How to Get Rid of White Dots on Your Projector Screen

white dots appear on a projector screen

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What To Know

  • White dots may be caused by the content itself, like a faulty movie file, rather than the projector. Test with different videos or images to confirm the source of the issue.
  • Dust inside the projector can cause white dots; carefully clean its internal parts. If the issue persists, consider cleaning or replacing the microdisplay device components (DMD Chip, LCD, or LCoS Panels).
  • Overheating can lead to stuck pixels; ensure the effective cooling of the projector. If problems continue, contact the manufacturer for professional support or potential warranty service.

Experiencing white dots on your projector screen can be frustrating, whether they’re interfering with your movie night or an important presentation.

This guide will dive into simple yet effective solutions for tackling these pesky white spots, from checking your projector’s internal cleanliness to addressing potential overheating issues.

Dead Pixel vs. White Dots

dead pixels vs. white dots

Most lamp projectors operate using microdisplay technologies such as LCD/LCoS panels or DMD chips.

These microdisplay units are equipped with numerous micromirrors, each acting as a pixel, crucial for image formation.

Normally, a pixel alternates between an ‘on’ position, reflecting colored light to create images, and an ‘off’ position, deflecting light to produce dark or grey tones.

A dead pixel, no longer able to reflect light, appears as a constant black dot on the screen. Conversely, a white pixel or dot indicates a stuck pixel, perpetually in the ‘on’ position, leading to a bright, static spot.

Since all pixel types (dead, white, or normal) originate from the projector’s microdisplay component, remedies for dead pixels often resolve issues with white dots.

1. The Movie You’re Watching Is Faulty

Sometimes, white dots on your screen might be due to the movie itself, not the projector. For instance, a Reddit user once noticed white dots on their projector screen that turned out to be caused by the movie Army of the Dead, not the projector.

white dots appear on a projector screen while watch army of the dead

To verify the problem’s cause, test your projector with different black images or videos to see if the white dots are inherent to your device, and not the movies or shows.

2. Your Projector Is Dusty

dust accumulated on a benq projector

If your projector has seen extensive use, like any household equipment, it may require a thorough dust cleaning.

However, since it’s related to the pixel level of the projector, you will need to disassemble it to clean the internal parts.

One user removed a screw, exposed the interior, and used a hairdryer in full cold mode for five minutes to expel the dust, successfully eliminating the white dots.

Note: Do not try this method if your hair dryer doesn’t have a cold mode, as the hot mode will damage your projector’s internal components.

If an initial cleaning doesn’t remove the white dots, a more advanced cleaning process might be needed, involving nearly full disassembly of your projector.

Proceed to the next section to learn how to clean the right parts in three types of projectors.

3. The Microdisplay Device of Your Projector Is Faulty (DMD Chip, LCD or LCoS Panels)

As stated earlier, solutions for black dots (or dead pixels) are also applicable to white dots.

We have a comprehensive article with detailed step-by-step guides and demonstration images for fixing dead pixels, useful for addressing the white-dot issue.

Here are the two key solutions discussed in the article:

  1. Clean the DMD Chip or Replace It If Needed
  2. Clean the LCD or LCoS Panels or Replace Them If Needed

a hand cleaning the dmd chip & lcd panel of projectors

4. Your Projector Is Overheating

The DMD chip inside your projector is equipped with a heatsink at its rear, aiding in cooling the DMD element during operation, converting heat to air or fluid.

Inefficient cooling may lead to the micromirrors in the DMD chip failing to flip correctly, causing stuck pixels to appear on the screen.

heatsink attached to the dmd chip of a dlp projector

Fortunately, our article here details up to six methods to keep your projector cool, helping prevent future issues with dead or stuck pixels.

5. Contact the Manufacturer

If none of the suggested solutions work, your next step is to contact the manufacturer, particularly if the projector is still under warranty.

Companies like BenQ, Optoma, Epson, etc., have multiple modes of communication open through which customers can reach out for help.

If you have a BenQ projector, talk to the support team at 1-888-512-2367. Alternatively, email them at [email protected] or use their Contact Us page to drop them a message.

For Epson users, call 562-276-4394. The lines are open Monday to Friday between 7 AM and 4 PM PT (Pacific Time). 

To write to Epson Support, click here. Enter your projector model number. Scroll down to access the Contact Us tab and click the Email Us option.

If you use an Optoma unit, contact their customer support team at 510-897-8600 or 1-888-289-6786 from 6 AM to 5 PM PT (Pacific Time). Or you can write them a message here.

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