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How to Reset an Epson Projector?

How to Reset an Epson Projector?

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Purchasing a projector is great, especially because you get to watch your favorite movies on a big screen right in your house. However, with new technology comes new challenges. When problems arise, it’s vital to understand certain things. For example, knowing how to reset an Epson projector is very useful.

So how do you reset an Epson projector, and why do you need to do so? As with many computer systems, restarting your machine can clear up technical issues such as frozen screens.

To reset your Epson projector, you’ll need to use the remote control, head to reset, and press Enter. It’s pretty easy. However, what if you don’t have a remote control for your projector? What do you do then? Does Epson have a hard reset? Keep reading to find out!

How to Reset an Epson Projector?

resetting epson projector using remote control

Resetting an Epson projector is simple. You can reset the Epson projector, which will set most settings to their default positions. In other words, many settings will go back to what they were when you first purchased it.

If you have any preferred settings saved on your Epson projector, this will eliminate them. Therefore write any preferred settings down before continuing with this process. 

Everything will be wiped clean, including any Google account information, saved website passwords, and installed apps.

So how do you reset your Epson projector?

Using the remote control, hit the Home button.

Next, look for the Android TV home screen icon. It’s usually located at the top right of the screen. Once you’ve located it, press enter.

Now, navigate to and select Device Preferences—press enter.

Here, you’ll notice the word Reset. Navigate to it and press Enter. If a confirmation screen appears, select Reset and press enter to complete the process.

A Few Notable Things About Resetting Your Epson Projector

Resetting your Epson projector is a great way to create a blank slate for many settings. However, there are a few settings a reset does not affect, and we thought we should tell you about them just in case.

So if you’re trying to reset your Epson projector to fix any of the settings below, it will not work.

Using the reset option will not work for resetting your Input Signal, Memory, Content Playback, User’s Logo, Display Background, Startup Screen, Color Uniformity, Color Matching, Schedule Settings, Language, Time and Date, Network Menu Items, Light Source Hours, Password, or Password Protection Settings.

This reset mode is called Reset All Config. However, this is the way you reset your Epson projector. But what if you no longer have the remote control? And, is there a hard reset function? We’ll tackle these topics below.

How Do I Reset My Epson Projector Without a Remote?

There are several ways to reset your Epson projector without your remote control. However, depending on your Epson projector, resetting it might differ slightly. Nevertheless, we will go over a couple of options below.

In the following section, we will go over hard resetting an Epson projector without using the remote control and give you an option that uses the control.

How Do You Do a Hard Reset on an Epson Projector? 

Resetting an Epson Projector

Technically, Epson calls a “hard reset” a Reset All (Factory Default.) Therefore, if you’re looking for a factory reset option, this is the option you’re looking for.

However, as with the regular reset option mentioned above, the Reset All (Factory Default) does not reset everything.

So if you’re trying to reset the Light Source Hours, Passwords, or Password Protection Settings, this “hard reset” will not work.

Nevertheless, let’s show you how to Reset All (Factory Default) your machine.

Now, depending on your Epson projector, resetting your device will be slightly different. Therefore we will give you three different options.

Option 1

First, locate the Menu button and press it for at least five seconds.

Next, press the ESC, ESC, TELE, and the WIDE buttons within four seconds. 

Then, the After Service (AS) menu will appear. Now exit the menu by turning off the power.

Option 2

Locate the Menu and the Enter button. Press both buttons at the same time for about five seconds.

To continue and exit, turn the power off. Your Epson projector will reset.

Option 3

The last method requires the remote control.

Locate the control and press the power button on the control.

Next, set the Brightness to the max.

Now locate the HELP button. Press it for about five to seven seconds. Once you do so, a Service Menu will appear.

To exit and continue, turn the power off. Your Epson projector has been reset.

These are three options that depend on the type of Epson projector you have. Nevertheless, these options will allow you to “Factory Reset” your Epson projector.

One More Reset Option

Deleting Save Memory list on epson projector

As you can see, the Epson reset options work for specific things. However, even a hard (factory) reset will not remove or reset certain data in your projector, like memory or your password. 

So if you’re trying to reset your memory and only your memory, you can do so.

This setting is called the Reset Memory function located in the Reset menu under the Settings tab.

This resets any saved names and settings you’ve saved in the Save Memory list.

A Few Final Words

an adjustment tab on projector

Now you know how to reset an Epson projector. We covered how to reset an Epson projector and how to do it with and without a remote control.

We also explored options on how to “factory reset” your Epson projector. We gave you several options depending on the Epson projector model you have. 

Nonetheless, we also went in-depth about what data resets when you use one or another.

We hope you found this information valuable. Most importantly, we hope you found the proper answers you were looking for.

Now you can take care of business and reset your Epson projector.

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