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Can I Get 144Hz With USB-C? (165Hz, 240Hz Answered)

Can I Get 144Hz With USB-C? (165Hz, 240Hz Answered)

Most devices these days come with a USB Type-C port, also called a USB-C port. It doubles as a power port and a data port, reducing the need for multiple wires to do separate tasks. 

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is a consortium created by various companies that developed the Universal Serial Bus technology and are in charge of its development and adoption.

You will find USB Type-C on laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, computers, monitors, and other consumer electronic products. 

However, despite the wide adoption of USB Type-C, it still has some drawbacks, especially when you’re using it to connect a monitor to your laptop. 

If you’re not using the right cable type, you might not get the image quality you desire, or worse, it’s not going to work at all.

Can I get 144Hz with USB-C?

Yes, it is possible to get a 144Hz refresh rate using a USB-C cable.

However, it should be noted that the cable should not have two USB-C ends. Cables with one HDMI plug and one USB Type-C end are able to deliver higher refresh rates.

a USB C to HDMI cable

A USB Type-C cable has a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, but if you use a cable with an HDMI Alt Mode extension, you can utilize your display device’s refresh rate of 144Hz or higher. These Alt Mode cables have a USB Type-C plug on one end and the other end is an HDMI plug.

Connecting an HDMI over USB Type-C from a tablet to a 4K TV supports 4K resolution. This type of cable also allows various types of signal transmissions: ARC, 3D, HDMI Ethernet Channel, and surround sound. 

The function of HDMI over USB Type-C cables varies depending on the manufacturer as they can add or reduce functionality.

As for the refresh rate, version 1.4b only delivers 24Hz, 25Hz, and 30Hz, while version 2 supports 30Hz, 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz.

USB-C With 144Hz

1. CABLEDECONN USB-C to DisplayPort

CABLEDECONN USB-C to DisplayPort 8K Cable 7680x4320 [email protected] [email protected] HDTV Adapter 2m Compatible with New MacBook 2019 2020 Dell XPS (2M)
  • USB-C Type C to Displayport Cable connects your USB Type-C device such as a MacBook or ChromeBook to...
  • 8K UHD DISPLAYPORT Video Resolution Support for Ultra High Definition Resolutions up to...
  • USB C to DP cable converter supports the newest computers with Thunderbolt 3(Type-c) ports; widely...

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The USB-C to DisplayPort cable from CABLEDECONN features a USB-C on one end and a DisplayPort 1.4 on the other end. It can support 8K (7680×4320) at 60Hz or 4K (3840×2160) at a 144Hz refresh rate. You can choose cable lengths from 3.3, 6.6, and 9.9 foot variants.

This cable is not bi-directional. It only connects a USB-C device to a DisplayPort monitor or TV, not the other way around.

It is compatible with MacBook, Chromebook, and other laptops and tablets that support DP Alternate Mode. This feature allows a USB-C device to directly connect to a DisplayPort monitor. If the device does not support DP Alternate Mode, the monitor will not display anything.

2. CableCreation USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

CableCreation 8K USB C to DisplayPort 1.4 Cable 6FT ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], HDR), Type-C (Thunderbolt 3/4) to DP Cable 32.4Gbps Compatible for...
  • 【8K UHD USB-C to DisplayPort Cable】- Connects phone/laptop/tablet/desktop with a USB C port to...
  • 【USB C to DisplayPort 1.4 High Refresh Rate】- With 32.4Gbps bandwidth, max 8K resolution 60Hz...
  • 【Wide Compatibility】 - The Thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort cable is compatible with MacBook Pro...

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CableCreation’s USB-C to DisplayPort Cable has a 32.4 Gbps bandwidth with a maximum resolution of 8K at a refresh rate of 60Hz. It also supports 4K resolution at a refresh rate of 144Hz and 120Hz, and 2K resolution with a refresh rate of 240Hz. 

For this cable to work, your host device, which means your laptop or tablet, should support DP Alternate Mode. This cable is plug-and-play and does not need any software to be installed.

3. Maxonar USB-C to DisplayPort

USB C to DisplayPort, Maxonar 8K 60Hz Type-C to DP Cable 4FT/1.2M (4K 60Hz 144Hz 120Hz 2K 240Hz) 32.4Gbps 1.4 HBR3 Alt Mode Video Adapter for MacBook...
  • 【8K 60Hz Ultimate High Speed & Refresh Rate Supported】:Gamer-best refresh-rate ([email protected],...
  • 【 Advanced Material 】: High-quality nylon braided jacket, The slim and lighter zinc alloy...
  • 【VESA Certified & Bandwidth up to 32.4 Gbps】: DP 1.4 is best for your gaming screen or graphic...

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This USB-C to DisplayPort cable from Maxonar features a 1.4 DisplayPort on one end that is capable of transmitting 8K resolution at 60Hz and 30Hz. 

It also supports 5K resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution at 120Hz, 144Hz, 90Hz, and 60Hz refresh rates, and 2K resolution with 240Hz and 200Hz refresh rates.

The plugs are plated in 24K gold for stable and faster signal transmission. The ends are encased in a one-piece zinc alloy shell that is resistant to corrosion and deformation.

To use this Maxonar cable, you need a host device that supports DP Alternate Mode. You plug the USB-C end on your host device, which can be a laptop, tablet, or phone, then the DisplayPort end connects to your monitor or projector. 

The cable is available in numerous lengths, starting from 4 feet all the way to 10.

Can USB-C Do 2K at 144Hz?

Another way to get a higher refresh rate using USB-C is with a lower resolution.

Instead of using 4K, dropping to 2k resolution affords you a higher refresh rate of 144Hz instead of 60Hz. 

It should be noted that these cables are not USB-C to USB-C.

These are either USB-C to DisplayPort or USB-C to HDMI.

USB-C with 2K Resolution at 144Hz

1. WARRKY USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

USB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K 60Hz, 2K 144/165Hz) 6ft WARRKY [Anti-interference Gold-plated Plug] Thunderbolt 3/4 to Display Port Cord Compatible...
  • 【4K UHD for Actual Pro】Plug and play to enjoy [email protected] (3840*2160) videos with full sound...
  • 【Super Smooth for Gameplay】Support refreshes rates up to [email protected]/144Hz (2560*1440) and...
  • 【Top-Notch Quality & Design】 Gold-plated connector and tin-plated copper wire minimize signal...

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This USB-C to DisplayPort cable from WARRKY is capable of transmitting 4K images at 60Hz. It also supports a 2K resolution at a refresh rate of 144Hz and 165Hz, and 1080p at 240Hz. This cable is available in three lengths: 3.3, 6, and 10 feet. 

This cable requires the source host to be DP Alternate Mode compliant for it to transmit video. 

It has gold-plated plugs and uses thick copper wires to prevent signal interruption. The plug housing is made of aluminum which prevents overheating.

2. Silkland USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

Silkland USB C to DisplayPort Cable 6ft, [email protected] Type C to DP for [email protected]/165Hz Gaming, (Thunderbolt 3/4) Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air 2021, iPad...
  • ✅[Compatible VESA DP standard] Silkland (VESA Member) USB C to DisplayPort cable with resolutions...
  • ✅[Upgrade your Workstation] Designed for Windows 10, macOS and Android. Support DeX Mode for...
  • ✅[Durable and Secure Design] Just plug and play. No need for dongle, no adapter, driver, software...

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Silkland’s USB-C to DisplayPort cable supports image transmission at 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. It also transmits 2K resolution with refresh rates of 165Hz and 144Hz. It is available in three and six foot variants.

The device connected to the monitor should support DP Alternate Mode for this cable to work. This cable employs three-layer copper shielding that prevents screen flickering and signal loss.

3. CableCreation USB-C to HDMI Cable 

CableCreation USB C to HDMI Cable 6FT with HDR [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], USB Type C to HDMI Cable Thunderbolt 3 Compatible for MacBook Pro/Air,...
  • 【USBC to HDMI Cable for Home Office】- This USB C to HDMI Cord connects your...
  • 【Support High Refresh Rate and HDR Feature】- Video resolution up to [email protected], also support...
  • 【Wide Compatibility】- The Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI cable is compatible with MacBook Pro/Air M1...

Last update on 2022-12-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

If your monitor doesn’t have a DisplayPort, you can opt for CableCreation’s USB-C to HDMI cable. It supports resolutions of 4K at 60Hz, 2K at 144Hz, 120Hz, and 60Hz refresh rates, and 1080p at 144Hz refresh rate. The cable comes in two length options, 3.3 and 5 feet. 

It features gold-plated plugs with pure copper conductors for a secure connection and smooth image transitions. To achieve high-definition imagery, both the host device and the display monitor or TV should support HDR.


You can get a refresh rate of 144Hz using a USB-C cable. The only catch is that the other end of the cable has to be HDMI 3.1 or DisplayPort 1.4 or higher.

These cables are plug-and-play, which means you do not need to install any software for it to work. Just plug the USB-C end to the host device and the HDMI or DisplayPort end into a monitor or TV.

But these cables won’t work with all devices. If you’re using a USB-C to DisplayPort cable, make sure that the host device supports DP Alternate Mode. 

If you’re using USB-C to HDMI and you want the best picture quality, be sure the two devices you are connecting support HDR.

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