How to Fix Projector Cutting Off Edges & Images

projector facing cut off issue

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What To Know

  • Projector calibration, resolution, and aspect ratio mismatches are primary reasons for edge-cutting.
  • Hardware issues, like faulty VGA/HDMI splitters, or software settings like auto-position can distort projections.
  • Physical obstructions, source alignment, and dual display settings can also cause projection interruptions.

Tired of your projector cutting off edges, ruining your viewing experience? You’re not alone.

This guide doesn’t waste time with generic troubleshooting tips. Instead, it’s packed with proven solutions from me and users who’ve been through the same frustration.

I’ll tackle the cutting-off issue head-on, helping you enjoy seamless visuals every time.

Let’s dive right into the solutions you’ve been searching for.

1. You Didn’t Calibrate Your Projector Properly (It’s “Overscan”)

overscan parameter on a projector

Properly calibrating your projector is a critical step that should not be overlooked, especially when you’re using it for the first time. 

Overscan, one of the nine calibration parameters, ensures that the image is displayed within the visible screen area or projection surface, effectively preventing any cropping issues along the edges.

It’s recommended to set overscan to 0% (Off) to avoid parts of your screen being cut off.

2. An Incompatible Resolution or Aspect Ratio Is Enabled

aspect ratio of a projector

If you find that your source video’s aspect ratio is 16:9 (the aspect ratio of most movies nowadays), but you are projecting at 16:10 or even 24:10, experiencing cutting-off is inevitable. 

To address this, access the Settings on your projector, specifically the Image/Signal section (the menu may vary depending on your projector brand), and make the necessary adjustments to the resolution or aspect ratio.

For a detailed guide on changing resolutions for various source devices, including streaming devices, Windows laptops, MacBooks, and more, see our informative article

We recommend setting the source device’s resolution to 1280×720, as it aligns with the projector’s native resolution.

3. You’re Using a “Cheap” VGA/HDMI Splitter

a hdmi splitter is on a table

It’s important to note that a faulty VGA/HDMI splitter can contribute to the cutting-off issue you are encountering, resulting in a slightly cropped projection on the top and right sides of your projector screen. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions you can try to resolve this problem.

Firstly, you can attempt switching to another input and then back to the desired input on the splitter. 

Alternatively, turning on your projector before connecting it to the splitter can also rectify the issue. 

By following these straightforward steps, you should be able to resolve the problem promptly.

4. Auto-Image or Auto-Position Is Enabled

In certain cases, enabling the auto-position feature on your projector can lead to a cropped projection. 

A user encountered this problem and found that disabling the auto-position feature eliminated the cropping problem entirely.

To investigate if this is the root cause of your issue, navigate to the Image section within your projector’s Settings and disable the auto-image or auto-position feature. 

By doing so, you can determine if this adjustment resolves the cutting-off problem.

5. Something Is Obstructing the Image

epson projector look from right rear

At times, the presence of physical obstructions in front of your projector can hinder the quality and completeness of the projected images. 

To ensure optimal performance, carefully inspect the projection area and confirm that nothing obstructs the light emitted by the projector onto the screen or projection surface. 

By clearing any obstacles, you should be able to resolve the cutting-off issue.

6. The Source Video Is Being Cut Off 

If you are projecting from your laptop or PC and notice that your full-screen video or image is being cut off, the problem may be as simple as improper alignment. 

It is crucial to ensure that the video or image on your laptop or PC is correctly aligned and not subject to manual zooming.

Additionally, if you are using the Extend projecting mode, double-check that the picture displayed on the projector screen is not manually misaligned.

projecting from a laptop onto a projector screen, using extend mode

7. Your Laptop/PC Is Being Set for Dual Display

In situations where your laptop or PC has been configured for dual display (two displays at the same time) before, it can inadvertently contribute to the cutting-off issue you are facing.

Depending on your operating system, you can follow these steps to rectify the problem:

Windows 10

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Select Display.

Step 3: Under the Select and rearrange display menu, choose the display that is not your projector.

Step 4: Under the Multiple displays section, select Disconnect this display from the drop-down menu. 

Windows 11

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to System, and select Display.

Step 3: Choose Multiple displays.

Step 4: Uncheck the Remember window locations based on monitor connection box.

multiple displays' dropped down menu of a win 11 laptop

Step 5: Select Show only on 1 to display the content solely on your projector (or Show only on 2 if your projector is on the second one).

show only on 1 option is highlighted when connecting a laptop to two displays

8. The Iris Is Partly Stuck/Faulty

In some cases, the cutting-off issue may be attributed to a partially stuck or faulty iris in your projector. 

To address this problem, we recommend referring to our article that specifically discusses faulty iris symptoms and provides guidance on how to fix them. 

By accessing the article, you can compare your projector’s symptoms and follow the suggested solutions to rectify the issue.

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