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Does Projector Screen Matter?

Getting your presentation on a big screen is very important. This is why the projector is an invaluable device. With it, you no longer have to cramp everyone together to get a view of your laptop screen.

But for the best presentations, you need more than just a projector. You also need a projector screen. A projector screen will enhance your presentations a lot.

Projectors can point at anything. All you need is a flat surface, and you can enlarge your presentation for everyone in the room. So why is a projector screen necessary?

Benefits of Projector Screens


a rollable projector screen in an office

Going screenless is okay if you have an office with big, bare walls. But how many of us have this today? Most offices are crowded with furniture, decorations, windows, and more on every side.

To use your projector in an office like this, you’ll have to clear up an area before you can start. But with a projector screen, this will never be a worry.

With a projector screen, you can pull this out anytime you have a presentation. You can place it anywhere in the office. All you have to do is roll it out and roll it down, and you will have a flat, white surface for your projector.


a flat outdoor projector screen

This may be obvious, but it’s easy to overlook how important a flat surface is to projectors. If there is a slight bump anywhere, it will throw off the entire presentation.

Even if your wall is relatively flat, any coarse paint will be a distraction. Your audience won’t be able to focus on what you are showing them. Their minds may wander into those tiny bumps in the wall instead.

The texture of a wall can be the difference between a good and bad presentation. So eliminate all texture from your walls. Or better, get a projector screen.

Having a flat surface is vital. Yes, there are some walls that are like this, but not all of them. With a projector screen around, you will have the flattest surface you can get every time.


present on a white projector screen

Whether you have a simple Powerpoint presentation or an abstract art show, projecting on a white surface is so important. This way, the colors won’t get messed up, and you’ll have beautiful clear images to show to your audience.

Sure, you can use your projector on any colored wall. But when you do this, this will discolor your presentation. Also, if there are designs on the wall, this will distract your audience.

This is yet another reason why having a projector screen is a great idea. No matter what color your walls are, you will have a nice white screen for your presentations.


One of the lesser-known benefits of getting a projector screen is that it gives you a border. The best projector screens today all have a black outline on their edges. This is so important for a good presentation.

You may not notice this, but with a border, your eyes will be drawn into the screen. Without a border, the opposite will happen. People’s eyes will start drifting on and off and screen when there is no clear outline.

This might not seem like a lot, but it is real. If you want the full attention of your audience, one way to help this is by drawing their eyes into the screen. Using a projector screen does this very well.

Screen Projectors for Home Theaters

home theater with a white projector screen

We’ve been talking about projector screens for presentations, but it has more uses than just that. Projector screens are also perfect for home theaters. If you want to enjoy movies at home, you should get one of these.

Like presentations, the benefits of using a projector screen for your home theater are plentiful. The flatness, color, border, and convenience all apply here as well. Combine this with good speakers, your home theater will feel like a cinema.


Whether you have an upcoming presentation or want to enjoy movies at home, it is a great idea to get a projector screen. With this, you can get rid of all the imperfections your walls have. And you can enjoy a clear display of what you have to show or watch.

For presentations, this will keep your audience focused. You can get your points across a lot easier with a good projector screen. Your presentation will have much more impact when there are no distractions.

For home theaters, it will be as if you are thrown right into the world of the film. A projector screen lets you immerse yourself in the movie and forget everything else around you.

Yes, projectors are great to have. But a projector without a projector screen is incomplete. That’s why you need a projector screen.

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