Can You Use a Laser Pointer On a TV Screen?

As technology progresses, it becomes clear that a more efficient way to present your ideas is through a TV monitor rather than a projector. However, when it comes to traditional presentations, you'd typically use a laser pointer to help highlight and bring attention to relevant information on a slide. Can you use a laser pointer on a TV screen?

The last thing you want to do is to end up damaging a brand new monitor or invest in a laser pointer that won’t work. So, in this article, we will inform you on if you should use a laser pointer on your TV or not.

Do Laser Pointers Work on TV Screens?

The answer to this question is yes and no. There are specific types of laser pointers that are designed to be used with TV screens and monitors. However, plenty of laser pointers out there will not work with a TV screen, especially LED or LCD monitors.

Now, why is this? It’s because these types of monitors are specially designed to keep certain pigments and glares away from the screen, hence providing you with better picture quality. Many safe or legal laser pointers function at a level that is too light to break this barrier. Thus, they don’t work or show up on the screen.

Should I Present On a TV

If you do happen to find a laser pointer that does work on a TV, then you may notice that some of the pixels on your TV may start to act up. The issue with this is that the level of the laser, or what is known as the class, is too high to be compatible with your TV’s screen. As a result, it gets damaged. There’s no fix to this, so we highly suggest against using a laser pointer on a TV, even if you’re just using it momentarily.

Should I Present On a TV?

TVs are an excellent alternative to your classic professional projectors because they’re a fraction of the cost and often come in large sizes. They can also be connected directly to your laptop and only require an HDMI connection. They also provide a large, crisp, clear picture of your slides or presentation.

Now, when it comes to using a laser pointer, there are some created to use with monitors. When it comes to finding these types of lasers, though, you’re going to want to check in the product description if it’s safe to use on a monitor or TV screen.

We will warn you that many companies like to say that the laser pointer will work on monitors, but it can do more harm than good. A safe way to ensure that your monitor is protected is by only purchasing laser pointers that have been specially created to be used on a TV screen. This way you guarantee that both of your devices are safe and no permanent damage will be done.

Can I Use My Old Laser Pointer?

We wouldn’t recommend that you use any other laser pointer on your TV. There are two reasons for this: either it won’t show up, or the laser could end up damaging the screen.

While you may have read that red laser pointers are safe to use on a screen, that’s only true if they are a specific power level. If the red laser happens to be even just a bit stronger in design, then you will end up damaging the pixels of your TV.

Alternative to Laser Pointers

While you may want to use your laser pointer to help draw in the attention of your audience, we recommend that you use a different method on your monitor. An excellent alternative is to get a handheld wireless mini keyboard. In this way, you can use the cursor to help bring attention to specific facts and graphs.

Some programs you also include the ability to use a clicker, which can draw or underline on the monitor instead of using a beam light. This alternative is the safest when it comes to preserving the longevity of your screen.

Alternative to Laser Pointers

What’s more is that you’ll find that this method is also a suitable replacement because you’ll have just as much control as a laser pointer presenter, if not more.

Lastly, if the above methods don’t work for you, then you should consider looking into laser pointers designed for TVs. The best guidelines we can provide is to find lasers that state they have been tested on monitors and TVs with development.

Don’t just trust any label that “claims” it works with a TV screen. Aside from that, find lasers that function on a 5mW of power. These are often the red laser pointers, and they will show up on the screen.

The Verdict

So, can you use a laser pointer on a TV screen? The answer is mainly no for traditional laser pointers & YES for the digital laser pointers. Moreover, there are plenty of good alternatives to laser pointers out there. And if you’re insisting on upgrading your current chalkboard, whiteboard, or projector to a large screen monitor, then it’s best to keep it safe.

Don’t risk ruining it with a traditional laser pointer and frying the pixels up, as this will only result in permanent damage and be distracting in your next lecture. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand if you could use a laser pointer on a monitor.

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  • Updated August 16, 2019
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Reviews Pack - May 4, 2019

You have done a great job on laser pointer. Mostly people is just purchasing a laser pointer that it’s not working on screens.

    Vance - May 16, 2019

    I agree, normally a laser pointer will not be so bright on a LCD screen. Instead people can purchase a digital laser pointer. I’m about to publish an alternative solution for the laser pointer on LCD, LED screens.

    Steve - June 22, 2019

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the issue and found most people will satisfy with this content.

      Vance - June 22, 2019

      Thanks Steve

Kuldeep Singhh - August 14, 2019

I want Pointer and slider both on one device so please give me any suggestion which products i will purchase


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