your picture will be cut off significantly.

Why Is the Edge of My LG TV Cut Off?

The most likely reason that the edges of your movie or show are cut off is due to an incompatible ratio for your specific needs.

Head to your settings and select the ratio which best reflects the dimensions of your display screen.

Is 1920×1080 the Same As 16:9?

These two ratios are the same thing and the standard for all LG TVs today. 1920×1080 is becoming a more common way to refer to the 16:9 ratio and is seen in many smartphones and DSLRs today.


LG and most modern television brands have made understanding aspect ratio extremely easy with a large majority of TVs coming in the 16:9 ratio.

TVs continue to become more and more user-friendly, and this also applies to the adjustability of the aspect ratio.

The consumer-friendly options of LG TVs make it possible for anyone with a TV of any size to achieve the ratio which best suits their preferences.

What is your experience with LG TVs and their aspect ratios? Let us know in the comments below!

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