50 Cool & Funny TV Names: Creative Nicknames for Your Television Delight

50 Hilarious Smart TV Name Ideas

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Hey there!

So, you’re looking for some hilarious names to call your TV, right? 

Well, you’re in for a treat because I’ve compiled a list of 50 chuckle-worthy, humourous grin-inducing names that will make your TV the star of your living room (and your conversations!).

Whether you’re a movie buff, a serial binger, or just someone who loves a good laugh, these names are guaranteed to add a bit of fun to your viewing experience.

1. Smartacus

“Smartacus” is a spin on Spartacus, the Thracian gladiator who led the third and biggest revolt of the enslaved people against Rome.50 Funny Names for Smart TVs

family is watching TV showing a warrior on it

The logic behind some people naming their HDTVs “Smartacus” could be how the device meets the needs of different people in the house and still wages on without breaking a sweat.

For Spartacus fans, their TV could be their Spartacus or “Smartacus.”

2. Samson

Samsung is arguably one of the biggest TV manufacturers in the world. Many people swear by Samsung products, particularly their TVs.

They will even buy a Samsung TV even if there are cheaper alternatives from other brands. Samsung’s loyal customer base is not very far off from Apple’s fanbase.

But some people take that devotion to another level and create an emotional bond with their Samsung products. For instance, people calling their Samsung TVs “Samson” is not unheard of, ignoring the fact that there’s an actual company named “Samson.”

By the way, you may replace the “-son” with “-daughter,” referring to the TV as “Samdaughter.” Yeah, it’s weirdly funny.

3. Living TV

A smart TV is an inanimate, non-living object. But because the TV is usually set up in the living room, you could call it the “living TV,” rather than the “living room TV.”

cute icon on TV screen

If the TV is in the bedroom, the name could be “bedroom TV.” But it doesn’t have the same ring.

There’s something about the name “Living TV” that makes sense but is also ironic. After all, a TV is not “alive.”

4. Michael

Using proper human names to refer to a TV is uncommon and funny. Let’s graduate from referring to our pets with proper names to naming our appliances and devices with those names too.
If the name does not sound funny in isolation, it certainly makes for a funny phrase when it says “Send to Michael” on your smartphone.

a smartphone is connecting to a TV named Michael

People could use other names instead of Michael, which won’t be any less funny in the above context.

5. Tamed Bull

The average smart TV is much more capable than the TVs of yore. But the TV doesn’t have a mind of its own and awaits instructions to unfold itself.

Because the user controls the device completely, name your TV the “Tamed Bull” it is. It sounds funny and is also logical.

6. Is It TV?

If you’ve seen the reality game show Is It Cake on Netflix, you’ll know where the inspiration for this name comes from.

For the unfamiliar, Is It Cake is a baking-based, fun game show where participants prepare cakes based on real-world objects, making them look incredibly realistic.

A panel of judges is later invited to detect the cake from the objects the cake is modeled after. Naming your TV “Is It TV?” will surely bring a smile to those who’ve watched the show and are reminded of it.

7. Born in 1938

Samsung building

The year 1938 is when Samsung was founded. If you are obsessed with Samsung, use the name “Born in 1938” as your TV name.

It’s a mysterious and funny name for a TV and can be quite a conversation starter.

Some, however, could name their TV after their year of birth to create that virtual bond with their TV.

8. Couch Companion

If you watch your TV alone, the name “Couch Companion” is quite fitting.

a man sits on a couch watching tv

If you watch TV in the bedroom, name it “Bed Companion.” However, the name may sound desperate and border “object sexuality.”

9. Dopamine Box

Before Instagram and TikTok gained notoriety for their instant dopamine-dishing nature, TV was the only purveyor of this neurotransmitter.

When you watch a movie or TV show that you like, your brain makes dopamine. The TV is, therefore, the OG dopamine tool, meaning the name “Dopamine Box” suits it quite well.

The name sounds both funny and learned.

10. Samsung Window

The TV is your window to the world.

Even though it’s limited in scope compared to a laptop with an internet connection, it’s nevertheless a gateway to what’s happening worldwide.

a couple is watching a TV programme with high resolution and vivid image

And if it’s a Samsung TV, why not call it a “Samsung Window?” The name is inventive and fun at the same time.

If your TV is an LG, Sony, or some other brand, substitute “Samsung” with your TV’s brand name.

11. Made in America

American Flag

China is the manufacturing hub of the world. The country usually exports fully made products or sends parts. iPhone, for instance, is made in China, albeit designed by Apple USA.

But some devices could be sourced in parts and assembled in the USA or outside of China.

However, no television is made in America. The “Made in America” name can be a satirical reminder of how no TV is made in the U.S.

12. Jarvis

Jarvis is a good name for your TV if you’re a Tony Stark fan.

In the Iron Man comic book, Jarvis is human and a close friend to Tony Stark. In the movie, however, Jarvis, or “J.A.R.V.I.S.,” is advanced AI.

Let the “Jarvis” in your home be your television.

13. Wifey

“Wifey” is a pun on both “wife” and “Wi-Fi” since smart TVs are insipid without a connection to the internet.

Some may name their TV “Wifey” because they probably spend more time with their TV than their better half.

If that’s you, be ready for a confrontation with your spouse.

14. Joey

If you are a fan of the sitcom Friends, you will get where the name comes from.

People who name their television Joey or Chandler are likely to have seen all episodes of Friends and possibly done multiple reruns.

Those unfamiliar with the popular sitcom could misconstrue the name for an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend, which may lead to funny and, at times, not-so-funny situations.

Feel free to replace “Joey” with the name of a character from your favorite show or movie.

15. Guilty Pleasure

Watching TV is an activity that most people look down upon since it doesn’t lend to productivity and is perceived as a waste of time.

Most avid TV users realize the same but cannot hold themselves back from staying glued to their flat-screen entertainment devices.

A women is holding a bowl of popcorn in front of a tv

Naming a TV “Guilty Pleasure” is a fun way to remind one that they aren’t deriving anything of value from the activity.

16. Entertainment Valley

The TV is the ultimate source of entertainment.

Although the internet and streaming services have superseded the good old TV, the TV is still an excellent option for those who don’t want to squander time choosing which show or movie to watch.

There’s no “paradox of choice” with a TV since the device bowls out entertaining content as soon as you turn it on. It’s, therefore, not incorrect to give it the “Entertainment Valley” name.

17. Cast Away

No, this has nothing to do with the movie, or perhaps there’s a connection.

If you’ve watched the movie “Cast Away,” you’d know the protagonist gets stuck alone on a deserted island.

Name your TV “Cast Away” if Cast Away is your favorite movie or you spend most of your time watching TV or “Chromecast-ing.”

18. 404 Error

a dog watches a TV screen showing 404 error sign held by another dog

Some people may want to deter others from connecting or sending stuff to their TV.

Naming their TV “404 Error” is a funny way to scare the not-very-tech-savvy people away who could misinterpret the name as some mysterious code or a technical glitch.

19. The Other Potato

If the one (you) sitting on the sofa and watching TV is the couch potato, the TV has to be the other potato since it’s also lazing away seated on its stand.

At least, that is the logic you can present to people intrigued by the name. Whether it’s funny could be questionable, but the fact that it’s weirdly true is a spark of ingenuity.

20. It’s My TV

A family of three is watching TV together

Naming the TV “It’s My TV” again is an effort to categorically state that the TV is yours, and one must seek your permission before connecting to the device.

Needless to say, “It’s My TV” sounds different and amusing. It shall undoubtedly crack up those who come across the name for the first time.

21. Big Bertha

Meet Big Bertha, the TV that’s not just big in size but also big in entertainment. 

It’s perfect for those who believe size does matter when it comes to binge-watching.

22. Talking Box

This isn’t just a TV, it’s a Talking Box. It’ll chat with you about the weather, the news, and maybe even gossip about your favorite shows.

23. One Big Mirror

a TV above a stand

It’s a TV when on and a mirror when off. Now you can check how you look before crying over a sad movie.

24. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O'Neal

Imagine a TV that’s as legendary in your living room as Shaq is on the court. It’s the MVP of movie nights and the champion of chill sessions.

25. Chunky Boi

Chunky Boi is not just a TV, it’s a statement. It’s for those who appreciate a bit of extra “body” in their electronics.

26. My Excuse To Be Lazy

Popcorn and a remote control in front of a TV

This TV gets you. It’s your partner in crime for those “I’m not moving” days and your alibi for skipping the gym.

27. I Know What You Did In The Dark

A cat is peeking through a window

A little bit spooky, a little bit fun, this TV name adds a twist to your viewing experience, making every night a little more intriguing.

28. Couch Potato’s Dream

It’s the friend that whispers, “Stay a little longer.” 

Perfect for those days when you want to be wrapped up in a blanket fort of comfort.

29. Nerd’s Nirvana

Think of that friend who’s into every fandom and knows every Easter egg. This TV is your gateway to geek heaven, where every pixel is a part of the story.

30. Lazy Susan

Ever want a TV that’s as chill as a lazy Sunday afternoon? Lazy Susan is your go-to for no-rush, all-relaxation viewing.

31. The Babysitter

Need a break from the kids? This TV is your go-to. It’s like a babysitter but without the hourly rates.

32. Binge Buddy

A woman is watching tv and eating popcorn

This tv is like that friend who’s always down for one more episode. Binge Buddy is your steadfast companion through every season and series.

33. Chillax Screen

Imagine a TV that’s a zen garden for your mind. Chillax Screen is your personal retreat from the chaos, one show at a time.

34. Giggle Box

Like that friend who always knows how to cheer you up, Giggle Box is your go-to for a good laugh and a great time.

35. Memory Lane

a boy is watching soccer on an old TV

This TV name sounds like flipping through an old photo album but with your favorite shows. It’s nostalgia and new adventures, all in one.

36. Mr. Know-It-All

an owl toy is wearing glasses

This Smart TV is almost too smart. Ask it anything, and it probably has the answer.

37. The Snuggler

two pairs of legs wearing socks in front of a TV

It’s like that cozy coffee shop corner but in your living room. The Snuggler makes every movie night feel like a warm hug.

38. Family Feud Solver

Think of it as the peacekeeper for your remote control battles. It’s the mediator that finds the perfect show everyone will love.

39. Zen Master

a women is meditating in front of a TV

This TV is like a deep breath in a busy world. Zen Master brings a slice of serenity, turning your space into an oasis of calm.

40. Fortune Teller

Imagine a TV that knows you better than you know yourself. Fortune Teller anticipates your viewing wishes, always suggesting the perfect show.

41. Gossip Guru

For all the latest and greatest in pop culture, Gossip Guru has the scoop. It’s like having your own entertainment news reporter.

42. Time Traveler

This TV is your portal to other eras and futures yet to come. Time Traveler takes you on journeys through time with the click of a button.

43. The Mediator

Think of it as the Switzerland of TVs. The Mediator always finds a show that keeps everyone’s interests balanced and entertained.

44. Mystery Machine

A TV with bias lighting behind

Love piecing together clues? Mystery Machine is your partner in crime-solving, bringing the best thrillers and mysteries to your screen.

45. The Jester

This TV is the class clown of your living room, always ready with a joke or a hilarious sitcom to lighten the mood.

46. Dream Weaver

Like a good book that whisks you away, Dream Weaver turns your viewing experience into an escape from the ordinary.

47. The Oracle

Need wisdom or a bit of guidance? The Oracle offers shows that enlighten and inspire, making you ponder life’s big questions.

48. The Escape Artist

A man is watching TV

This TV is your gateway to other worlds and adventures. The Escape Artist whisks you away from the mundane, offering an escape hatch right in your living room.

49. Sofa King Cool

Think of the coolest person you know – that’s this TV. Sofa King Cool is the epitome of awesome, making every movie night an epic event.

50. The Storyteller

Like a master storyteller at a campfire, this TV weaves tales that captivate and enthrall. It turns every show into an immersive narrative adventure.


Renaming your TV in its settings lends uniqueness to the device and makes it easier to identify if you have multiple televisions in your house.

And while at it, it’s totally fine to have some fun. The name need not necessarily be hilarious. It’s okay to have a quirky name that isn’t bonafide funny.

And if you’re particular about a laughter-inducing nickname, be willing to acknowledge that not everyone will find the name funny. At times, the name could be funny only to you, and that’s okay too.

If you’re brainstorming funny TV names, the above shall serve as inspiration. Or just borrow one from the list if you’re not feeling creative.

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