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How to Clean an Epson Projector Filter?

Having a projector is awesome. However, projectors need maintenance to stay awesome. So, now you’re wondering what you need to do to keep your projector as healthy as possible. Well, first, you need to understand how to clean Epson projector filters.

Projectors have filters that keep dust and debris away from the vital components of your machine.

So, how do you clean your Epson projector filter? First, you must locate the Epson air filter. Next, take it out and shake it four or five times. Once you’ve noticed the air filter is clean, insert the filter back into your machine.

Of course, there are many details we need to cover for you to get the whole picture. Let’s continue discussing this situation below.

A Few Notes on Epson Air Filters

Epson has many projector models. Most models have their air filters in similar places, but we will try to cover it all. Regardless of your Epson projector, the process is the same.

First Things First

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There are a few key things you must do before replacing any Epson air filter.

It’s vital to understand that you can replace the air filter in your Epson projector while it’s mounted to the ceiling or wall. However, first, it’s essential to turn off the projector. Once you’ve heard the projector beep, unplug the power cord.

Unplugging the projector is vital because high voltage running through the projector can severely injure you.

Also, unless the manual specifically states you shouldn’t open any covers on the projector. However, when you’re cleaning the air filter, it is essential to open the cover. 

So, now you might wonder how you know when to clean your Epson air filter? 

Although it’s an uncommon topic, regularly replacing and cleaning your projector’s filter should be on your list of things to do when you purchase a projector.

Your projector has an orange filter light that lights up when the filter needs maintenance. That’s the best way to understand what you need to do.

However, if you don’t regularly maintain your projector’s filter, it will begin to heat up faster. Your projector will indicate it’s reached a high-temperature level. Yet, it would help if you didn’t wait until your projector gets to this level.

High temperatures will drastically reduce the life of your projector. And although you might have paid a lot for your projector, many warranties do not cover damage due to failure to maintain its filter.

Once you’ve learned to clean the projector’s filter, there are two common scenarios. The first scenario: you’ve attempted to clean the filter, but after you’ve inserted it, your Epson projector tells you that the filter must be cleaned again.

The second scenario is when the filter is torn or damaged. This requires you to change the filter immediately.

Although your Epson projector will notify you if it’s too hot, or if it needs further cleaning after you’ve already attempted or if it’s damaged, you should always consider cleaning your air filter before any of the above situations are reached. That’s the safest approach.

So, now you know when you should change the filter. So where is this filter anyway?

Where is the Air Filter on an Epson Projector?

projector with a front air filter

There are two common areas Epson places the air filters. The air filter is either in the front or in the back of the projector itself. However, I should mention that every Epson projector is  different, which means the air filter can be in another area. If that’s the case, checking your owner’s manual will greatly help you.

If you are unable to locate your owner’s manual, always check the Epson website. Once you’ve navigated to Epson’s website using the link provided, you can either type and search for your specific projector or scroll down until you find it.

After you’ve located your projector’s line, click on its image. From here, you’ll arrive at a page containing all the names and links to your projector and projectors from the same family line.

For example, if you purchased an Epson Home cinema , you’ll notice the page contains links to Epson Home Cinema LS100, Epson LS300B, Epson LS300W, Epson LS500B, etc.

From here, you’ll arrive at the user manuals and maintenance page. Here you’ll have access to all manuals required for your specific projector.

Now you can locate your projector’s air filter accurately.

How Do I Clean the Dust Out of My Epson Projector?

Many Epson projectors have their air filter in the front or the back, as we stated earlier. Sticking with these scenarios, how do you clean the dust out of your projector?

Your projectors filter does a great job at capturing all dust from the air. With some help from us, we can keep it doing its job for a long time.

So, depending on which projector you have, locate the air filter.

Regardless of whether it’s in the front, back, side, top, or any place, remember we must always power off the projector and unplug it.

projector with a back air filter

If your projector’s filter is in the back, slide the air filter cover latch to open the filter cover.

Suppose the filter is located in the front. Press and hold the air filters tab. Then pull to remove the cover.

In both scenarios, pull the air filter out of your projector.

Now, you clean.

Grab the filter. Now tap each side four or five times on each side to get as much dust off as possible.

After tapping the filter, use a vacuum to get any excess dust from the filter’s front. The front is the side with the tabs.

Once you’re done, insert the filter back in place. You’ve done it! You’ve cleaned the dust out of your Epson projector.

How NOT to Clean the Dust Out of Your Epson Filter

When cleaning your Epson air filter, it’s easy to get carried away with excessive cleaning procedures. But you mustn’t overdo it.

Here are a few things you should not do when cleaning your Epson air filter.

When tapping your air filter, don’t use too much force. The filter is not as strong as you think, and excessive force might crack or tear the filter. Once torn, the filter becomes unusable.

Most people clean other filters under the water faucet. Water cleans most air filters properly. However, in the case of Epson filters do not use water. Remember that it’s going back into an electronic device.

Please stay away from detergents or Windex-like products when cleaning them. These chemicals will damage the filter.

Do not use compressed air devices. These devices leave a residue behind that isn’t good for the filter. It may also push dust and debris into other vital components of the Epson projector.

As a final rule of thumb, if the dust is too difficult to remove, it’s considered unusable and must be replaced.

How Do I Change the Air Filter in My Epson Projector?

a replaceable air filter

Changing an air filter on your Epson machine is easy. However, first, we must purchase an air filter that goes with your specific projector.

To do so, navigate to the Epson website and determine which filter is the one you should purchase.

Once you’ve done so, head back to the Epson website to order that part. Or you can call them at 1-800-GO-EPSON (800-463-7766) in the U.S. or 800-807-7766 in Canada.

First, let’s remember to turn off our projector and unplug it.

Depending on your projector, your filter might be in a different place. But let’s say it’s located on the backside.

Locate the air filter latch and open it to uncover the air filter.

Pull the air filter out.

Place the new air filter into the slot gently until you hear it click.

Now, close the air filter latch.

It’s important to understand that these air filters contain polypropylene which means you’ll need to follow local regulations on how to dispose of them properly.

And that’s it. You’ve changed your Epson’s air filter.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

projector in good condition after filter being cleaned

We hope you learned how to clean an Epson projector filter today. However, we shared many small details with you today that we felt were vital to this process.

Although some of them might seem like common sense, it’s always important to remind the masses that you must turn off a projector and unplug before you remove and replace an air filter.

It’s not just safe for yourself. But, it also keeps the Epson projector safe.

Once you’ve understood these small steps, you can proceed through your manual (or locate it on the website.) Next, changing the air filter or cleaning it is simple.

Congratulations, you’ve cleaned the filter or changed it entirely. Now let’s power up that beautiful machine and watch some incredible movies, play some high-energy video games, and enjoy the work we’ve put in.

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