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How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to an Epson Projector?

Having an Epson projector frees you up to so many options when it comes to teaching, entertaining, and gaming!

However, when it comes to sound, your Epson projector may not deliver the volume or quality that you need, so you may want to connect it to a speaker.

And, of course, what better way to further increase your setup options with Bluetooth speakers or headphones that you don’t even have to plug into the projector!

But to experience the fully disconnected lifestyle, you have to ask: how do I connect a Bluetooth speaker to an Epson projector?

We’ve found that if your Epson projector is Bluetooth compatible, you just have to turn on its Bluetooth option in the settings then pair it with your speakers. 

But if your Epson projector isn’t Bluetooth compatible, you’ll have to connect it through a laptop, a TV, audio cables, or a Bluetooth USB adapter.

Are All Epson Projectors Bluetooth Compatible?

A white projector next to a remote and two pencils

Unfortunately, not all Epson projectors have Bluetooth as a built-in feature .

Epson does have a line of Bluetooth projectors, but these are made specifically for people who value the convenience of a wireless experience. 

Outside of the special Bluetooth projectors, most Epson projectors will need to be connected to external speakers, earphones, or headphones through other methods—such as those listed below.

How Do I Connect Bluetooth Speakers to My Epson Projector?

A black bluetooth speaker on a black and white table

If you have an Epson projector that has a built-in Bluetooth function , you will be able to easily connect it to any Bluetooth audio device, including speakers, headphones, and earphones.

Connecting your Bluetooth audio device to your Epson projector is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Turn on your Epson projector.
  • Press the Menu button.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab in the Menu and press Enter.
  • In the Settings tab, find the HDMI Link option and press Enter to select it.
  • Look through the options until you see one called Audio Out Device. Press Enter.
  • From there, find the option called Projector and press Enter to select it.
  • After this, you need to press ESC until you reach the Settings tab again.
  • In the Settings tab, find the Bluetooth option and press Enter.
  • Look through the Bluetooth options and choose the one called Bluetooth Audio by pressing Enter.
  • In the Bluetooth Audio settings, select On and press Enter to save your choice.
  • Press ESC to go back to the Bluetooth menu.
  • Now you’ll have to set your Bluetooth audio device to Discovery or Pairing mode so that your Epson projector can connect to it.
  • After you’ve done this, choose the Search Bluetooth Devices setting in your projector’s Bluetooth menu.
  • Once you see the name of your Bluetooth audio device, navigate to it and press Enter to pair with it.
  • Exit your projector Menu by pressing either ESC or Menu.

A white round projector next to a laptop and a white tablet

Your Epson projector should now be connected to your Bluetooth audio device! And don’t worry, if your projector has speakers, they will be automatically disabled.

Your projector will also remember your audio device, so you don’t have to pair it every time. However, if you want to connect to a different audio device, you will have to repeat the steps listed above.

NOTE: this only works if your Bluetooth audio devices are A2DP compliant and if your country or region supports Bluetooth devices. Audio might also be slightly delayed when using Bluetooth connections.

Can I Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Non-Bluetooth Epson Projector?

A grey projector next to many flower pots

If you have an Epson projector that doesn’t have Bluetooth as a built-in feature , you can still connect a Bluetooth audio device to it—whether it’s speakers, headphones, or earphones.

There are several ways to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a non-Bluetooth Epson projector, which we have listed below!

Using audio cables

Audio cables on top of a speaker

The most straightforward way to connect your Bluetooth audio device to a non-Bluetooth Epson projector is by using audio cables. This should work for speakers and amplifiers that have built-in speakers.

To connect your Bluetooth speakers to your Epson projector, follow these easy steps!

  • Connect your video source to your Epson projector with both audio and video cables.
  • Find the right audio cable  to connect your Epson projector to your Bluetooth speakers. This will typically be a male-to-male audio cable.
  • Connect one end of the cable to your speakers.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the Audio Out port on your projector.

And if you want to use your Bluetooth speakers for other devices without unplugging your projector, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Turn on your projector.
  • Open the Menu.
  • Navigate to the Standby Mode setting.
  • Select Communication On and press Enter to select it.
  • Navigate to the A/V Output setting.
  • Select Always On and press Enter to select it.
  • Exit the Menu.

You should now be able to use your projector! 

Using a laptop or TV

A laptop next to a projector showing on a screen

Another way you can connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Epson projector is by using a Bluetooth-compatible laptop or TV.

Follow these steps to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Epson projector:

  • Connect your Epson projector to your a laptop  or TV  with both audio and video cables.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and turn on the Discovery or Pairing mode.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your laptop or TV and turn on Bluetooth capability.
  • You should eventually see your Bluetooth speaker in the options for pairing on your laptop or TV.
  • Select your Bluetooth speaker to connect it to your laptop or TV.

Your projector’s audio will now be automatically routed to the laptop and your Bluetooth speakers!

Using a Bluetooth adapter

If you want a more convenient option, you can use a Bluetooth USB adapter to make your Epson projector Bluetooth compatible! 

Watch this video to learn more about Bluetooth USB adapters.

How to Make Your Projector Bluetooth! (Cheap Fix!)

All you need to do is buy a Bluetooth USB adapter  that will allow your Epson projector to connect wirelessly to everything—including speakers, headphones, earphones, soundbars, laptops, and televisions.

Plug the Bluetooth USB adapter into your projector’s USB port, and you’re good to go! 

You can also use this adapter to transmit video outputs, so you don’t have to plug your video source into your projector. You can go completely wireless!


A person touching a black bluetooth speaker

For Epson projectors with Bluetooth as a built-in feature, you can easily pair it with your Bluetooth speakers by activating Bluetooth Audio in the settings.

Not all Epson projectors are Bluetooth compatible, but you can work around this by using other methods, including audio cables, a Bluetooth-compatible laptop or TV, or a Bluetooth USB adapter. 

Whatever method you use, we hope that this article helped you!

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