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Why Is HDR Dimmer?

Why Is HDR Dimmer?

A Higher Dynamic Range (HDR) is a set of imaging technologies and expertise. It is a range of light and dark tones in an image. It enables an increase the dynamic range of pictures and videos. HDR influences how the brightness and colors of videos and pictures are shown in the signal. It enables the display of more detailed and brighter highlights.

Moreover, it allows the representation of darker and more detailed shadows and a broader display of more intense colors. HDR enables compatible displays to get a more outstanding quality image source.

HDR displays have different capabilities, and therefore HDR content will look different depending on every display device.

Different factors cause HDR to be dimmer. When switching on HDR mode on television and screens, they default to their highest contrast and brightness level. Due to this, one cannot adjust the brightness causing the HDR to dim.

The black levels affect the HDR. It affects HDR because movies are made to be seen in a dark theater. Therefore, watching them in a lit room affects the brightness level.

Another reason is HDR failing, and it happens when the brands claim the screen or television is HDR. However, the screens fail to live up to their standard.

Why Does Enabling HDR Dim My Screen?

HDR refers to color range and contrast. Moreover, HDR increases contrast without over-showing the bright tones or under-showing the dark tones in a picture.

However, some manufacturers forget or deliberately do not make their screen or apps HDR compatible.

Therefore, it will cause them to look dimmer on HDR displays.

iMac gets dim in HDR Display

A possible solution in such instances is to ensure you run HDR apps on HDR displays.

Another issue entails playing the streaming HDR content. If you play HDR content via an HDR online stream like YouTube, you may experience dim or dull videos.

However, if you transfer the same content and watch it locally on the screen, the HDR content looks clear.

HDR means your content has a ten-bit display; however, there are many screens with an eight-bit display. The content might look dim if the screen has an 8-bit color depth and is HDR-capable.

How to Make HDR Brighter?

In a built-in HDR display like HDR-Capable laptops like Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR XB, the brightness setting affects HDR contents. Also, the HDR content brightness setting affects how the HDR content appears.

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Watching HDR content in a well-lit area can increase the brightness setting to better view the display. Although, this will decrease both the operative dynamic range for HDR content in apps and general contrast.

It happens since the darker pixels will look brighter. However, to increase the appearance of HDR content, view it in a darker place and apply a reasonably low brightness setting.

HDR monitor in a dark place

When the brightness is set to a low level, it affects the content. For instance, it increases the contrast between the brightest and darkest parts of the image or video.

However, a decrease in brightness reduces more minor details in the dimmer parts of the content.

HDR content brightness setting

1. Choose the Start button, then select settings

2. Select System and then display

If there is a connection between multiple displays on the PC, choose the HDR-capable display. After that, move the setting app window to the HDR display you are changing.

3. On display, choose Use HDR.

4. Under the HDR content brightness, drag the slider to the correct screen brightness to the level that you need.

How to make HDR brighter on a laptop with the battery saver on?

If the battery saver feature is turned on and your brightness suddenly changes, your screen brightness level might change on wake. You will need to change the brightness settings manually.

  1. Click on settings
  2. Choose system
  3. Select display
  4. Apply the Brightness and color slider to adjust the brightness.

adjust brightness of laptop with color slider

Fixing laptops with “Do Nothing” when closing the lid

You may encounter lower brightness issues if you have set the DO Nothing option when closing the laptop lid. The built-in HDR screen may display lower brightness, whereas the brightness setting is still the same.

To sort the issue, one needs to set a different alternative for closing the lid.

  1. Select the Setting and open it
  2. Select System
  3. Click on Power and sleep
  4. In the Related setting section, choose the Additional power option
  5. Select the option displaying that is Choose what closing the lid does
  6. Select another option from the displaying menu
  7. Click the save changes button

At the end of this, the brightness will remain the same even after closing the lid.

Fixing laptops with “Do Nothing” when closing the lid

Lower brightness after the change of power from DC to AC

The luminance can be lower and dim when changing from battery to outlet power on an HDR display.

To increase the brightness, one can:

  1. Click open the settings
  2. Select System
  3. Click on Display
  4. Use Brightness and color slider to increase the brightness on your screen.

adjust brightness of laptop with color slider

Frequently Asked Questions

How to resolve HDR color not showing properly?

When using an HDR display, one may experience problems with the color display. If you face color problems with an external monitor, check your computer for the latest graphics driver installation.

It is advisable to use a DisplayPort to connect an HDR monitor instead of using an HDMI port. You can resolve the color issues by:

  1. Click open the settings
  2. Select Systems
  3. Select Display
  4. Click the Advanced Display setting option
  5. Select the Display adapter properties option
  6. Click the Monitor tab
  7. Use the screen refresh rate, drop-down menu
  8. Select the Apply button
  9. Click Ok

The HDR display will show colors more accurately at the end of the steps above.

adjust screen refresh rate on laptop


HDR display shows the best quality content. However, several factors hinder its ability to perform well.

Before purchasing a screen supporting HDR, one must ensure that it has the necessary features. Some of the screens are advertised as HDR, but in reality, they are not.

In the case of a dimer screen, one can follow steps and procedures to resolve it. Most of the steps are not complicated. Therefore it should not be difficult to sort the issue.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.