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How to Fix BenQ Projector Lamp Errors?

to fix Benq projector lamp errors

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Lamp errors are pretty common in BenQ projectors, and at times they are unforeseeable. They are often due to continuous and prolonged use of a bulb however, improper maintenance will most likely lead to the premature breakdown of your lamp. 

A projector lamp is crucial because it transfers images from a video source to a large surface. This means that it is impractical to use your device when the bulb is not working.

Lamp errors often lead a user to conclude that the projector’s life is coming to an end. The good news is that it is possible to fix a lamp error to the point of your device regaining its full functionality. 

This article gives a detailed insight into the proven tactics to solve lamp errors. 

Worry no more because the heavy lifting has already been done for you. You only have to read and try out some of the tricks in this piece.

What Kind of Lamp Errors Are You Likely To Encounter on a BenQ Projector?

Benq projector lamp error

Most projector lamp-related issues are either low brightness or the failure to work completely.

When you read through the BenQ Projector User Manual, you will find that the manufacturer recommends you change your lamp after using it for 1900 hours. After the recommended hours, the brightness and quality of the output will keep degrading as you continue using it. 

This means it’s typical for projector lamps to degenerate; thus, a dim or unresponsive lamp should not be a cause to worry. 

How will you know your lamp is defective? 

When no picture or light is emitted from the projector when it’s running, this often points to overheating as a result of poor ventilation. 

In some cases, lamp problems are perceived through a loud pop sound followed by the disappearance of a video or image cast by the projector. This occurrence is quite rare, but it’s important that you know about it. It often points to a blown-up lamp. 

What Causes BenQ Projectors’ Lamp Errors?

cause of projector lamp error

You already know that your lamp can only serve you for a limited time. That right there is one reason why your lamp could be showing an error. There are, however,  other issues that may prompt lamp errors. 

One is excessive use of the device. A bulb could die out before its time when it’s overused. For instance, it may get subjected to an excessive temperature. High temperature causes a lamp to explode because it can’t withstand the heat from the device. 

Additionally, if you are fond of touching the bulb with your fingers, it can become oily. The oily layer could make it defective if not cleaned properly. Check for oily marks on the lamp whenever your lamp seems to recede in brightness. 

In case you already replaced your lamp yet are still experiencing difficulties with the new one, it could be that you bought a low-grade or defective bulb. There are also certain instances where a replaced bulb may not display any picture because a user has failed to reset the lamp hours.

How to Troubleshoot Lamp Errors on Your Projector?

lamp failure

One great thing about BenQ projectors is that they have status messages that will alert you when the lamp replacement is due.

According to the User’s manual for models PB7200, PB7220, and PB7100, your projector should give you on-screen messages every time your lamp usage has diminished.

There will be a reminder immediately after 1900 hours of usage, and there will be another reminder after 1980 hours. The final warning kicks in at 2000 hours, after which your projector will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of usage. 

Image flickering is also an indicator of a faulty lamp. The flickering could be because of elements like extreme heat or cold.  In most cases, constant flickering is an indication that the lamp will soon stop working.

Color shifting is another sign you should be checking out for when troubleshooting lamp errors. BenQ video projectors have ultra-high image quality, and whenever the pictures displayed seem muddy or blurry, all is not well with your lamp.

It’s not normal when the display gets dim and skewed. Dimness points to a defective bulb. Although, it can also be caused by a dirty projector lens.

There are instances where you will receive no warning of an unresponsive lamp. Many users have complained of powering on their projectors and realizing that the lamps abruptly stopped working. 

Can You Fix a Malfunctioned Projector Lamp?

It’s time for you to learn how to resolve this snag without necessarily contacting a professional. 

While a replacement seems to be the most ideal fix to many lamp errors, other problems like dimmed light do not necessarily mean a bad bulb and therefore don’t need a replacement.

You may rush to change your bulb, yet the issue is due to burnt polarized plates or clogged air filters. So try cleaning the lens and the entire projector before deciding whether to replace the lamp.

1/ Cleaning the Projector

to clean a projector

Cleaning the convex lens on the projector is quite handy in fixing dimmed light projections.

What is a convex lens, and why should you clean it? 

It is a type of lens used in projectors, and it is responsible for the production of images through fixating light on a particular surface. 

The lens helps to enlarge a projected image and is delicate and crucial to your device. When you fail to clean this part, dust and other dirt accumulate on its surface, distorting the quality of projected images. 

For this reason, make it a habit to clean your lens time and again. 

So how do you go about it? 

  1. Unplug your device from its power source and let it cool off for at least 30 minutes. 
  2. Use a manual lens blower  to clean the lens. It is ill-advised to use a cleaning spray or lens cleaners that contain flammable gas. 
  3. You can gently wipe the lens using a lint-free cloth moistened in warm water. 
  4. After that, use a small soft-bristled brush to clean any leftover dirt. Ensure to move the brush in a circular motion. 
  5. Finish off by rubbing the lens with a clean, dry lint-free piece of clothing. The cloth should dry out any liquid or dust that may still be remaining on the lens. 

If this hack fails to work, move to the next. 

2/ Replacing the Lamp

PHO 5J.JHN05.001 Genuine Original Replacement Projector Bulb / Lamp for BenQ

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Most people assume that replacing a projector lamp is a complex process that should be left to professionals. Not really, no. It’s nothing technical when you exercise a little patience and follow the guideline you are about to read. 

  1. First off, you must buy a suitable replacement lamp for your BenQ projector
  2. Next, power off the device and let it cool off for 30 minutes before unplugging it from its power source. 
  3. Using a small-headed screw, loosen the screws securing the lamp’s cover.
  4. Unscrew the screws on the lamp housing, then carefully pull out the module.
  5. Take out the used lamp and set it aside. 
  6. Place the new lamp in position and tighten it so that there is no chance of it detaching from its housing and breaking. 
  7. Place the cover back and tighten the screws back in place.
  8. Plug your projector into a power source and reset the lamp hours before using it. If you skip this step, your lamp won’t display any pictures. 
  9. Make sure to use gloves, so you don’t leave the new bulb with oily marks. Also, if you bought a lamp that does not come with the housing, you should replace the bulb in the project lamp module. 

To reset the lamp hours, press and hold on to the “Exit” option for about 3 seconds or until the lamp hours are displayed on your screen. Go to the menu and look for the setup option where you can reset the hours to “00:00” by using the arrow buttons. 

When you are done, finish by pressing the “Exit” button. 

This fix should work for most people. If you find the steps a bit hard to follow, you may find the following video tutorial helpful. You can also choose to hire a specialist to help you, but this procedure can be done by anyone, really.  

How to Replace a Projector Lamp in Projector BENQ MP771

Can You Prevent the Malfunctioning of Your Projector Lamp? 

Technically, it’s impossible to prevent your lamp from bailing out on you. But it’s practicable to prolong a lamp’s usability through specific measures.

Setting Your Projector to the Economy Mode

Eco lamp mode Benq HT3550 with 5 lights on

Most BenQ projectors have an ECO mode which saves lamp power. Suppose you want to prolong the lifespan of your bulb, set your device to economy mode. It works by lowering the brightness of the images projected. 

Avoid the Rapid Booting of Your Projector

If you are fond of turning your projector on and off in quick succession, you are degrading your lamps: projector bulbs have mercury vapor that weakens when you do this. 

Ensure Your Device is Properly Ventilated

projector is properly ventilated

You shouldn’t place your project in a cluttered place: give it ample room to prevent cases of overheating. The lack of sufficient airflow leads to premature lamp failure. 

Clean your Projector

Cleaning Your Projector

Last but not least, don’t allow the lens and air filters to accumulate too much dust. Always give your device a proper cleaning to enhance its durability and serviceability. 


Almost every projector user encounters lamp errors. The cool thing is that 99% of the time, it is possible to fix this complication. 

With the tips we’ve shared, we are hopeful that you are now well equipped and prepared to fix the lamp errors. 

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