Will a Laser Pointer Scare Birds? Understanding Why Birds Are Scared of Laser Pointers

Birds scared of laser pointers

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What  To Know

  • Laser pointers are effective in scaring away birds without causing noise disturbance or harm, working well at night and over long distances.
  • Birds perceive the light from laser pointers as predatory, prompting them to flee, although the effectiveness varies by species and time of day.
  • While laser pointers are generally safe for scaring birds, high-powered beams can be harmful and should be avoided to prevent potential damage to bird’s eyes.

In this article, we’ll explore whether a laser pointer can effectively scare birds away, offering a quiet and humane solution to manage bird disturbances.

Let’s dive in!

Will a Laser Pointer Scare Birds?

a small laser pointer

Scaring away pest birds from open spaces or windows has been a nagging challenge for many individuals.

Noisemaking solutions do scare away the birds, but they end up causing a disturbance in the area and are not feasible since they fail to keep the birds away.  

Laser pointers have proven effective in scaring the birds without disturbing anyone else.

Bird control using laser pointers is a simple and effective way to scare them away without causing them any harm.

Since high-power laser beams aren’t easily available, you can use the normal ones that aren’t powerful enough to harm the birds but will help you make them fly away. 

The beam of the laser pointer is bright and concentrated enough to repel the birds from a long distance.

It is a much more effective solution as compared to noisy solutions or lethal solutions, like inhuman traps, pellet guns, and poisons – which are also illegal in many places. 

There are even multiple laser devices that are particularly made as bird repellants to harmlessly scare off birds from greater distances through their advanced optical laser technology.

These are portable devices that are silent and ensure the birds don’t return as they do with some deterrent devices.  

Why Are Birds Scared of Laser Pointers?

Scare the birds with laser

The bird species associate the laser pointer lights with predatory behavior, which is the reason most birds flee when they see visible light.

The principle of using laser pointers to repel birds has been inspired by nature.

Birds get startled by the contrast between a laser beam and ambient light. 

They react to the beam the same way they react to an approaching vehicle, which is why they fly away when you point the laser beam at them. 

While the laser pointer might not be as effective during the daytime, it is highly effective during the nighttime as it is clearly visible even from a longer distance

Can You Blind a Bird With a Laser?

Blind a bird by laser

While laser pointers have proven to be a more effective and unharmful way to scare away birds, there is still a lack of research on whether a laser can blind a bird.

The responses of the birds vary depending on the time of the day and species, but most of them fly away.

Low-powered laser beams still must be used with caution with both humans and animals.

High-powered beams, although not readily available, must not be used as they can be hazardous to birds and other animals.

The class 3B laser beams are considered harmful to human eyes and must not be used for birds as they could also damage their eyes. 

A laser deterrent made for birds is more effective and safer to repel birds, including sparrows, ducks, blackbirds, and pigeons, without causing harm to them or the environment.

Moreover, since these laser pointers don’t produce any sounds, you can create a bird-free space without creating any unwanted sounds. 

Do Laser Pointers Scare Crows?

Laser scare crows

While laser pointers work on almost all birds, crows might not scare off easily.

Crows can be annoying and difficult to scare away.

They are loud and can be super distracting.

You might wonder if the laser pointer can scare them away since they seem to work on birds.

The answer is not that simple.

The laser pointers do manage to make the crows fly away but not at a greater distance than pyrotechnic screamers and bangers.

Lasers don’t work on crows for a long duration but can be used as a temporary solution. 


The demand for environmentally friendly, non-lethal means of scaring birds off has increased, and many people have started using laser pointers to get a bird-free space.

A laser pointer is a well-documented and effective means of repelling different kinds of birds without causing them harm. 

Since the birds feel a laser beam as a predator, they instantly fly away when they see a beam approach.

The low-powered lasers are particularly useful as they are silent, provide accuracy over distance, and allow you to direct the beam at the birds without making any noise. 

Scared birds by laser

Multiple bird lasers are available to scare birds off, particularly in a situation where it isn’t possible to use another invasive deterrent.

It is also essential to keep in mind that lasers should always be used with care and precaution. 

Using high-powered lasers isn’t recommended to scare off unwanted birds as it can cause them harm, including eye damage.

It might also be harmful to bystanders or even an aircraft.

Ensure that using a laser outside is actually legal in your area to avoid causing or getting into trouble.

Keep in mind, that it is also illegal to point a laser at an aircraft, and you might end up with a fine or even jail time for doing so. 

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