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How Do I Focus My BenQ Projector?

How Do I Focus My BenQ Projector?

What’s the point of having a high-resolution projector if the picture is blurry? BenQ makes high-quality projectors with competitively crisp picture quality, but it must be focused if you want to take full advantage of your unit’s capabilities.

Focusing a projector will make the image clearer and crisper, and is an important step when setting up your home theater. It’s easy and can make a world of difference.

How do you focus a BenQ projector and how will you know when it’s focused?

Why does your BenQ projector look blurry? Keep reading to find out!

How Do I Focus My BenQ Projector?

Focus your BenQ projector using the focus dial.

Focusing your BenQ projector couldn’t be easier! While other projector brands require you to use the remote or settings to focus the screen, BenQ projectors can be focused using the focus dial found on top of the unit.

Turn your BenQ projector’s focus dial either way to manually calibrate the image. It may take some time to focus the image, so be patient. Turn the dial slowly to fine-tune the picture, and try sitting close to the screen so you can clearly see the results.

When focusing the projector, make sure the current image on the screen is not blurry as this will inhibit you from accurately calibrating your unit.

It’s that simple! Say goodbye to complicated focus settings!

focus benq projector

How Do I Know if My Projector is Focused?

You can check if your projector is focused using test patterns.

It can be difficult to know if your projector is focused, especially if you’re using it for the first time. Getting that crisp picture can be difficult, but not knowing how your projector’s screen should look when correctly focused can make it even more challenging.

Luckily, projector brands have considered this very problem and come up with a solution!

Most projectors include a test pattern in their settings. This handy tool will projector a grid made of fine lines onto your screen.

Using this image you can then focus your projector, ensuring that the lines are as fine and clear as possible. This image can also help you straighten your projector screen if needed.

If your projector brand doesn’t include a test pattern, have no fear!

You can manually focus your unit using test patterns found online. Make sure your Wi-Fi signal is stable and check your laptop or phone screen to ensure the image is not blurry due to your Wi-Fi signal.

Videos, like the one shown below, explain how to focus your unit using a test pattern and supply a test pattern that allows you to fine-tune the picture.

How To Get Perfect Focus On Your Front Projector | Test Pattern

How to Access and Use the Test Pattern on a BenQ Projector

You can project a test pattern on your BenQ projector using its settings.

Using your remote, open the settings. Go to System Settings: Advanced and scroll down to Test Pattern. Click on Test Pattern to turn it on and off, and close the settings window before attempting to focus your projector.

You must see the projector screen clearly, so turn off the lights, close the curtains, and try to make the room as dark as possible.

Now that the test pattern is on screen and your room is dark, use the projector’s dial to focus the image.

You’ll know your BenQ projector is properly focused when the lines are crisp and clear.

Why Does My BenQ Projector Look Blurry?

There are many reasons why your BenQ projector may look blurry.

If you’ve already followed our tips above but are finding that your BenQ projector’s picture is still foggy, have no fear! Your BenQ projector may look blurry for several reasons.

Whether your Wi-Fi signal is weak or your projector lens is dusty, you can usually find and fix the reason your projector’s image is fuzzy.

Your Wi-Fi Signal is Weak

If you’re streaming content and find that the projector’s image is blurry or pixelated, it’s a good idea to check how strong your internet connection is. Look at the LED light bars on your router, indicating the Wi-Fi signal’s strength.

weak wifi signal on router

Try moving your router closer to your projector and see if the signal improves. Alternatively, you can connect your router directly to your projector via its ethernet port.

Try rebooting the router, then reconnecting your projector to the internet. You can also close and then reopen the streaming platform app to refresh it.

If your Wi-Fi signal is still too weak to stream high-resolution content, consider connecting to your mobile hotspot. You can also plug your phone into the projector directly to enhance the hotspot’s signal.

If playing content from streaming apps on your projector proves to be too difficult, try streaming them from your phone or laptop using an HDMI cable and adapter, if needed.

The Projector Lens is Dirty

Your projector lens is your unit’s eyes, so it must be clean if you want to achieve a crystal clear picture.

Cleaning your projector lens is a delicate task, but it’s crucial to do it regularly to ensure your picture is blur-free.

dirty projector lens

To clean your BenQ projector lens, use a soft microfiber cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning solution. Ensure the cleaning solution is alcohol-free to avoid damaging your lens.

Spray the cleaning solution onto the microfiber cloth and wipe the lens in circular motions.

If your lens is particularly dusty, try using a can of compressed air. Hold the compressed air several inches away from the lens and release short bursts of air. Holding the compressed air too close to the lens could crack it since the air is highly pressurized.

Ensure the cleaning solution and compressed air have completely dried before turning the projector on.

The Projector Lens is Scratched

If you’ve improperly cleaned your projector lens or transported it without its carrying case, your lens could be scratched. These tiny scratches, or microabrasions, may not seem like much to the naked eye, but they can significantly affect your picture quality.

projector lens with blue light

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to fix your lens and you may have to consider replacing it.

Luckily, you can order a lens replacement off of Amazon or head over to your local projector store and have them replace it for you.

To avoid scratching your projector lens, always use its lens cap and carrying case when transporting it, and never touch your lamp with your fingers.

Your Input Source is Not Compatible

It’s possible that your input source (e.g. laptop, video game console, etc.) is not compatible with your projector.

projector and laptop are incompatible

Try using a different input source and see the outcome. Consult your user manual to find out which devices are compatible with your projector. You may also need to update your device to the latest software.

Did you misplace your instructional manual? You can download it for free on the official BenQ website!

You Need to Adjust the Sharpness

To achieve the clearest picture quality, you may need to adjust your unit’s sharpness.

To adjust your BenQ projector’s sharpness, open the settings menu. Under the first tab, scroll down to Sharpness. Using your remote, adjust the sharpness scale to suit your preferences.

If you’re having trouble getting the sharpness setting back to its original value, don’t worry! You can reset the picture values by scrolling down and selecting Reset Picture Settings.

The Projector and Screen are Not Lined Up

Your BenQ projector may be misaligned with your screen.

The Projector and Screen Are Not Lined Up

Move your projector around slightly to align it with the screen and consider its height if necessary.

Using your unit’s test pattern is a good way of ensuring your projector and screen are positioned correctly. Use the test pattern’s grid to guide you and darken your room to ensure you can see the grid clearly.

Wrapping Things Up

Focusing your BenQ projector is an easy step you can take to bring your viewing experience to the next level. With the spin of a dial, you can take full advantage of your high-resolution projector in no time.

If your projector is still blurry, try cleaning the lens, adjusting the sharpness, or changing your input source.

Always handle your projector with care and don’t hesitate to contact BenQ customer support via email or live chat with any additional questions.

What’s your experience focusing a BenQ projector? Let us know in the comments below!

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