How to Change Chromecast Name? 3 Effective Ways with Images

The TCL Google TV changing name with the Chromecast streaming devices in the left corner of the image

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How To Change Chromecast Name

  • For Chromecast Google TV, you can change its name directly on the device. Simply go to Settings > System > select About to change the name.
  • For all types of Chromecast, to set the name must be via the Google Home app with the correct account.
  • Factory reset and making a new setup to set a new name for Chromecast is also possible.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to change the name of your Chromecast device, covering both Chromecast with Google TV and Chromecast without Google TV. 

I’ve personally tested these methods and can assure you that by following my instructions closely, you’ll be able to achieve the same results.

Let’s get started.

Via Chromecast with Google TV Settings

The easiest way to change the name of your Chromecast with Google TV is through the Settings menu. 

It’s a quick and straightforward process.

Here’s how to change the name of your Chromecast with Google TV:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings → System → About → Device Name.

The system from the settings on TCL Google TV

The TCL Google TV with the About from the settings

The Device name of the TCL TV is set to a PointerClickerChromecast

Step 2: Select Change. You can then enter any preferred name for your Chromecast with Google TV by scrolling down and choosing Enter Custom Name.

The TCL Google TV is setting name to change on TV

The Enter custom name feature on the TCL TV

The TCL Chromecast Google TV is changing name via the menu

Once you change the name of your Chromecast with Google TV on the device, the new name will also be updated automatically in the Google Home app to match the one you’ve set on your Chromecast.

Via Google Home App For All Chromecast Devices (with & without Google TV)

Chromecast HD and Chromecast with Google TV

Using the Google Home app to rename your Chromecast is efficient, but it’s crucial to be logged into the app with the account linked to your Chromecast

If you’re signed in with a different account, you won’t have the necessary access to change the Chromecast’s name.

To illustrate this point, I’ll use my own experience with a Chromecast Google TV and the Google Home app on my Samsung phone. 

I’ll present two scenarios: one with the correct account and another with a different account. 

With the correct account, full device management, including renaming, is possible.

The interface of the Chromecast Google Home app on Samsung phone

However, with a different account, the settings gear icon (necessary for renaming the device) doesn’t even appear.

The interface of the Google Home app with the user icon on Samsung phone

Here’s how to change your Chromecast’s name using the Google Home app:

Step 1: First, make sure you’re logged in with the correct account, as mentioned earlier.

Step 2: Navigate to the Devices tab in the Google Home app.

Step 3: Tap and hold on to the device whose name you want to change.

Step 4: Select the Gear icon → Device information.

The Chromecast interface when casting with the settings is highlighted

Step 5: Tap on the Device name, enter your preferred name, and click Save once you finish the naming process.

The Chromecast Google TV interface on Samsung phone with the Device name is highlighted

Changing name for Google Chromecast on Samsung smartphone

After completing these steps, the name of your Chromecast Google TV will be updated.

Via Chromecast Factory Reset

Sometimes, a fresh start is the best solution. By performing a factory reset on your Chromecast, you not only refresh its settings but also get the chance to assign a new name during the setup process.

Here’s how to factory reset your Chromecast:

Locate the reset button on your Chromecast. Press and hold this button until the light flashes orange fast. Once the light turns white, release the button to initiate the factory reset process.

A hand is holding the Chromecast with the factory reset button is highlighted

After completing the factory reset process, you’ll need to set up your Chromecast from scratch. During this setup process, you’ll reach a step where you can assign a new name to your Chromecast.

Here’s how to set up the Chromecast with a new name:

Step 1: Ensure the Chromecast is powered on and plugged into your TV.

Step 2: Download and open the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet (Android & iOS).

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions in the Google Home app. When you reach the step for setting the name of your Chromecast, scroll down and select Add a Custom Room.

The TCL Google TV asking to download the Google Home app

The add a custom room setting on Google Home app from Samsung phone

Step 4: Enter your preferred name for the Chromecast and select Continue.

Step 5: Complete the rest of the setup process. Once finished, your Chromecast will be named as you specified.


Changing the name of your Chromecast, whether it’s a standard version or one with Google TV, is a straightforward process. 

You can choose from three effective methods: using the Google Home app for a quick edit, changing settings directly on your Google TV, or opting for a factory reset for a fresh start. 

Each method offers a reliable way to personalize your Chromecast, enhancing your user experience and making device management more intuitive. 

Remember, the right method depends on your specific needs and the type of Chromecast you own. 

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily rename your Chromecast, ensuring it reflects your personal style or fits seamlessly into your home network.

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