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How to Set a Default (Startup) Input on an LG TV?

How to Set a Default (Startup) Input on an LG TV?

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Every day, you connect your laptop or streaming stick to your LG TV via an HDMI cable to watch online content. However, each day you are forced to manually change the input to HDMI, even though it’s the only input you use. 

This small task is starting to get quite tiresome and you’d love to simply turn on your TV and have it automatically display the correct input. 

Is there a way to set a default/startup input on an LG TV? 

Keep reading to find out!

Can I Set an LG TV’s Default Input?

Only some old webOS versions allow users to set a default input. 

WebOS 6.0 and other recent webOS versions do not support a default input function. TVs with these recent webOS versions will display the last input you used upon startup

Home Dashboard section on LG TV

For instance, if the last time you used your LG TV it was displaying your Roku on HDMI 1, it will still be displaying your Roku the next time you turn it on. If you’d like to change the input upon startup, you will have to do so manually. 

There is no option on these TVs to automatically display a different input upon startup. 

However, if your TV’s webOS version has a Hotel Mode, it likely also supports a default/startup function. This function can be enabled through your TV’s Hotel Mode. 

How to Access the Hotel Mode in Your LG TV?

Some older LG TVs have a Hotel Mode (or a service/hidden menu). As the name suggests, this mode was originally designed for hotels to prevent guests from adjusting their TV settings. LG TVs with webOS 6.0 do not have this mode. 

Follow the steps below to enable Hotel Mode on your compatible LG TV. 

Step 1: Long-press your remote’s Menu or Settings button for five seconds or so. Release it once the Menu/Setting screen disappears and you see a pop-up in the top-left corner or a window prompting you for a passcode. 

Step 2: Enter the code 1105 into the pop-up window and hit OK. This code may vary depending on your TV model and version, so if it doesn’t work try 0000, 7777, 0413, 8741, 8743, or 8878. 

Step 3: You should now be able to access Hotel Mode. From here, you can enable or disable any of its functions. You can also return to this menu later to make more changes. 

If you’re a visual learner, watch the video below to learn how to access your LG TV’s Hotel Mode menu. 

LG TV Power On Default Input Source / Channel / Volume / Settings with hotel mode code

How to Set the Default Input on an LG TV?

Once you’ve accessed your LG TV’s Hotel Mode by following the instructions listed above, you’re ready to set a default/startup input. Remember, if your TV does not have a Hotel Mode, you will be unable to adjust this function. 

Step 1: In Hotel Mode, toggle Power On Default on. 

Step 2: Go to Input Source and adjust it to the input you’d like to be displayed upon startup. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to set a default input on an LG TV. 

LG TV Power On Default Input Source / Channel / Volume / Settings with hotel mode code

How to Stop LG TV from Turning on with Homescreen?

LG smart TVs automatically display the Home screen upon startup. This can become tiresome if you consistently watch one app and like to have it displayed when you turn your TV on. 

The process to disable the Home screen opening upon startup will differ depending on which webOS your TV has.

On webOS 6.0 and Later

Step 1: Press the Settings button on the remote. 

Step 2: Select All Settings

Step 3: Click on General

Step 4: Go to System

Step 5: Open Additional Settings

Step 6: Head to Home Settings

Step 7: Toggle Home Auto Launch off. 

home auto launch feature on an LG TV is disabled

On Other webOS Versions

Since the Home Auto Launch setting is unavailable on older webOS versions, the only way to prevent the home screen from launching upon startup is to set a default input. 

Refer to the instructions in the above section, How to Set the Default Input on an LG TV

Wrapping Things Up

It is possible to set a default input on older webOS versions by accessing their Hotel Mode menu. Once you’ve set the default input source, your TV will display it every time you turn it on. You can always adjust or disable this function later by going back to the Hotel Mode menu. 

If you’d like to stop your TV with webOS 6.0 or later from launching the Home screen each time you turn it on, you can disable Home Auto Launch. Older webOS versions don’t support this function, so you’ll have to set a default input instead. 

What’s your experience setting a default input on an LG TV? Did you know that some LG TVs have a Hotel Mode?

Let us know in the comments below!

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