11 Ingenious Hidden TV Ideas

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Nowadays, most modern living rooms are defined by their TV, its size, orientation, and placement. Walk into almost anyone’s home and you’ll see that black screen at the epicenter of their living room, with almost every piece of furniture facing it. 

While you do your fair share of TV watching, you hate the way TVs look and how they disrupt the room’s flow. Still, you’re not quite ready to make your living room a TV-free zone. 

But, how can you hide your TV without resorting to one of those awful doily covers? 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to give up your screen time for the sake of interior design just yet. We’ve found the top 11 best ways to hide a TV for a more visually pleasing space. The great thing about all these methods is that they can be customized to fit your home’s theme, be it minimalist, elegant, or boho. 

Let’s get started!

1. Get an Entertainment Center with Doors

“Entertainment center” may bring back memories of your grandmother’s dark wood TV console adorned with cross-stitch projects and family pictures. Luckily, this living room staple has since evolved from its cluttered and shabby past to a new and modern piece of furniture. 

This classic shelf not only has doors that will completely hide your TV when not in use, but it also comes with other storage space for storing your books, games, kids’ toys, and more! 

The center’s doors will also protect your TV from any little ones’ curious hands, and some centers can even be locked to ensure no one is watching TV when they’re not supposed to. 

There are so many beautiful entertainment centers on the market, with some featuring shabby chic sliding barn doors and others having simple cabinet doors with hinges. Additionally, you can find centers made from a variety of woods and in a vast amount of colors, whether you prefer something more natural or eclectic. 

Not to mention, some centers also have glass doors, so you can display your most prized (and delicate!) heirlooms while keeping them safe from dust and children. 

Of course, you can buy an entertainment center with doors from any popular furniture brand or a second-hand store, but if you’re up for a challenge and really want something tailored to your space, why not try making one yourself? 

Ana White on YouTube has a comprehensive guide on how she built her sliding door entertainment center, which even if you don’t follow, can prove to be a great inspiration. Watch it below! 

Building a Barn Door Entertainment Center with Basic Tools

2. Use Curtains

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I always do when I move into a new apartment is put up curtains. They warm up the home and make it instantly feel like home. But, did you know that curtains aren’t only for windows? 

You can install curtains right above your wall-mounted TV, allowing you to completely conceal it when not in use. Additionally, when you are watching TV, the curtains will frame it nicely, elevating your living room’s look. 

Hidden TV Idea

The awesome thing about using curtains to hide your TV is that the possibilities are almost endless. In order to completely hide your TV, it may be best to use opaque curtains, though semi-sheer curtains will also work if you don’t mind a bit if the TV peeking through. 

You can choose curtains, a curtain rod, and curtain rings that are the same color as your wall to have the setup blend into its surroundings. Alternatively, you can have the curtains be a unique accent color that complements the rest of your home without stealing the show. 

However, one of my favorite ideas is to make the curtains from a beautiful tapestry that becomes a gorgeous piece of art when drawn. 

Bear in mind that this option works best with TVs that are mounted close to the wall so they won’t create a noticeable bulge beneath the curtains. If your TV does come out a few inches from the wall, I recommend using more fabric so the curtains will bunch elegantly over the TV. 

3. Conceal it Behind Folding Cabinet Doors

If you love the convenience of entertainment center cabinets but hate the look of them, then consider hiding your TV behind decorative folding cabinet doors. 

Folding cabinets, especially ones you’ve made yourself, are not only an elegant but a truly unique way to hide your TV. The cabinet is hung around your TV like a picture frame, with the doors folding out to reveal that enormous black screen. Folding doors are more elegant than simple sliding or hinge doors without being overly bulky. 

TV hidden in a cabinet

Many people choose to place pictures on the folding doors, making your TV cabinet truly one of a kind and a standalone piece of art. Of course, you can choose to paint or customize the folding doors according to your room’s color scheme or your personal taste.

Folding doors also tend to lack door handles, which can make cabinets look like bulky pieces of furniture rather than a seamless addition to the room.

Handymom on YouTube has a fantastic tutorial showing how you can make your very own custom folding cabinet at home. Watch it below! 

Hidden TV Cabinet— Hide Your TV With Art!

4. Invest in a Frame TV

If you’re in the market for a new TV and can afford to splurge, why not go big with a frame TV? Several popular TV manufacturers like Samsung and LG make excellent frame TVs that are the perfect solution for anyone who hates the way black TV screens look. 

When turned on, frame TVs are simply high-quality smart TVs, but the magic really starts when you turn them off. When powered off, the TV screen transforms into an elegant piece of art of your choosing. The screen’s ultra-high resolution makes the art look smooth and akin to any high-quality poster you may buy and frame. 

Not to mention, you can purchase frames that go around your TV, making it truly look like a framed picture rather than a dull TV screen. Please note that the frames and certain art pieces must be purchased separately. 

This is definitely one of the more expensive ideas on this list, but many frame TV owners say these fantastical TVs are well worth the price. 

You can learn more about frame TVs, how they work, and what they’ll look like in your home by watching Samsung’s demonstration below. 

The Frame features | Samsung

5. Decorate the Surrounding Wall with Beautiful Art

Decorate the Surrounding Wall with Beautiful Art to Hide TV

There’s no way around it: your TV is an eyesore. 

Luckily, the human eye has a convenient habit of paying more attention to colorful shapes and patterns than a simple black screen. You use this to your advantage by drawing your eye away from your TV and to a collection of incredible art instead. 

Gather a collection of frames, both big and small for balance, and fill each one with a stunning and eye-catching art piece. I recommend more-or-less choosing a color theme so that your gallery wall flows nicely and isn’t headache-inducing. 

Art and posters can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! Head to your local thrift store and look for any interesting pieces that would complement your home. Also, keep an eye out for any unique frames! 

All of these framed art pieces will transform your TV wall into a custom gallery wall that will catch guests’ attention and intrigue. They may not even notice you have a TV at all! 

Pro Tip: If you’re on a budget, head to your local craft store and grab a few wallpaper, fabric, or paint swatches. With a little creativity, you can transform these into awesome art for virtually free.

6. Set It On a Unique Piece of Furniture 

Set It On a Unique Piece of Furniture to Hide TV

I’ll admit, even when your TV is tucked away in an entertainment center, the center itself still brings visions of televisions and frumpy media rooms. 

If your home is anything like mine, you simply don’t have space for a large entertainment center. Furthermore, you may not be able to mount your TV on the wall due to your landlord’s strict no-drill policy. 

So, consider placing your TV on a unique piece of furniture that will add to your home’s elegance as opposed to taking it away. 

For instance, you can place your TV on an easel for a chic art deco style or on an antique sewing machine for a cozy feel. This option is particularly appealing if you want to set your TV on a portable piece of furniture that can be quickly stashed away. 

While this method doesn’t technically hide your TV, it will help it blend in your home better and not stick out as much. Take a good look around your home and you may just find a piece of furniture that fits the bill. 

7. Paint Your TV Wall a Dark Accent Color 

Paint Your TV Wall a Dark Accent Color to Hide TV

Most of the time, a TV screen stands out because its black hue starkly contrasts the white or light-colored wall. The easiest fix for this is to paint your TV wall a dark color that will allow your TV to blend into it when turned off. 

Your first instinct may be to paint the wall completely black, but any dark color or wallpaper will work perfectly. 

As this will likely be an accent wall, I recommend choosing a color that contrasts your room’s overall color theme. So, if your living room has a lot of orange in it, consider painting the wall dark blue. 

Alternatively, you can look for an interesting dark-colored wallpaper if you want to incorporate some dimension into the space. Many brands make renter-friendly wallpaper that won’t peel off the paint when removed, making it the perfect option for tenants. 

While this hidden TV method does require more effort than others, it’s a great way to enhance your TV room’s overall feel and is cheaper than buying a high-end frame TV or piece of furniture. 

8. Invest In a Pop-Up TV Lift 

If you have some extra cash to spend on an incredible, hidden TV setup, I highly suggest looking into a pop-up TV lift. When not in use, your TV will be completely hidden inside the credenza, making it appear like just a normal piece of furniture. 

Then, when you’re ready to watch TV, simply press a button to start the motorized lift and watch your TV magically rise up. When you’re done, your TV will go back inside the credenza with the press of a button. 

I have to admit, this solution can be pretty pricey. However, if you find one within your budget and want your TV to be invisible when not in use, then a pop-up TV lift is for you. 

Please note that you must ensure your TV is compatible with the lift’s mount and can safely fit inside the credenza when closed. If you already have a TV, check its size and VESA specifications to ensure it’s compatible with the lift. 

Many companies make pop-up TV lifts, so you’re bound to find one that fits your style. 

Watch the video below demonstrating what a pop-up TV lift is and how it works. 

Pop-Up Enclosure TV Lifts | How Do They Work?

9. Get a Decorative TV Cover

Sometimes hiding your TV is as easy as slipping a simple cover over it. These covers fit snugly over your unit, concealing that horrid, black screen and complementing your home’s aesthetics without breaking the bank. 

You’ve probably seen those TV dust covers adorned with big bows and ribbons floating around the internet. While this style may be some people’s cup of tea, it may be a bit too old-ladyish for others. 

Don’t worry. There are endless TV cover styles, and the design is simple enough that you can even make one at home with minimal sewing skills. This cover won’t only conceal your TV, but it will also protect it from dust and fingerprints, keeping it in good condition. 

If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, consider choosing a cover the same color as the surrounding wall so your TV blends in. I also recommend choosing a thicker and sturdier fabric, like linen, as this will elevate the cover’s overall appearance. 

However, please allow your TV to cool down before covering it to prevent it from overheating. 

If you have a floating shelf above your TV, you can even make and install a simple roll-down TV cover for a clutter-free look, as shown in the video below. 

Secret TV Cover 😳😳 #Shorts

10. Hang an Elegant Frame Around It

Let’s face it: the frame TV is out of your budget. 

But, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of having a beautifully framed TV. This solution won’t hide your TV, but it will make it complement the rest of the room better, especially if it’s on a gallery wall. 

This method is amazing since you can do it to almost any flatscreen TV, just make sure you choose a frame that’s thick enough to entirely cover its bezel for a cleaner and more cohesive look. You can either make a frame yourself, have one made for you, or buy a pre-made frame and tailor it to fit your TV. 

You also have free reign when choosing the frame’s design, color, and more! Now, even when your TV is off, it will still look like an interesting piece of art. I promise your friends will be asking you for instructions on how to make one of their own.

However, be mindful of covering the TV’s infrared sensor (if it has one), as this could prevent it from receiving your remote’s commands. 

Watch Simple Honest Design’s wonderful video demonstrating how to make a custom frame for your TV without breaking the bank. 

How to make a frame for your TV

11. Use a Ceiling Mounted Smart Projector 

use a ceiling mounted smart projector

TVs have been a household staple for over half a century and their popularity is no accident. They’re easy to use, low maintenance, and come in a variety of sizes. 

However, if you’re really serious about completely hiding your TV, the solution may just be to not have a TV at all. 

Smart projectors are similar to smart TVs in that they connect to the internet, have built-in apps, and can be navigated using a remote. However, unlike smart TVs, smart projectors can be mounted to the ceiling, making them practically invisible. 

Then, you can mount a projector screen or coat your wall in screen paint to create an instant home theater! If you like watching TV during the day, you can even use an ALR screen paint, which makes your projector look bright in ambient lighting. 

Check out our article What Is the Best Paint for Projector Screen Wall in 2023? for our top screen paint recommendations. 

Many modern projectors support 4K and HDR, making them perfect for gaming. You can even adjust the screen size to perfectly fit your space!

While a smart projector may take some time to get used to, I promise you’ll love the difference it makes to your space. Not to mention, it will make movie nights out of this world. 

Wrapping Things Up

TVs are practical and entertaining, but their design leaves something to be desired. The big, dark screen can be an eyesore in your otherwise meticulously curated home. However, there are ways to hide it, or at least make it less obvious. 

Tucking it away or covering it is a simple way to enhance your home’s aesthetics without ditching your TV. All these ideas can be customized to your tastes so your entertainment center doesn’t distract from your home’s design. 

If you’re not attached to having a TV, consider getting a ceiling-mounted smart projector instead. They serve the same purpose, and no one will notice the projector is even there!

Have you tried any of these hidden TV ideas? How do you keep your TV out of sight in your home? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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