How Do I Change the Input on My Sceptre TV?

The inputs from android TV with the other logo aside such as Wi-Fi and settings

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What To Know

  • To change the input source on a Sceptre TV, you can press the Source button either on the remote control or on the TV itself, then select the desired input from the on-screen menu.
  • The location of the Input or Source button may vary depending on the Sceptre TV model.

This guide quickly walks you through the steps to change the input on your Sceptre TV using the remote or the TV’s own buttons, ensuring you get back to enjoying your media with minimal fuss.

Plus, we’ll tackle common troubleshooting tips to smooth out any snags along the way.

Here’s how to get started.

Where Is the Input Button on a Sceptre TV?

highlight the power button on TV

Several Sceptre TV series have Input buttons, however, the button’s location will vary from model to model. 

If you’re not sure which model your Sceptre TV is, try looking for the Input button on the right side of the TV as this is where it is on most units. 

Otherwise, you can find your model’s Input/Source button location in the user manual. 

Refer to the linked Sceptre TV manuals below to find your TV model’s Input button location.  

Sceptre TV Manual

Access Denied when users try to access the manual on the Sceptre website

While many TV manufacturers will have their manuals on their websites, Sceptre does not. 

Instead, you’ll have to find your TV manual by Googling the model number followed by “manual,” as shown below. 

Sceptre TV A550CV-UMC manual is being typed on Google search engine and the first result is the actual manual of the model

To save you some time, I’ve found and created a comprehensive list of different Sceptre TV model manuals. 

Sceptre has three TV types, including:

  • Android TV
  • 4K UHD TV

Android TV

Refer to the table below for Sceptre Android TV manuals. 

TV Model and User Manual


Sceptre 4K UHD TVs all share one user manual which includes instructions applicable to all these models. 


The Sceptre LED HDTV range includes the E series, X32 series, X40 series, and X50 series.

TV Model and User Manual

How Do I Change the Input of My Sceptre TV with a Remote?

A hand is holding a remote and trying to turn off the TV showing the screen saver

There are three different instructions for changing TV input using a remote. The instructions vary between the following TV categories:

  • Sceptre LED HDTV
  • Sceptre 4K UHD TV 
  • Sceptre Android TV

Changing Sceptre LED HDTV Inputs using a remote

On the HDTV remote:

  1.  Press the Source button on the remote.
  2. The screen shows the different input sources.
  3. Use the Arrow keys to select the preferred input sources from those displayed on the selection screen.
  4. Click the Enter button to confirm the selected input.

Changing Sceptre 4K UHD TV inputs using a remote

On the UHD Smart TV remote:

  1. Press the Input button on the remote.
  2. The input source screen appears on the TV screen.
  3. Use the Arrow keys to choose one of the input sources on the input selection screen.
  4. Confirm the selection by pressing the Enter button

Changing Sceptre Android TV Inputs using a remote

On the Android TV remote:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Navigate through the screen that appears, displaying all the applications.
  3. Use the Arrow keys to scroll up to the Menu that appears at the top of the screen.
  4. Toggle through to the Input section that appears on the screen.
  5. Press OK and set the input, it could be Antenna or HDMI 1.

How To Turn On/Off Sceptre TV Without Remote

A finger is clicking on the power button, the button is located under the TV

You heard it here first: Sceptre TVs can be turned on and off without their remote.

Find the universal Power icon marking the On/Off button under your TV. 

Quick-press your TV’s Power button to turn it on. When you want to turn it off, press the same button for two or three seconds. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to turn a Sceptre TV on/off without a remote. 

How to Turn OFF/ON Sceptre TV without Remote (Use Button on TV)

While there are remote apps that claim to perform this function, I tested it with Sceptre TVs and can confirm the free iOS or Android app is not compatible with Sceptre TVs. So, the only solution is to physically press the Power button. 

Troubleshoot Common Issues

Changing a Sceptre TV’s input should only take a second, but small glitches can cause your TV to automatically perform or block certain processes. Luckily, these instances are usually caused by minor issues which can be resolved using our easy troubleshooting tips. 

Find your Sceptre TV issue from the list below and follow our instructions to resolve it. 

Sceptre TV Changing Input On Its Own

The HDMI 1 to 3 from the Android TV is being highlighted with a red box

This Sceptre TV user had trouble connecting their PS4 and Roku player to their unit. Before trying to connect either of these external devices, their TV had been working flawlessly. 

The user then tried to connect a Sony Blu-ray player to the setup, which resulted in their TV automatically changing the input source. 

If your TV isn’t changing its input source by itself and making it challenging to select your desired input, try the following solutions: 

  • Disable your Sceptre TV and the connected devices’ CEC feature.
  • Unplug any devices that are not connected to an HDMI port.

Sceptre TV Input Blocked

Many Sceptre TVs feature a parental control function that blocks specific actions to ensure young children aren’t accessing or viewing anything they shouldn’t. 

When parental controls are turned on, your TV will ask you for a password whenever you plug an external device into it, such as a streaming device, Blu-ray player, or gaming console. 

If you’re not sure what you’re TV’s password is, try the default code: 0000

However, some users have found that their TV’s parental controls function is bugged, entirely blocking the input from being adjusted.  

If your TV’s input is blocked, try the following solutions: 

  • Input the default password, which may be either 0000 or 2143
  • Reset the settings to their default values (i.e. factory reset). 

A few users experiencing these issues contacted Sceptre customer support, who suggested factory resetting their TV. Resetting your TV will erase all custom settings and delete any personal information. 

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Sceptre TV. 

Step 1: Hit the TV remote’s Source key. 

Step 2: Type in the following code: 7343

Step 3: In the pop-up menu, navigate to Other Settings followed by Restore to default

Sceptre TV Inputs Not Working

The Inputs from the Sony TV with a purple background

If certain inputs on your Sceptre TV aren’t working, try: 

  • Ensuring the input source and TV are properly connected.
  • Check if the HDMI cable is in good condition and replace it if needed. 
  • Using a different HDMI port on the Sceptre TV.
  • If you have an Android Sceptre TV, try updating the software.

If you’re trying to connect an HDMI-compatible device, check out our article Why Is My TV HDMI Port Not Working? for tips and tricks to get your TV’s HDMI port back up and running. 

If none of the above solutions fix your problem, it’s best to reach out to Sceptre customer support for additional guidance. 

Wrapping Things Up

You can change your Sceptre TV input by pressing the source button on its remote or on the TV itself and then selecting your desired input from the menu. 

Your TV’s input button’s location with vary depending on the model, but if you’re having trouble finding it, you can always check your TV manual. Sceptre doesn’t include their manuals on their website, so feel free to use the above links to find the one of your model. 

If you’re having trouble changing the input, make sure parental controls haven’t been enabled and that your external device is correctly connected to your TV. 

What’s your experience changing a Sceptre TV input? 

Let us know in the comments below! 


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