How Far Apart Are Samsung TV Legs? A Guide for 32 to 85-Inch Screens

Samsung TV standing on the table stand

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What To Know

  • The distance between Samsung TV legs varies by screen size and model.
  • Samsung TV legs are not adjustable in width, ensuring optimal stability and safety.
  • Correct leg width ensures stability, while wrong proportions can lead to wobbling or improper fit on stands.

Curious about how far apart the legs of a Samsung TV are?

As TVs evolved from their broad bases to sleeker designs, the positioning of their legs became crucial for stability.

Whether you’re planning your setup or just exploring, understanding this leg spacing is key.

Let’s dive in to discover the measurements and the significance behind them.

How Wide Are the Legs on a Samsung TV?

Samsung QLED 8K TV with legs on display

The distance between the legs on a Samsung TV will vary based on the screen size and model. Some may use flat bases instead. 

Regardless, here is a table listing the width between the legs on Samsung TVs of different sizes:

Samsung TV Screen Size (In Inches) Width Between the Legs
32 29.3
40 36.3
43 26.7
49 34
50 36.8
55 38.7
60 39.25
65 44.6
70 49.7
75 52.4
82 61 & 49
85 70

Note: The above measurements are not completely exact as they are subject to change depending on the model. Even TVs of the same size could have width variations if the models differ.

Can Samsung TV Legs Be Adjusted for Width?

No, you cannot alter the width between the legs of your Samsung TV. The TV has fixed slots to accommodate the feet, which you cannot move sideways.

Samsung or other TV manufacturers do not let users experiment with the foot spacing since the legs need to be a specific distance away or close based on the TV size.

The legs cannot fall out of that range to not compromise the device’s stability and prevent physical damage.

The Significance of the Right Leg Width on Your Samsung TV

The feet on your Samsung TV are critical to the stability of the device. If the proportions are wrong, even by a few millimeters, the TV could wobble or may not stay put.

The stability issue will usually arise if the feet are too close to each other for the TV’s size. For instance, the ideal feet distance for a 75-inch Samsung TV is around 53 inches.

If the width is reduced to 45 inches, suitable for a 65-inch TV, the TV will shake or hold its ground precariously.

On the other hand, if the feet are too away from each other, the TV won’t fit on a compact shelf or stand.

The TV size and the width between your Samsung TV legs also determine how large or small the TV stand or cabinet must be.


Usually, people don’t pay much attention to the space between their Samsung TV’s feet or the component’s quality. They overlook the spacing and positioning, not realizing the science behind the same.  

To the naked eye, it’s easy to decipher why the feet are not placed at the very corners or right in the middle, under the panel. It’s the law of physics.

But then just ensuring the legs are not near the center or at the two extremes is also not how it’s done. The TV’s size, weight, thickness, etc., must be considered before determining the right place for the feet.

We believe now you know why your Samsung TV’s feet are not spaced uniformly across the various TV sizes.

And because your Samsung TV’s feet are critical to the device’s positioning and stability, don’t fiddle with them too much. If the thin, splaying legs are an eyesore, remove the feet and mount the TV instead.

Or, get a Samsung TV with a flat base or thick slab as a stand, like this Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV . And no prizes for guessing, the particular TV base is removable/replaceable too.

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