How Much Data a PS5 or PS4 Use Hourly on a Hotspot & Wi-Fi

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What To Know

  • PS4 and PS5 require minimum internet speeds of 3 Mbps for downloads and 1 Mbps for uploads; test your PS4’s speed via Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection; test your PS5’s speed via Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection.
  • Data usage varies by activity; for instance, streaming on Twitch can use about 781MB/hour, while playing Fortnite use around 100MB/hour.
  • Managing data usage involves monitoring app installations, playtime, and streaming quality; apps like GlassWire can help track your console’s data consumption.

Are you puzzled over your PS5’s data usage on a restricted hotspot or curious about the amount of data your PS4 or PS5 consumed during last night’s gaming session with friends? Look no further!

This clear-cut guide delves into the specifics of console data usage and illuminates the reasons behind your PlayStation’s surprising data appetite.

Pre-note: The internet speed is dependent on the strength of your Wi-Fi network, and your data usage is affected by how you use your PlayStation, rather than the system itself.

Internet Speed

For any gamer out there, the most blasphemous word that can be uttered is “lag”. If you have a slow internet speed, this will be the most frustrating consequence.

As mentioned above, what causes a slow internet speed is an inadequate Wi-Fi network. The majority of people, with the average Wi-Fi network will have a download speed of about 12 to 25 Mbps.

For those who have a more basic internet package, this range could be as low as 3 to 8 Mbps.

While taking this into consideration in relation to the PlayStation systems, take a look at this quick reference chart of the required internet speeds for both the PS4 and PS5:

  Minimum Speed  Recommended Speed
Download Speed 3 Mbps 16 Mbps
Upload Speed 1 Mbps 4 Mbps
Ping Rate < 150 ms < 50 ms
Upload & Download Speed for Remote Play 5 Mbps  

As you can see from the chart, if you have a more basic internet package, your system may experience slowness and lag.

a man experiences lag while playing video games

For a comparative, to smoothly run a streaming service such as Netflix, you will want a connection speed of at least 5 megabits per second.

While this knowledge is helpful, you may be wondering to yourself: How do I know my internet speed? An excellent question, let’s cover the easiest way to figure this out.

How To Check Your Internet Speed From a PS4, PS5

To find out the speed of your internet is extremely easy and can be done from both your PS4 and your PS5, with the process differing ever so slightly between the two.

To test your internet speed from your PS4, simply go to:

Setting > Network > Test Internet Connection

Your console will run some diagnostics and not only test your internet connection, but also provide you with your Wi-Fi network’s upload and download speed.

The process for doing this on a PS5 is almost identical with one additional screen to navigate:

Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection

This will prompt your console to run a connection test and will provide you with some results, those including upload/download speeds.  

These connection tests will provide you with other helpful information such as your SSID, your NAT type, and your console’s ability to successfully connect to the internet.

If your network connection is a little weak, there are numerous ways you can inexpensively improve it. Some of these methods include switching to a wired connection, freeing up the bandwidth on your console, or moving your console closer to the router.

Data Usage

The amount of data you use has nothing to do with the PS4/PS5 console itself, but the manner in which you use it.

Playing video games, using streaming services, or streaming yourself on platforms like Twitch will all eat up your data at different speeds. Even the type of video game you play affects the amount of data you will use up.

man playing Battlefield game with PS5

Take a look at this chart of some popular video games and the amount of data they use up:

Games/Streaming Data Usage Per Hour
FIFA 14 26.7MB
Monster Hunter: World 30MB
Call of Duty: World War II 40MB
League of Legends 45MB
Grand Theft Auto V Online 60MB
Battlefield 4 66.88MB
Battlefield V 100MB
Fortnite 100MB
Overwatch 135MB

As you can tell, first person shooters that include numerous players along with large, intricate maps tend to eat up the most data.

Please keep in mind that this chart simply provides approximations of the amount of data used. To get a more accurate number, specific to your system, use one of methods suggested in this article.

If you want to stream yourself on Twitch with the highest available quality, you can expect to use up roughly 781 MB per hour.

The quickest and easiest way to keep track of your data usage is to download an app which will keep tabs on your usage for you. Some popular ones include GlassWire and My Data Manager.

close-up shot of My Data Manager app

Streaming services like Netflix will also use your data at different speeds depending on the video quality you are using. If you have your quality set to standard it will eat up around 1 GB per hour, whereas 4K quality could use up to 7 GB.

Why Does My PS4, PS5 Use So Much Data?

There could be numerous factors affecting the amount of data your console is using. When you play video games, stream movies or music, and use apps your PlayStation will consume a small amount of data the entire duration of the activity.

friends playing video game with PS5

On the other hand, when you install or update apps, you will be using a large amount of data, but in a short burst.

Keep an eye on the number of apps you install and the amount of time you are using them, or playing data-guzzling video games. As well as the type of game it is, as we learned that the style of game affects the amount of data used.

If either of these are done in excess, this is most likely the reason why your data is draining so quickly.

Other things that could affect your data are voice chat and the number of players you interact with, so cut down on these activities if concerned about high data usage.


Internet speed and data usage doesn’t have to be complicated. It is easier to digest when you keep two things in mind.

One, your internet speed is dependent on your Wi-Fi network. Two, your data usage has less to do with your console, and more to do with how you use it.

We hope that this article helped clear up any questions you had about your PS4/PS5 console, and that with your newly learned knowledge you can avoid encountering the dread “lag” ever again.

Happy gaming!

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