200 Spotify Playlist Names: Your Personal Soundtrack Awaits

200 spotify names for your inspo

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Ready to set the tone for your Spotify playlists but can’t quite find the perfect name?

Welcome to “200 Spotify Names Ideas” where we explore the art of curating the ultimate playlist name that echoes your unique taste in music! 

Whether you’re a vintage soul, a pop fanatic, or a rap enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. 

Each playlist name is designed not only to encapsulate the essence of your music selection but also to grab the attention of fellow Spotify users. 

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to dive into a diverse sea of catchy, intriguing, and imaginative playlist names that are sure to strike a chord.

Funny Spotify Playlist Names

20 Funny Playlist Name Ideas for Spotify

  1. A Playlist Made Specifically for My Last 2 Brain Cells
  2. Higher Than Snoop
  3. I Know What You Listen to in the Dark
  4. It’s YOU vs. DEADLINES
  5. Just Songs, IDK If You Like Them
  6. Let’s Have Existential Crisis Together
  7. Listen With Caution
  8. My Mum Said I Have ADHD but Look That’s a Plane!
  9. Only Weirdos Can Listen to This Music
  10. Pure Aggression
  11. Sanity Charger
  12. Songs I Listen to During Boring Classes
  13. Songs That Are Weirder Than Flying Cows
  14. Songs That Make Me Wish I Had a Beard and Was a Viking
  15. Songs That Make You Go ‘Weeeeee’
  16. Songs That Will Raise Suspicion From da Cops
  17. Songs To Play at Funeral
  18. Straight Down to the History Lane, Lads!
  19. When You Tell Mum a Joke but She Turns It Into a Lecture
  20. Who Needs Therapy When You Have This Playlist

Playlist Names For Chill Vibes

20 spotify playlist names for chill vibes - 200 spotify name ideas inside

  1. A Chill Playlist To Help You Cope With Boring Homework
  2. Barefoot and Naked Souls
  3. Barefoot on the Sand
  4. Classical Music for Studying
  5. Connected Vibes
  6. Daily Dose of Music for Your Daily Commute
  7. Forget the Hassle, Enjoy the Peace With Me
  8. Glad You Made It
  9. How Deep Can We Go?
  10. Inner Peace
  11. Just Breathe, My Child
  12. Long Drive Playlist
  13. Meditative Vibes
  14. Peace of Mind
  15. POV: You’re Driving Home After a Stressful Day of Work
  16. The Night Is Still Long, You Better Catch Some Sleep
  17. The Sun Is Setting, and We Are Sitting Together
  18. The Sun Will Once Again Rise and Shine
  19. Unwind Your Mind
  20. You Did Your Best, Loosen It Up a Bit

Aesthetic Playlist Names

20 aesthetic names for your spotify playlist names

  1. Aesthetically You
  2. Aurora Anthems
  3. Beautiful Chaos
  4. Beyond Time
  5. Blackout
  6. Blue Moon
  7. Ethereal Echoes
  8. First Love
  9. Follow The Current
  10. Harmony Haven
  11. Kiss While Your Lips Are Still Red
  12. Lonely Paradise
  13. Lunar Lullabies
  14. Marble Melodies
  15. Melancholic Melodies
  16. Misty Forest
  17. Soulful Symphonies
  18. Sunset Sonatas
  19. Twilight Tunes
  20. Violet Virtuosos

Playlist Names For Love/Couple/Him/Crush

20 spotify playlist names for lovebirds

  1. Are You Going To Kiss Me or What
  2. But Goddamn, You Got Me in Love Again
  3. He Fell First, but I Fell Harder
  4. How About We Slow Dance Together?
  5. I Caught Feelings
  6. I’m Not Good At Translating My Feelings Into English, So Here You Go
  7. I Should Be Studying, but You Are in My Mind
  8. Is It Hot In Here?
  9. I Think I Like Him and Maybe He Likes Me Too
  10. It’s Love… I Guess?
  11. It’s You I Have Been Searching For
  12. I Want a Studio Ghibli Kinda Love
  13. I Will Choose You Every Time
  14. La Vie En Rose
  15. POV: You’re in Love
  16. Strangers to Friends to Lovers?
  17. Tell Me We Weren’t Just Friends
  18. Time Kinda Stops Whenever You’re Near
  19. To Love and To Be Loved
  20. Unsent Love Letters20 spotify playlist names for him

Playlist Names For Friends

20 spotify playlist names for friends

  1. Existential Crisis Babyyyyyy
  2. Feelin’ Like a Gangsta
  3. Get In, Loser
  4. I Am the Main Character
  5. I’m on My 5th Shot
  6. Mental Breakdown at 3 A.M
  7. My Music Taste Is Better, Here’s Why
  8. Platonic Soulmates
  9. Random Songs That Slap Harder Than Will Smith
  10. Relax I’m Just StuDYING INSIDE
  11. Serotonin Playlist
  12. Shut Up, I’m in My Feels
  13. Sometimes, Delulu Is the Solulu
  14. Songs That Encourage Me To Skip School, Wanna Join?
  15. Therapy Session
  16. For When You’re Feeling Like A Boss A$$ B*tch
  17. This Is What Friendship Feels Like
  18. Was I Supposed To Count My Drink?
  19. Yesssirrrr
  20. “You’ll Be Okay” Bruh When

Playlist Names For Happy Moments

20 spotify playlist name ideas for happy moments

  1. Happy VIbes, Happy Life
  2. Don’t Worry, Be Happy
  3. It Is What It Is
  4. Can I Get An Amen?
  5. Good Vibes Only
  6. The Happy Mix
  7. Hey, I like your smile
  8. It’s A Great Day To Be Alive
  9. God’s Gift
  10. Life is too short to be sad
  11. Music On, Sadness Off
  12. Why So Serious?
  13. Lemme share some good vibes!
  14. Manifesting Good Grades To Make My Ma Proud 🙂
  16. Songs To Vibe To In Da Morning
  17. My Head’s In The Cloud Again
  18. Shower Concert Time
  19. Today Was A Fairytale
  20. It Isn’t A Phrase, Maaa

Playlist Names For Rap

20 spotify playlist name ideas for rap music

  1. Rap Rhythm Revival
  2. Urban Beats Unleashed
  3. Rhyme and Reason
  4. Feeling Gangsta
  5. Dope Beats Flowing
  6. Sicko Mode On
  7. Lyrical Legends
  8. Hood Vibes Only
  9. Rap for the Soul
  10. Golden Age Grooves
  11. Rhyme Masters
  12. Street Poetry Sessions
  13. Rap Royalty
  14. Mic Drop Moments
  15. Hardcore Hip-Hop
  16. Bars and Battles
  17. Hustle and Flow
  18. Turntable Titans
  19. Vibin’ in the City
  20. Old School Rap

Playlist Names For K-Pop

20 playlist names for kpop

  1. K-Pop Songs That Make Me Feel Alive
  2. K-Pop 3 AM Energy Boost
  3. A Night Club… but K-Pop
  4. Inner K-Poppie
  5. Music for the Seoul
  6. K-Indie Gems
  7. Rhythms of Seoul
  8. Melodies From the K-Land
  9. Girl Band Melting Pot
  10. Boy Band Harmonies
  11. K-Pop Summer Vibes
  12. K-Pop Sensation Selection
  13. Korean Pop Bliss
  14. K-Pop Softies <3
  15. K-Pop Power Hits
  16. POV: You’re the Main Dance of a K-Pop Group
  17. Noisy K-Pop Songs ;P
  18. 90’s Romantic Korean Vibe
  19. Seoul Beats
  20. K-Pop Chart Toppers

Playlist Names For Old Songs

spotify playlist names for old songs

  1. Golden Oldies
  2. Vinyl Vibes
  3. Back in Time
  4. Songs That Are Wayyyy Older Than I Am
  5. My Fake Memories From the 80’s Is Really Kicking In
  6. Memory Trips to the Good Old Days
  7. Time Machine Tunes
  8. Literally Songs From Your Childhood
  9. Dancing With Your Soulmate while Listening to Old Love Songs
  10. G(old)
  11. POV: You’re in Love in the 60’s
  12. 00’s Babyyy
  13. Songs That Used To Be Your Parents’ Fav, and Now They’re Yours
  14. In an 80’s Movie
  15. Evergreen Echoes
  16. Yesterday’s Jukebox
  17. Timeless Throwbacks
  18. A Blast From the Past
  19. Nostalgia Mix
  20. Legendary Oldies

Spotify Playlist Names For Workout

20 spotify workout playlist name ideas

  1. POV: You’re Being Chased
  2. Songs That Make Me Hate Sweating a Little Less
  3. A Good Playlist to Listen To When I Can Barely Breath
  4. Iron Pump, Babyyy
  5. POV: PRs Suddenly Feel Light
  6. Beast Mode: Activated
  7. Weights Ain’t Gonna Lift Itself
  8. Remember The Time You Were Bullied?
  9. Step It Up A Notch
  10. Gotta Work For That Dream Physique
  11. Abs Destroyer
  12. Let the Grind begin
  13. No Pain, No Gain
  14. Just One More Rep
  15. Get Jacked or Die Trying
  16. Show Em’ What You Got
  17. Squat It Like You Mean It
  18. Feel The Burn
  19. Help! My Legs Are Shaking
  20. Believe In The Process

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