How to Watch YouTube TV & Netflix on Your Peloton Directly

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What To Know

  • Watching Netflix and YouTube on a Peloton requires enabling Developer Mode and connecting your laptop to the Peloton screen.
  • Enabling Developer Mode won’t void your Peloton warranty, but only download apps from trusted sources to ensure safety.
  • Peloton is beta testing integration with streaming services like YouTube TV, Netflix, HBO Max, and DisneyPlus, enhancing exercise sessions with more entertainment options.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to access Netflix, YouTube, and more on your Peloton bike, treadmill, and rower by utilizing Developer Mode. 

I’ve included a YouTube video detailing each step, allowing you to easily follow along.

Let’s get started!

Excitingly, Peloton is actively responding to user feedback by beta testing integration with several popular streaming services, including YouTube TV, Netflix, HBO Max, and DisneyPlus. 

This development promises to significantly enrich the Peloton user experience by offering more entertainment options during exercise sessions.

Why Doesn’t Peloton Come with Built-In Apps?

young girl watching the smart screen of her stationary bike during workout in her home

Peloton may not come with built-in apps to force you to pay for their membership. 

One great thing about Peloton is their paid membership which gives you access to countless cycling videos hosted by certified Peloton instructors. You can watch these videos live, simulating an in-person class, on pre-recorded if you want to go at your own pace. 

However, there are countless free cycling class videos online that are very similar to the ones Peloton members pay for. 

So, one theory is that Peloton doesn’t want users accessing apps like YouTube because they want them to continue paying the monthly subscription fee. 

Additionally, Peloton’s tablet was not designed to handle streaming apps. So, there’s also the risk that users could damage the software by doing this and Peloton does not want to be responsible for any software malfunctions. 

How To Watch TV, Netflix, and YouTube on Your Peloton Screen?

You can watch content on your Peloton screen by enabling Developer Mode.

We won’t sugarcoat it: watching streaming apps on your Peloton screen requires a somewhat complex process. 

You will need to enable Developer Mode which will allow you to connect your laptop to the screen, where you can then download SDK Platforms tools and insert commands into your laptop’s terminal app. 

You must connect your Peloton screen to your laptop via its port. Peloton+ screens have a USB-C port, while standard Peloton screens have a micro-USB port. 

Instead of using a standard charging cable to connect both devices, you will need a data cable, which will transmit information from your laptop to your Peloton screen.  

Data Cables for Peloton+ 

Data Cables for Peloton 

It’s a lengthy process, but if you’ve been itching to get Netflix on your Peloton, it’s definitely worth it. The end result will be a Netflix app on your Peloton screen that you can open, browse, and play videos from. 

To see written instructions on how to download Netflix and other streaming apps on your Peloton screen, check out SlashGear’s article How To Watch Netflix On Your Peloton.

You can also watch the video below demonstrating the process from start to finish using a MacBook. 

Note: You can do this same process on Windows laptops using Windows Powershell, which is similar to your Macbook’s terminal app. 

How to WATCH NETFLIX on Peloton + More! (step-by-step guide)

Peloton Entertainment Streaming

Peloton has officially announced a partnership with YouTube TV, allowing Peloton subscribers who also have a YouTube TV subscription to access live sports, TV shows, and movies directly on their devices. 

Additionally, Peloton is beta-testing the integration of Netflix, HBO Max, and DisneyPlus on the Peloton tablet. 

It’s important to note that access to YouTube TV and other streaming services is currently exclusive to users with Peloton’s Bike(+), Tread(+), or Row equipment.

Currently, Peloton Entertainment is in its beta phase, and users have reported a recurring inconvenience: the necessity to re-enter their streaming service credentials each time they access the Entertainment tab.

A Flexible Approach For You

For those interested in Peloton’s extensive range of exercise classes but occasionally prefer to pedal while watching the news or enjoying other entertainment, there’s a straightforward strategy. 

Consider opting for more affordable exercise equipment and use a device like an iPad or smartphone as your class display. This setup not only saves money but also allows you to seamlessly toggle between the Peloton app and any other entertainment apps of your choice.

Peloton’s classes can now be accessed directly on your smartphone or tablet with a subscription. You just simply download the Peloton app and log in with your account. 

Additionally, classes are available through Peloton’s official website.

The Peloton online class from their website

Also, when you buy Peloton equipment with its built-in tablet, remember you’ll need a subscription to use all the classes and features Peloton offers.

Is It Safe to Enable Developer Mode and Install Unauthorized Applications on My Peloton Bike?

woman doing her home cycling workout and clicking on the bike's touchscreen

Yes, enabling Developer Mode on your Peloton bike is safe. 

Installing unauthorized applications on your Peloton bike via Developer Mode should be safe as long as you’re mindful of which applications you use. 

Please only download and install applications from reputable sources, like which only uploads verified files that are checked for malicious code and malware. 

Do not download just any file that claims to be Netflix or YouTube for Pelotons. You could download a virus, giving a hacker access to your Peloton and its camera to spy on you. 

Will Enabling Developer Mode Void My Warranty? 

No, enabling Developer Mode will not void your warranty.

Peloton’s warranty policy specifically states that they do not guarantee your Peloton’s software will work flawlessly. This means that they are stating they are not responsible for any software malfunctions. 

The good news is that this means enabling Developer Mode will not void your warranty, meaning they may still cover the cost of repair if a piece of the hardware breaks if your warranty hasn’t expired yet. 

The bad news is they won’t fix any software issues for free, so you must pay for any repairs or replacements out of pocket. 

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  1. Nice article! I got to thinking about this when Peloton released its app for $129/year. I now pay $45/month for a subscription to Peloton on my Peloton bike. I wondered if I could buy the app and stream it to the peloton bike’s monitor. Sounds like I can. Saves a lot of money.

    1. @Brandi, that’s how I do it, though there are no metrics on-screen. You can either use the Peloton app or the website, though be careful of running out of memory. I did and had to delete the app so now using the site via Chrome. Worth the $30/month savings. @Gary

  2. I keep getting unauthorized message on terminal when connecting. Then peloton has a message that an ap is blocking the debugging

  3. @ Yasin, I have an original peleton. I got stuck when my macbook wouldn’t recognize the peleton via the USB-C / Mirco-USB cable connection.

    Any ideas?

  4. Thanks so much for the instructions! It worked great, although I did find that it only works with a paid account. I hope the apps will stay usable when the account terminates.

    I found Netflix to be the best, as the version I found has an overlay with the cycling data in it, so I can at least see my cadence/resistance/etc while cycling. For the others, I have to split the screen which is a bit awkward as I can’t see the cycling data unless I set aside roughly half the screen for that.

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