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How to Use a Laser Pointer in Skype for Business?

Gone are the days when Skype was only reserved for personal communication. Now you can use Skype for Business, an extremely useful software when you’re working from home. While Skype is suitable for small businesses and personal meetings, Skype for Business allows you to add up to 250 people, whether you want to hold meetings or for any other business reason. 

Though Skype for Business has surfaced as a useful tool for giving presentations and a practical video conferencing software capable of handling several people at once, many users are still confused about one thing: how to use a laser pointer in Skype for Business?

This guide will put all your queries to rest so you can give stellar presentations on the Skype for Business software. Without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Use a Laser Pointer in Skype for Business?

Using PowerPoint slides in Skype for Business allows you to convey your ideas in the best way possible. For example, meeting controls like annotation tools and presenter notes can be controlled via a pointer, allowing you to get maximum functionality. 

So let’s begin with the complete guide to using laser pointers for your Powerpoint presentation on Skype for Business. 


  • Present PowerPoint Files

In Skype for Business, the “Share your PowerPoint” feature allows you to annotate a presentation. To begin, click the “Present” button displayed by the icon. Now choose the “Present PowerPoint files” option. Choose the PPT and let it upload to the meeting. The time it will take will largely depend on the speed of your internet connection. 

  • Access Your Notes

For people who want to access notes for pointers during the presentation, click the “Notes” option on the bottom right side of the screen.

  • Share Your Desktop 

Often, people who use Powerpoint presentations on Skype for Business complain that they cannot pinpoint or highlight with the help of a laser pointer so that attendees can see the changes on the screen. If you want to enable this feature, you will need to use the “Share your Desktop” function. This is because Share PowerPoint files only display your files to viewers, not your notes. 


  • Use the Annotation Tools 

There are many features that you can use during a presentation on Skype for Business. Out of these, annotation tools come in handy if you want to visually focus on certain points or images during the presentation. The good thing was that annotating during a presentation will not alter or change your original work. However, you can simply save a new file of the annotations if you wish to do so. 

  • Click the Annotations button

If you want to use annotations, you will click the “Annotations Button” towards the right side of the slide. You will recognize it with the  icon. This will display a range of options, including the Laser Pointer, Highlighter, Pen, Eraser, Stamp, Shape, Insert Picture, Select and Type and Delete Selected Annotations over there. This will allow you to point, highlight, and much more during a presentation. 

Since we are talking about ‘How to use a laser pointer in Skype for Business?’, that’s the annotation tool we will focus on. A laser pointer will allow you to drag a pointer across a slide or use it to draw the viewers’ attention towards a specific point for enhanced clarity.

  • Choose the “Laser Pointer” Option

Once you see the “Laser Pointer” option when you click the Annotations Button, your “Laser Pointer” is now activated. Drag the laser pointer just how you will use and drag the mouse or keypad for the normal cursor. 

You can drag the cursor to the area which you want to highlight by moving the colored laser pointer under any sentence that you want to draw attention to. Due to their color, laser pointers can do a better job of emphasizing a point compared to the normal arrow option. Moreover, the laser pointer annotations will disappear as soon as you release the button. 

If you want video assistance on how to use a laser pointer in Skype for Business, click below. 

How to Present and annotate a PowerPoint deck that you are sharing - Skype for Business

Use the Whiteboard to Collaborate in Skype for Business

Skype for Business allows you to use the “Whiteboard” option so that teams can brainstorm on an idea. This allows better collaboration even when working remotely. 

  • Open a New Whiteboard

When you are on Skype for Business, choose the “Present Content” button. Now click “More” and choose the “Whiteboard” option next to poll and Q&A. 


  • Choose the Annotation Tool 

With this, a whiteboard will appear on the screen of all the participants in the meeting room. The annotation toolset will automatically appear on the right side of your screen. Here, you will see a variety of annotation tools such as the laser pointer, pen, highlighter, and so on. Choose the “Laser Pointer” icon.

  • Click and Drag the Laser Pointer

To use the laser pointer for your purpose, click on the icon and then proceed to drag the laser pointer across the screen. A blue circle will appear indicating your name, i.e., that you are operating the annotation tool.

Can I Use the Laser Pointer in Skype (For Personal)?

Since laser pointers have made presentations much simpler for workers, more people are now wondering if they can use the laser pointer in Skype for personal use? 

Unfortunately, you cannot use the laser pointer feature with a PowerPoint presentation on Skype for personal use. The option is only available in Skype for Business.

 Final Word 

Using a laser pointer on Skype for Business helps make presentations clear and communicative. If you were wondering ‘how to use a laser pointer in Skype for Business?’ we hope this step-by-step guide was able to help you.

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