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3 Best Kensington Wireless Presenters in 2022

Making a good presentation can sometimes mark the difference between closing a deal, and walking off with a missed opportunity. The business world is all about good storytelling, backed up with facts and figures.

Good presentations are also integral parts of education. Keeping your students attentive and engaged is a daily challenge.

You need a wireless presenter that works seamlessly with your devices, and you want to be sure that’s it’s dependable and efficient.

This is a list of the best Kensington Wireless Presenters of 2019. We reviewed them and compared their features. Read on to find which one suits your needs.

Top 3 Kensington Wireless Presenter Reviews

1. Kensington Wireless Presenter – Basic

Kensington Wireless Presenter with Red Laser Pointer (K33374USB)
  • Provides forward and back control of PowerPoint and keynote with no drivers needed
  • Plug and play simplicity requires no setup
  • Internal storage for wireless USB receiver so it won’t get lost

This is an efficient wireless presenter from Kensington. It’s a simple, basic, easy-to-use pointer that you can count on.


  • Has a wireless range of 65-feet
  • Red Laser pointer
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Doesn’t need an extra driver to control slides in PowerPoint
  • Matches backward and forward controls in Keynote
  • Works well with Windows and Mac
  • Built-in port for USB


Holding a pointing device can be tricky if it’s too bulky, so it becomes tiresome after a few minutes, or too slick, so it could slide easily.

The Kensington wireless presenter is well-designed and in addition to the comfortable grip, it’s also easy to operate, and the controls are fully accessible for single-hand operation.

The excellent design features extend to keeping the USB safely stowed. There’s a built-in slot that fits the USB, to avoid misplacing that essential component.

It’s compatible with the basic operating systems, so you wouldn’t have a problem with mismatched devices, and the controls manage the essential functions of PowerPoint and keynote without any extra drivers or add-ons.

The Kensington wireless presenter could be better if its coverage was wider than the current 65 feet. This might be sufficient for a medium-sized classroom, or conference room, but it’ll probably fall short in a larger location.

This is a moderately priced, easy to use, highly compatible device. We’d readily recommend it for educational purposes and routine daily meetings.

Kensington Wireless Presenter (Review)

2. Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter

Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter with Green Laser Pointer and Cursor Control (K72426AMA)
  • Green laser pointer is 10X brighter than standard red pointers
  • Cursor control joystick lets you use the presenter like a mouse, moving cursor up/down and...
  • Backlit button controls move slides forward/back, can black out the screen and activate the green...

This is another stellar wireless presenter from Kensington. It’s highly sophisticated and yet simple to use.


  • The green laser beam is ten times brighter than red laser devices
  • Controls are fluid like using a mouse or joystick
  • Control buttons have backlighting
  • The range of the pointer is 150 feet approximately
  • Internal storage spot for the USB
  • Compatible with most operating systems
  • Doesn’t need extra software to match up with the regular presentation apps
  • Comes with a portable case


The Kensington Expert would be a great pointing device in a high-profile conference. It has significant coverage of about 150 feet, which is sufficient for a large room.

The green laser beam is ten times as bright as the regular pointers, so your audience will be able to follow the presentation details.

The joystick cursor controller can access links and perform more functions than just prompting slides forward and back.

The four basic buttons have the usual controls, but they have extra backlighting, so when the hall light is dim, you can still be in full control of all functions.

It’s a lightweight pointing device with only 3.2 ounces, so it’s one of the easiest pointers to carry, especially if you’re giving a long presentation.

The Kensington Expert is a bit on the pricey side, but considering all its features, then the extra cost is well justified.

Kensington Presenter Expert Green Laser, Cursor Control and Memory

3. Kensington PresentAir Wireless Presenter

This is the most elegant wireless presenter from the Kensington line. It’s perfect for a small but important presentation, where glamour is key, but the room is not too wide.


  • Laser beam range is about 30 feet
  • It connects with other devices via Bluetooth
  • Easy to use 4-button controls
  • The set comes with a carrying case
  • Works with many versions of Windows
  • It can be recharged through a micro USB port
  • Has two modes of operation: media and presentation
  • The tip of the device can be used as a stylus for touchscreens


The compact size of this wireless presenter is its best feature. The next best thing is the tip that can serve as a stylus for touchscreen devices. This comes in handy when you modify your work prior to or during a presentation.

The Kensington PresentAir connects to your other devices via Bluetooth, which adds to its versatility. And in continuation with the same concept of flexibility, it can be charged via any USB port.

It’s a bit limited by the 30-feet range, and it’d be nice if its compatibility circle widens a bit. Otherwise, it’s one of the best.

It has clear controllers that do double duty for media files and PowerPoint presentations. The switch between both modes is seamless.

K39524_Kensington Presentair™ Bluetooth® Presenter, Laser & Stylus

How to Troubleshoot a Kensington Wireless Presenter When It’s Not Working?

A wireless presenter that doesn’t work initially is usually a slight hiccup that could be cleared away with a few tweaks.

No Laser Beam

This could be due to a low battery or a low charge. Laser needs a certain amount of residual power to start functioning, so the battery doesn’t need to be completely depleted for the device to stop working. Just being low shuts it down.

Connection Problem with a Mac

Occasionally a message comes out asking the user to ‘define an unknown keyboard’, this can be sorted out by leaving the USB connected to your device and then restarting it.

The wireless presenter should work fine upon rebooting your device.

If the presenter still doesn’t work, make sure that your USB is connected to a USB-port and not to a USB-hub, as that could interfere with its powering requirements.

Recheck your batteries and recharge the wireless presenter if that’s needed.

Connection Problem with a Windows Device

Windows systems are designed to be tolerant of new hardware, and they identify it automatically. Sometimes the process takes a minute or two, so make sure that this hand-shake step is finished.

This is sometimes a USB-related issue, so changing the port you’re using clears it up right away.

If all is well and your PC or Laptop doesn’t recognize the new hardware, check the batteries, then restart the device with the USB in place. That should be sufficient.

Final Verdict

Picking the best wireless presenter from this list isn’t an easy task. They’re all great choices, so we’ll recommend the one with the best overall performance.

The Kensington Expert  takes the top spot as it has wide coverage, a clear bright beam, and it has extensive control over PowerPoint functions.

It has intuitive versatile controls, which also come with backlighting. It’s dependable and highly compatible with operating systems and apps.

We hope this review and comparison helped you in narrowing down your choices with Kensington presenters.

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