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Does iPad Support HDR?

Does iPad Support HDR?

Higher Dynamic Range (HDR) offers a wide range of colors. Moreover, it ensures that quality remains high within dark or light areas of the image. Thus consumers prefer devices with the HDR feature because of the clearer display and broader color range.  

However, not all devices can support HDR; it requires a device with the necessary hardware and software specifications.

Keep reading as we seek to find out if the iPad has this coveted feature. 

Some iPad Pro Models support HDR 10 format. They can play videos or movies in HDR format. Like iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd generation), an iPad can play HDR content to a suitable display. One can stream HDR content from Prime Video, YouTube, and Netflix.

Can iPad Display HDR?

A person watching Youtube on Ipad

HDR improves the entire experience of any content by availing better images, reflections, and shadows. Through the new iPad Pro, one can play HDR content. The iPad Pro (11 inches)  has a mini LED screen that supports HDR content.

It has excellent shadows and highlights displaying high contrast images. The iPad has HDR built-in its hardware; thus, one cannot switch it off and on.

However, you can turn the camera’s HDR feature on or off when taking pictures or videos.

An iPad like iPad Pro 12.9  (2nd generation) has features like ultra-fast Wi-Fi to enable smooth HDR streaming. Moreover, it can display HDR content with sharp, bright, and detailed images through its LED screens.

Not all iPads can display HDR. Therefore, one should look at its specification before purchasing. However, iPad Pro  (10.5 inches), being an older model, can display HDR content.

Can iPad air display HDR?

Ipad Air on white background

The iPad Air  is suitable for consumers because it has a better screen and is quite affordable. 

The iPad Air has an anti-reflective coating making it comfortable to watch without light being reflected. Also, it offers a wide range of color support, which allows viewing in bright places.

The iPad can display HDR and fix its illumination and color performance to change to surroundings lighting automatically. 

Additionally, it runs IOS 13, which concentrates on increasing the performance and efficiency of the iPad.

Furthermore, it displays content with a sense of sharpness and detail.

About HDR on iPad

A person reading news on Ipad

HDR has taken the iPad to another level. Users are now enjoying quality content on popular sites like YouTube, and Netflix.

iPad users can also use the HDR feature for taking quality pictures and videos in high contrast situations

The iPad camera takes numerous pictures quickly at diverse exposures and merges them. The resulting photo is impressive, showcasing every detail in every part of the photo.

How Do I Watch HDR on My iPad?

A man watching video on the beach

Playing HDR content on an iPad requires it to be HDR compatible. When viewing content, like HDR movies and shows from Apple, Netflix, Prime, and other apps, the device plays in HDR. The user doesn’t need to select HDR because The iPad automatically plays the content in HDR.

The luminosity and color of HDR content differ depending on the type of device. The lighting in your surroundings also affects the brightness of the content.

Conditions such as dim rooms enhance the visual effect of the High Dynamic range. Additionally, some devices have features that enable them to display clear and bright images even in bright surroundings.


Does iPad Pro support YouTube HDR?

Youtube open on Ipad and Apple Pencil

The iPad Pro can support YouTube HDR. However, one must meet some requirements for the iPad Pro to play HDR.

The content you are playing must be in HDR form. Low-quality content cannot be upgraded even if your device is HDR compatible.

Another requirement is a fast internet connection enough to watch HDR content. Slow internet will cause a lot of buffering, automatically downgrading it to a playable quality.

Does the new 2021 iPad Pro support HDR?

Ipad Pro 2021 and Apple Pencil

The new 2021 iPad Pro can play HDR content. Additionally, it can display very sharp and stunning content.

Also, its counterpart, the new mini LED screen, has a 1600 nits brightness display that is compatible with HDR videos.

Is iPad Pro 2018 HDR?

A person using Ipad Pro 2018

The iPad Pro 2018 is HDR-ready. However, the model has some shortcomings in its hardware and software requirements.

Nevertheless, you can still enjoy some HDR experience with most content. But if the videos are HDR+, The device will not support them.

How to record HDR video on an iPad

A person recording video on Ipad

iPads that support HDR have an HDR video setting. This setting lets users determine if they want the video in high dynamic range.

  1. Click on the settings and open it
  2. Click on the Camera
  3. Click record video
  4. Click HDR video, which will be automatically opened.

Recording of videos in HDR needs a high-efficiency video format. Therefore, if you turn off high-efficiency HDR videos, they automatically turn off.

Does Netflix support HDR on my iPad?

Contents on Netflix

You can watch movies in HDR on your iPad. Netflix avails its films in Dolby Vision and HDR 10. 

To watch Netflix in HDR 10 on iPad Pro12.9 , you need:

  • A Netflix plan that allows streaming in HDR
  • A device that can play either Dolby Vision or HDR and Netflix
  • A Dolby Vision or HDR 10 compatible smart TV connected to iPad Pro through an HDMI port
  • An internet connection of an average speed of 15Mbps or higher
  • Setting the streaming content quality to high


A person using Ipad in their working room

Technology requires a brand to be the most innovative sector to stand out. Something new is discovered every day, and the brands have to keep up to be marketable.

Higher dynamic range is one of the best things that has taken place. That is why Apple has incorporated these features into its devices.

Users enjoy viewing the content in HDR format and do not mind spending more to get iPad devices with this feature. 

The incorporation of HDR on the new iPad pro and older devices displays the ability of Apple to do more. Hopefully, there will be considerable improvements to the entire viewing experience with the upcoming updates.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.