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Can an Apple TV Remote Turn On/Off a TV?

Can an Apple TV Remote Turn On/Off a TV?

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Your Apple TV remote isn’t only sleek and stylish, it also allows you to navigate your Apple TV seamlessly, and browse and select content. 

It’s intuitive to use, so you wish you didn’t have to switch back and forth between it and your TV remote. 

Can it be used to control your TV’s commands, like turning it on and off? How can you turn your TV on and off with an Apple TV remote? 

Keep reading to find out!

Can an Apple TV Remote Turn On/Off a TV?

Yes, the Apple TV Siri Remote can turn your TV on and off. 

man holding a black Apple TV Siri remote

The Apple Siri Remote (generation one and two) have infrared technology which allows them to control your TV’s commands, such as turning it off and on

The 1st Generation Apple TV Siri remote comes with Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. 

The 2nd Generation Apple TV Siri remote only comes with Apple TV 4K, but it also works with Apple TV HD with a tvOS of, at least, 14.5. 

Are you not sure which Apple TV remote you have? Check out Identify your Apple TV remote on the official Apple website. 

Not only can these remotes turn your TV on and off, but they can also control the volume!

How To Turn a TV On/Off With an Apple TV Remote?

Follow our guide to turn your TV on and off using an Apple TV Siri Remote. 

a new Apple TV box and its Siri remote

Now that you know if your Apple TV remote can turn a TV on and off, let’s learn how to do it! 

First, you must enable HDMI-CEC on Your TV. This feature may already be activated on your device, but it’s best to check to ensure the connection is established. 

Different TV brands will have their HDMI-CEC setting named differently. We suggest going to the Settings and keeping an eye out for features labeled “Net”, “Link”, or “Sync”. 

Toggle it on and go to your Apple TV’s home page by clicking the button marked by a TV icon. 

Open the Settings, then go to Remotes and Devices

Under Home Theater Control, click on Turn On Your TV with Your Remote and toggle it on. 

If this option is grayed out, then your TV does not support this feature. Many old TVs will not allow you to turn on your TV with your Apple TV Siri remote. 

While you’re there, go ahead and enable volume control, which will allow you to control your TV or projector’s volume with your Apple TV Siri remote. 

Now, touching any button on your Apple TV Siri remote will turn both your TV and Apple TV on. 

Watch the video below to learn how to make your Apple TV remote turn your TV on/off and control the volume. 

Apple TV Tips - Using the Siri Remote to Control Your TV

Why Won’t My Apple TV Remote Turn My TV On/Off?

There are a few reasons why your Apple TV cannot turn your TV on/off. 

Have you followed our steps above but are having trouble controlling your TV with your Apple TV remote?

Your TV’s commands could be unresponsive to the Apple TV remote for the following reasons

The Apple TV Remote is Not Charged

Apple TV Siri remotes must be regularly recharged. If you notice that your Apple TV Siri remote does not light up or your Apple TV is unresponsive to it, it may be time to charge it. 

Charge it for at least half an hour with a Lightning cable , the same cable you’d use to charge your iPhone. 

a Apple TV Siri remote with Lightning cable in blue background

Your TV Does Not Support This Feature

Although you can hook up an Apple TV to any TV with an HDMI port, not all TVs (particularly old TVs) will support this feature. 

In this case, we recommend keeping your TV’s original remote handy. 

You Need to Reset Your Apple TV Remote

You may need to reset your Apple TV remote.

To do this, push the TV button and Volume Minus (-) button simultaneously for five or more seconds, observing that the Apple TV light turns off, then on. 

close up view of Apple TV Siri remote

Remove your fingers from the buttons and wait until your TV displays a message reading, “Connection Lost”. 

Your remote will restart, and your TV will display a “Connected” message. 

See if your remote works as it should and you’re good to go! 

Wrapping Things Up

Your Apple TV remote can completely change your user experience for the better! 

If your TV is compatible, you can absolutely use an Apple TV Siri remote to power it on and off.

You will be able to turn your TV on by pressing any button on your Apple TV Siri remote. However, we recommend holding on to your TV remote, just in case. 

Remember to charge and reset your Apple TV remote, and check your TV’s compatibility if something is not working correctly. 

What are you waiting for? Your Apple TV experience just went from good to great! 

What’s your experience using an Apple TV remote to turn a TV on and off? Did you know that Apple TV remotes could control a TV’s power? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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