Take, Pack, and Fly: The Guide to Maximum TV Size for International & Domestic Airplanes

A couple carrying a box of TV to their car

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What To Know

  • Most airlines allow TVs up to 55 inches as checked baggage with varying regulations and fees.
  • Packing the TV in its original packaging or a specialized TV moving box ensures better safety during transport.
  • Always consult the airline’s official guidelines or call them directly for specific requirements and fees before traveling with a TV.

Thinking of taking your TV on an international or domestic flight? From moving homes to special gifts, we’ve got you covered on how big is too big and what the airlines say. Let’s find out together!

Can You Take a TV on a Plane?

A couple carrying a TV

Yes, you can take a TV on a plane.

Although it is possible to take a TV on a plane, it depends on how big the TV is.

Let’s look at the general guidelines for taking different-sized TVs on a plane.

32-Inch TVs

Most airlines and airports will allow you to take a 32-inch TV on a plane.

Because it’s fairly small, you shouldn’t encounter any problems traveling with your 32-inch TV, but make sure the TV is packaged according to the airport’s regulations.

Also, keep the receipt or warranty policy handy, if possible.

55-Inch TVs

Most airlines and airports will let you take a 55-inch TV on a plane, but it must be checked, and you will likely have to pay an additional fee.

Once again, the TV must be correctly packaged.

65-Inch TVs

It’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to take a 65-inch TV on a plane.

Airlines and airports will probably ask you to leave the TV behind as it’s too large to be transported and handled.

Additionally, the TV’s packaging will make the unit appear even larger and make it more difficult to carry and load on and off the plane.

Can I Take a TV As Checked Baggage?

Checked Baggage on plane

Every airline has rules regarding passengers taking TVs as checked baggage.

Whenever you’re considering taking a TV on a plane as checked luggage, you must check the airline’s regulations.

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you.


Volaris Plane

You can take a TV as checked baggage on a Volaris flight as long as you paid for a Regular Fare ticket.

Your TV must weigh less than 55 pounds and be smaller than 62 inches (measured by adding the height, width, and length).

So, you need to package your TV before carefully measuring and weighing it.


Delta Plane

Delta allows you to travel with your TV as checked baggage, but additional fees and regulations may apply.

Delta considers TVs to be “Fragile/Bulky Items,” and they ask that you contact Reservations for details on traveling with your TV.

When you call them, provide your TV’s length, width, height, and weight.

They will tell you if you can travel with your TV and other precautions you may need to take.


Spirit Airlines Plane

You can bring a TV as checked luggage on a Spirit flight, though if it is larger than 62 inches and heavier than 40 pounds, you will likely have to pay additional fees.

We recommend calling Spirit Airlines before your flight to make sure you can bring your TV onboard and plan how much you’ll need to pay.

American Airlines

American Airlines Plane

You can bring a TV on American Airlines with your normal ticket, though it must be 62 inches or under and no more than 50 pounds. But, business and first-class passengers may check a 70-pound bag.

If your TV is larger, you will need to pay oversized and overweight fees.

Note that some travel destinations do not allow for oversized or overweight bags, so check the American Airlines regulations before your flight.

You can also call American Airlines Reservations to speak to a representative.


Southwest Plane

Southwest accepts TVs as checked luggage, though they make it clear they will not pay for any damages should the TV be broken during transport.

If your TV is larger than 62 inches and 50 pounds, you will need to pay extra to have it checked.


JetBlue Plane

You can check your TV on JetBlue flights, but it must be in its original and sealed packaging.

Similar to other airlines, you will be fined an overweight or oversized fee if your TV is bigger than 62 inches and 50 pounds.

JetBlue also states that they take no responsibility should your TV break during transit.

What Is the Maximum Size of TV Allowed in a Flight?

55-inch TV carried by a man

Most airlines will not check a TV larger than 55-inches.

Although every airline and airport is different, you will find that most will not accept a TV any bigger than 55 inches.

With that said, there are many exceptions to this rule. The exceptions depend on whether your flight is domestic or international, whether you’re willing to pay an oversized or overweight fee, and how you’ve packaged the TV.

It’s also important to consider that large TVs are harder to handle, so they’re at a higher risk of breaking. Most of the time, the airline will not compensate you for a cracked or otherwise broken TV.

How Should I Pack My TV for the Plane?

A man repack a TV

It’s best to pack your TV in its original packaging.

When packing your TV for the plane, it’s recommended to pack it in its original packaging.

This will help keep your TV safe since the foam and box are sturdier than other packing materials and are designed to fit your TV perfectly.

Packing your TV in its original packaging will also identify it as a fragile item to the airport staff. 

If you don’t have your TV’s original box, we recommend packing it in a TV moving box, like this 37-inch Bankers Box , which is the perfect size for a 32-inch TV.

Make sure to pad the TV with foam, bubble wrap, or other soft materials.

Label the box clearly and add a few fragile stickers  for extra assurance.

Call the airline ahead of time to ask if they require any other identifiers or packaging when traveling with your TV.

Wrapping Things Up

A couple carrying a box of TV

Taking a TV on a plane can seem challenging, but with a little planning (and maybe an extra fee or two), you can ensure your traveling experience goes smoothly.

The key is always to call the airline with any questions or consult their official website.

Mindfully pack your TV so that it’s drop and bump-proof, and clearly label it so that the airport staff knows it is delicate.

Consider that the cost of traveling with a TV could exceed the TV’s value. So, do your math ahead of time and make an informed decision if taking a TV on a plane is the right choice for you.

What’s your experience taking a TV on a plane? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I would like to report a horrifying incident that took place at Paderborn airport during my boarding. During my check in at PB airport on , I wanted to check-in my baggage which is a television set 65 inches. I had checked the website and it mentions about the excess payment to be done for oversized and/or overweighing baggage. The check in staff refused to take in my baggage, saying that the excess baggage has to be pre-booked which is never mentioned in your website. I repeatedly told her that I am ready to pay for the extra volume/weight of the baggage, however she was indifferent. It was 4’ clock in the morning and I had to call back the taxi and request the driver to take the TV set back to my hotel where I stayed during my tour. It cost me €200/- (100 euros each side). It was a terror experience!!!

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