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How to Make an Epson Projector Full Screen/Smaller/Bigger?

How to Make an Epson Projector Full Screen/Smaller/Bigger?

Are you struggling with finding the right image size? Do your images appear too small or too large that they are straining to the eye?

Simple! You need to resize the image by adjusting the settings on the projector or moving the projector closer or further away from the screen. 

Of course, the latter is only applicable to tripod and table projectors and not the ceiling and wall-mounted projectors.

In this post, we will take you through the various ways to adjust the size of the image projected by your Epson projector. We will also take you through the steps of making your image fit your screen.

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Resizing the Image on Epson Projector 

There are two main ways of resizing images on Epson projectors as mentioned earlier. However, there are other settings that help in adjusting both the image size and shape. We will therefore explore all these options.

The options are:

  1. Using the Zoom ring/button (not available on all Epson projectors)
  2. Using the Wide and Tele buttons
  3. Changing the Aspect ratio
  4. Moving the projector

1. Adjusting the projector 

adjusting the projector

One of the quickest ways to modify the size of the image projected is to adjust your projector. Ideally, you adjust the distance between the screen and the projector to match the throw ratio.

Every Epson projector has a throw ratio indicated and is calculated by determining the throw distance against the width of the image.

The throw distance is the distance between the tip of the projector lens and the screen, while the throw ratio is the width of the image relative to the throw distance. The throw ratio is often indicated as D/W.

So, for instance, if your projector throw ratio is 2.1. That simply means to project an image that is 1 foot wide, your projector needs to be two feet away from your screen.

The throw ratio is a simple formula that you can use to either enlarge your image size or shrink it.

To increase the image size on your screen, you will move the projector away from your screen, and similarly, to reduce the image size, you will move the projector closer to the screen.

While this is a quicker method to adjust the image size, it is not viable for wall and ceiling mount projectors.

2. Using the Tele and Wide buttons

Epson Home Cinema 1450 1080p 4,200 lumens Color Brightness (Color Light Output) 4,200 lumens White Brightness 3LCD Projector with MHL (Renewed)

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The other quick method to adjust the size of the image is by playing around with the Wide-angle (W) and Telephoto projector (T) buttons.

The Wide-angle button has a short but wide field of view whereas the Telephoto button has a narrow field of view making images appear at a closer range as opposed to the Wide button.

Follow these steps to enlarge and shrink the image size using T and W buttons:

  • Power on your projector and allow it a few minutes to warm up
  • Locate the W and T buttons
  • Display a test pattern by pressing the TEST button on your remote. If you have no test pattern function, just display any image.
  • On the projector’s control panel, press the T button on continuously to make the image smaller. Stop once you get the desired size.
  • To make the image bigger, simply press the W button continuously until you get the right image size
  • Adjust the image position and then press Esc to exit the menu

3. Using Zoom Ring

On some Epson projectors, there is a zoom ring or slider instead of buttons that you can use to adjust the W and T buttons.

Simply push the zoom ring forward to increase the image size and push the zoom ring backward to reduce the image size.

4. Resizing the image by changing the Image Aspect Ratio

ASPECT button on epson remote control

 You can also resize the image on your Epson projector by adjusting the image aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is the ratio between the image width and height. 

Even though it does not directly affect the projected image size, when the aspect ratio of the projector does not match the ratio on the viewing screen, the size and shape are distorted.

To resize the image by changing the aspect ratio, here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn on your projector and choose an image to display
  2. On your remote control, press the Aspect button. Both the shape and size of the image will change
  3. To select other aspect ratios, press the Aspect button repeatedly

5. Using the Zoom Button

ZOOM button on epson remote control

To modify the size of the image using the zoom buttons on your remote control:

  1. Display an image on your projector
  2. Press the Zoom button on your projector continuously until you get the desired image size
  3. If using the projector control panel, use the Lens button instead of the Zoom and press it repeatedly to adjust the size
  4. Press the Esc button once done

Remember to leave your projector on for at least 30 minutes if turning it on before using the Zoom function.

How to make Epson projector fit the screen

If you want to resize your image to fit the screen, you can use the Screen Fit function and the Quick Corner function. Both functions are found on the remote control. 

However, in some Epson projectors, you will have to do it manually by going to the setting menu.

1. Screen Fit

using SCREEN FIT function to get the image fit to the screen

Screen Fit function is a quick way to get your image to fit your screen correctly. It automatically corrects the screen size, shape, focus, and Keystone all at once. 

Here’s how to correct the image size using Screen Fit:

  1. On your remote control or the projector control panel, press the Screen Fit button
  2. Move the projector as needed so that it displays the image in the middle of the screen
  3. Zoom the image until you see a yellow frame that extends beyond the screen edges
  4. It will then show you a pop up with the below message
  5. Perfect the image shape and size to your liking and press Esc when done.

2. Quick Corner 

Quick Corner will help you resize your image to achieve a perfect rectangular shape by moving the four corners of an image. This is how to go about it:

  1. Turn on your projector and either display any image or pattern aid to guide you
  2. Locate the Menu button and press it 
  3. Select Settings and press Enter
  4. Select Keystone and press Enter
  5. Select Quick Corner and press Enter. Press Enter again to see the Quick corner adjustment screen
  6. Using the Arrow keys, select the corner of the image that you wish to adjust and press Enter
  7. Repeat for all corners, adjusting as necessary until satisfied. Finally, press Esc to exit the menu

You can check out this video tutorial by Scott’s News Network. He shows how to use the Quick corner feature.

How to use Quick Corner on a EPSON Projector

3. Keystone Correction

So, you’ve got all the four corners adjusted, but they are not properly lined up. You have an image that almost looks like a trapezoid.

What’s next?

Use the Keystone correction tool to align the bottom and top corners. Almost all Epson projectors have this tool. For most advanced models, the projector can do this automatically, while you may have to do it manually for others by adjusting the keystone settings.

The vertical keystone correction will align the top and bottom of the image, while the horizontal Keystone will align the left and right sides to make a perfect rectangular-shaped image.


It may take a whole lot of fiddling to find the perfect image size for you that is neither too small nor right in your face. There is no shortcut to that.

However, it gets much easier when you know precisely what buttons and settings to press. And this is where our step-by-step guides are helpful.

And since we have detailed several ways to adjust your size, this should be pretty fast and easy. 

And don’t forget to make angle adjustments to ensure that your image is appropriately lined up. Here’s a good video tutorial to learn from.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.