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How To Fix A Broken Laser Pointer? 5 Common Problems discussed

How To Fix A Broken Laser Pointer? 5 Common Problems discussed

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Like most gadgets, your laser pointer can develop technical issues which might require you to get another one.

However, some issues can be fixed with little to no technical skills. So, you don’t have to spend extra cash getting another laser pointer.

Do you want to learn how to fix a broken laser pointer? If yes, then follow us through this informative guide.

5 Common Problems with Laser Pointers & How to Fix them

To start with, we will be talking about the major problems people face with their laser pointers and how to fix them.

1. Blurry Laser Lens

Blurry Laser Lens

If the light of your laser pointer is spread out and isn’t giving a sharp-pointed dot. The major cause of a blurry laser lens is dust particle spreading across the internal surface of the lens, getting rid of the dust involves meticulous cleaning to prevent damage.

To clean your laser lens, you will need;

  1. Lens cleaning wipes
  2. Air duster can  or a turkey baster to shoot out compressed air.
  3. Cotton swabs

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the battery before you start the cleaning because you do not want to accidentally turn on and shine the laser pointer in your eye which could cause serious damage.

Then you start with the compressed air. Aim the air duster or turkey baster where the lens is and blow some compressed air into the lens to remove the dust or particles in it.

This process should take about thirty seconds or 1 minute.

After you’re done with the compressed air, the next step is to take your lens cleaning wipes, cut it into a smaller portion and fold it over the cotton swab, use it to clean the lens.

After that, blow some compressed air into the lens with your air duster or turkey baster and place the laser battery.

You can also make use of lens pens in cleaning the lens.

And that is all, regarding cleaning a laser pointer lens. It is quite easy, right?

Yeah! You have saved yourself the embarrassment of a blurry pointer at No extra cost.

While fixing a laser pointer with a blurry lens might require little or NO technical skills, the narrative is much different for a laser pointer lens producing a vertical or horizontal line/point.

A laser pointer that projects a vertical or horizontal line has a scratched or damaged lens that cannot be fixed, so know what the issue is with your pointer before repairing it.

2. Fixing the Power Button

laser pointer power button

A laser pointer requires a power button in order to work. However, pushing the button constantly can cause it to develop a fault and therefore, makes the laser pointer useless.

Giving your laser pointer a continuous push for a long period of time can make it lose its “push effect” hence not powering up properly.

If the cause of the “push effect” loss is due to loss of firmness between the driver board and the button. Take the following step to rectify it:

  1. Take the battery out
  2. Remove the foam ring around the battery.
  3. Take a little foam or a light object to support the board against the button press.

The second option of repair is to replace the switch with a new one. This actually requires a soldering skill and extreme care must be taken to avoid damaging the board.

3. Battery

laser pointer battery

Sometimes, one of the reasons why your laser pointer isn’t turning ON is probably due to the battery being weak and it, therefore, needs to be changed.

However, there’s a little trick you can do. Remove the battery and put it back in, this works most of the time.

If your laser pointer goes ON and OFF and also makes this noise when you shake it, then it’s probably because the battery isn’t tightly fitted.

To fix this, you will need a small magnet. Unscrew the laser pen, then put the magnet on the battery, then screw it back and it’s fixed.

This video will give more information on it.

50mw laser problems and fixes

4. Dim laser light

If your laser pointer is dim, then it’s probably due to these reasons:

  1. The battery needs to be replaced
  2. The crystal is damaged
  3. The lens needs to be cleaned

Here are some tips to help you with fixing a dim laser pointer:

  1. Change the batteries
  2. Clean the lens
  3. Cooldown the laser pointer but not too much that it will cause condensation.
  4. Try warming up the laser pointer. Warm-up is simply the time it takes for the laser output to stabilize. This is due to many factors such as crystal temperature, pump temperature, temperature feedback control, etc. The aim of warming up is to get a stabilized output. The warm-up time required for stability varies from laser to laser.

Cheap DPSS lasers require warm-up than more expensive lasers since the expensive ones usually include temperature and power control circuits.

With cheap DPSS lasers, the warm-up is required to allow the diode and crystals to reach a stable operating temperature.

As the laser warms up, the power will fluctuate and the laser will often mode-hop until this stable temperature is reached.

Most manufacturers specify a warm-up time of 5-15 minutes to stabilize the laser pointer. The warmth of your hand is enough to stabilize your laser pointer.

5. Fixing the Crystal

If you dropped or banged your laser pointer, and it stopped working, then it probably means that the crystal has been knocked out and will need to be realigned. (or replaced. You can buy them here)

  1. Unscrew your laser pointer and check the batteries.
  2. Get a small screwdriver and undo the screws that are keeping your laser pointer together.
  3. Realign the crystal with the infrared diode very carefully.
  4. Test to see if the components are working.
  5. If they are working, fix in the screws keeping the laser pointer together and screw your laser pointer.


Fixing a broken laser pointer requires technical skills. If you’re not experienced, you probably won’t be able to do more than change the batteries or clean the lens.

If you have a laser pointer that is truly broken, then you can get a new affordable one that would provide optimal satisfaction.

To get a graphical description of how to fix some common issues with a laser pointer, check this video.

50mw laser problems and fixes

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