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[Review] Beboncool RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter Remote with How-To-Use Instructions

Review of Beboncool RF 2.4GHz


This rating is based on its convenience, ease of set up, efficiency and comfort in actual use


Amazing battery life, in which the remote also features an on/off switch to preserve it.

Wireless Range

The product features a large wireless range, in which you can still maintain control from large distances.

Durability & Material Quality

The overall longevity of the remote is generally satisfying

What We Like

  • Light-weight, portable size, easy to grip
  • Simple setup, compatible with PC/Mac
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Wide wireless range, up to 39 ft

What We Don’t Like

  • Buttons produce a loud clicking sound when pressed
  • The laser beam isn’t as strong
  • A fragile, weak USB receiver

The Beboncool RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter has overall good reception and reviews. It features a smooth, innovative design that fits naturally in the palm of your hand. Its weight is feather-like, you won’t feel like it’s too much hassle.

Compatible with PC/Mac and numerous software like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, it’s perfect for any work-related presentations, as well as educational ones. The product is sold at a very good price, and it’s pretty decent for how budget-friendly it is.


In this review, I’ll cover up extra details regarding the Beboncool RF2.4 GHz Wireless Presenter. I’ll answer FAQs that may be roaming your head. It’ll help you ascertain your decision about buying it or not.

Read on!

About The Manufacturer

The Beboncool RF 2.4 GHz is produced by Beboncool, a company that specializes in gaming controllers, console chargers, as well as computer accessories.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is for all office workers of any rank, teachers, public speakers, and generally anyone who’ll be presenting a slideshow or any kind of data that’s on-screen. It doesn’t require insane geeky technical knowledge nor a computer science degree, hook your USB into your port, and off you go!

There is no software installation required, no hassle at all.

It’s a well-priced product. If presentations aren’t really your thing or they just aren’t a daily activity of yours, then you probably wouldn’t need it.

What Comes With The Product

When you receive your Beboncool Wireless Presenter and unbox it you’ll find the following included with your remote control:

  • A carrying pouch to store your wireless presenter in
  • Instruction manual
  • A 2-year warranty
  • Remote control
  • Ultra-slim USB that you’ll find inside your remote’s battery compartment
BEBONCOOL Wireless Presenter Remote

Specs and Features

The Beboncool RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter features the following.

Plug-and-play wireless receiver of 2.3GHz speed

This 2.3GHz speed ensures that your USB receiver is able to receive the remote’s signal quite fast. There’s no lag, once you press the next button, for instance, the next slide pops up immediately.

Remote control made out of ABS plastic with a rubbery feel

ABS plastic is durable, its rubbery feel ensures that the remote won’t slip out of your hand. You’d probably be sweating a lot while you present so this is a lifesaver!

Wireless Range

Now that’s the star of the show. You can move around however you want with the wireless signal still maintained because the remote control has a range of 39 ft.

As for the red laser beam pointer, it has a range of 656 ft. This wide range of the remote’s laser beam enables you to grab your audience’s attention.

On/off switch

This an amazing plus point even if it looks simple to you. An On/Off switch ensures that you’d save power.

Some remotes don’t have this switch which causes power leakage leading to the battery getting empty more often. 

Compatible with PC/Mac and a wide range of presentation software

Your Beboncool RF 2.4 GHz will technically work with most available softwares and platforms, so you don’t have to think twice regarding compatibility issues.


On this remote, you’ll find Next/Previous, Full-screen, Black screen, and Pointer buttons; all the buttons needed to execute a perfect presentation.

Areas of Improvement

The Beboncool RF 2.4 GHz doesn’t give you the option to open media/video files attached to your presentation slides.

The other thing is that the buttons are average-quality. They produce loud clicking noise that’s pretty audible. This noise could be very distracting while presenting in front of an audience.

How to Use It

Power up your computer and attach the USB receiver into any of your computer’s USB ports. Power up the remote control by flipping the On/Off switch ON.

On your USB, a blinking blue light should appear first. This means that your computer is in the process of establishing a connection with your remote control. If the blue light remains blinking, press the ‘Connect’ button located at the top back of your remote control.

The blue light should stop blinking and remain lighted. You’re then ready to use your remote control.

You can open a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF file, try the next/previous as well as the full-screen and black screen buttons. The next/previous buttons are located on both sides of the remote control. The black screen button is at the top of your remote controller.

If you’d like to use the laser beam pointer, hold down the button in the exact middle of your remote controller. Below the laser beam pointer, you’ll find the full-screen button.

Other Alternatives

Wireless remote controllers for presenting slideshows and the like are all over the place.

If you feel that the Beboncool RF 2.4GHz isn’t for you, you might want to check the Amerteer RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter. This remote controller is much smaller in size and it has a fits-on-your-finger design which I think is pretty cool.

AMERTEER Wireless Presenter RF 2.4GHz Presentation Laser Pointer Finger Ring Remote PowerPoint PPT Slides Clicker Pen Rechargeable
  • Wireless Presenter with finger ring design, the rubberized slip-resistant ring adjustable to fit...
  • A red and bright laser pointer that's easy to see against most backgrounds, highlight key areas of...
  • The mini USB receiver supports plug and play technology. No driver is required. Built-in docking bay...

The buttons seem to be good, they don’t produce this really loud obnoxious clicking sound that I disliked about the Beboncool wireless controller.

The USB is bigger, sturdier. It also has a built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery which is a really nice plus point.

But it still doesn’t open videos embedded in a presentation. You’ll have to do so manually.

Looking for more top remotes? Here’s our best round-up of laser pointers on the market!

The Takeaway

Beboncool RF 2.4GHz is a pretty decent device for a minimal price.

You can freely walk around and confidently present what you have to say without being confined to the side of your laptop to switch between slides and use your body language to convince your audience.

It’s a good deal that you shouldn’t miss.


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