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How To Reset Keystone Correction? (Epson, Optoma, XGIMI, BenQ, Sony, JVC)

Getting your projector screen to lay flat against the wall is an important part of setting up your home theater. An askew picture will make the image look wonky and distorted, and could completely ruin your viewing experience.  Luckily, projector manufacturers have already thought of this and developed a solution.  Keystone correction is a handy …

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Anker Nebula Projectors vs. XGIMI Projectors

Anker Nebula vs. XGIMI Projectors

Are you wondering how the Anker Nebula projectors compare to XGIMI projectors and want to know which projector is better? Today, we will do just that. Anker Nebula and XGIMI specialize in the production of mini and portable projectors. On the one hand, Anker Nebula is known for producing mini projectors that are pretty affordable. …

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a grey XGIMI Halo projector

Does XGIMI Halo Support 4K?

The portable projector from XGIMI Technology can cast a 1080p display up to a three hundred-inch surface. The versatile pocket projector can feature up to 4K displays. XGIMI’s portable projectors Halo and Halo+ both support 4K. Although Halo’s native resolution is 1080p, it does support a 4K resolution input for games and movies.  XGIMI Technology …

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a XGIMI Shutter 3D Glasses

XGIMI 3D Glasses Setup: A 101 Guide

The Shutter 3D Glasses from XGIMI Technology is a multifaceted accessory sold alongside the company’s flagship products. The tech company based in China is known for pioneering and revolutionizing the pico projectors sector of the audiovisual gadgets industry.  While XGIMI Technology is known for its various multi-functional projectors, it has since launched accessories to heighten …

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Epson vs. XGIMI Projectors

The industry of audiovisual projectors is congested with renowned and notorious brands. Some start-ups and up-and-comers have entered the playing field with many of their innovations. Here, we will talk about two of the industry’s heavy-hitters. Seiko Epson Corporation, or “Epson,” is a Japanese electronics company most known for printers and projectors. We will compare …

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Vava Projectors vs. XGIMI Projectors: Which Are For You?

Vava vs. XGIMI Projectors

Vava and XGIMI are both Chinese tech brands making their way into the projector world. Although the projectors they produce are very different, it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase for your home theater. What should you consider when looking at projectors? Projectors aren’t a one-size-fits-all product. So, which projector brand is …

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a gray XGIMI projector

How Do I Reset My XGIMI Projector?

There are many incredible things about owning an XGIMI projector. But, every electronic device has its downfalls. With that said, how do you reset your XGIMI projector should you need to? XGIMI has several lines of projectors. They span from mini-portable projectors to bigger, short-throw laser projectors. But do all XGIMI projectors reset the same? …

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How To Pair a XGIMI Remote To Its Projector?

Projectors have become a standard home device to improve a viewer’s cinematic experience. Consequently, XGIMI company has set out to manufacture these projectors and their accessories to provide quality commodities. XGIMI projectors are famous for their compatibility with Android TV UIs. Among their accessories is the XGIMI remote that can only pair with the projector …

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a black XGIMI projector

Who Owns XGIMI?

A former employee of an integrated circuit technologies company based in Taiwan, MStar Semiconductor, founded XGIMI in 2013. Apoll Zhong has over nine years of industry experience before founding his own company operating out of China. The XGIMI Technology company is a manufacturer of multifaceted smart projectors and laser TVs. Its products are integrated with …

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