15 Ingenious Ideas To Hide Your Unsightly Electrical Box

15 Ideas To Hide Your Unsightly Electrical Box

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15 Ideas To Hide Your Unsightly Electrical Box

Let’s face it, no one dreams of having an electrical box as the centerpiece of their home decor.

I remember when I first moved into my cozy little house, the sight of that bulky, gray box in the living room was a total decor downer.

Whether it’s in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway, basement, laundry rooms, or even outdoors in the backyard, an exposed electrical box can be a real eyesore.

In this guide, I’m excited to share with you 15 creative and surprisingly simple ways to transform your ugly electrical box from an eyesore into a part of your home you might actually want to show off.

We’ll explore modern electrical box cover ideas for every room, including small spaces and challenging spots like the floor or exterior walls.

You’ll find tips on how to hide an electrical panel with painting, wood, and even DIY projects.

Let’s dive into these electrical box covering ideas and learn how to hide electrical boxes in style!

Before We Start

Before we dive into the fun part of concealing your electrical box, I want to talk about safety for a moment.

It’s crucial to think about the materials you’re using and how they might react in case of an emergency. 

We want your space to look great, but safety always comes first!

10 Ideas for Indoors

Electrical boxes, as some may call them breaker boxes, can clash with your home’s aesthetic. They’re like that awkward guest at a party who just doesn’t blend in. 

As someone who’s always been irked by the sight of the breaker boxes in my house, I’ve experimented with some creative solutions. 

Let me share with you 10 ideas that can seamlessly integrate or cleverly disguise that unsightly box anywhere in your house.

1. Behind a Pegboard

A Pegboard

A pegboard is a lifesaver! It’s not just for tools in the garage; I used one in my kitchen to camouflage the electrical box. 

Plus, it’s a great spot to hang kitchen utensils or small potted plants.

2. Wall Hanging

Two Wall Hangings Above a Stand

Opt for a large, decorative wall hanging. It’s a simple yet stylish way to conceal the box, and you can easily move it aside for access. 

I found a beautiful tapestry that added a boho vibe to my space.

3. Standing Mirror

a standing mirror on a small desk

A standing mirror isn’t just for checking your outfit. 

It’s a clever way to hide that pesky electrical box, and it makes the room look bigger!

4. Disguise with Art

A Painting

You can get creative and disguise the breaker box with art! 

I once hung a framed painting that blended seamlessly with my living room decor – no one knew what was hiding behind it!

5. Put a Curtain in Front of It

A Curtain

A curtain can be a quick and elegant solution. 

Choose a fabric that matches your room’s aesthetic, and voila, the box is out of sight and mind.

6. Craft a DIY Cover

I ventured into this DIY project one weekend and was thrilled with the outcome. 

Using some reclaimed wood and a bit of paint, I created a unique, stylish cover that became a charming focal point in my room. 

How to Build a DIY Cover to Hide your Electrical Panel! // Easy Woodworking Project!

7. Sliding Mirror

A few years back, I stumbled upon this nifty trick to hide an unsightly hole in my wall, and it turned out to be a fantastic method to conceal the electrical box too. 

Just slide a mirror over the area, and there you go – it’s gone and makes the room look nicer too!

Covering Up An Old Bathroom Medicine Cabinet With A Sliding Mirror

8. Bulletin Board

A Bulleting Board

A bulletin board offers a practical way to hide the electrical box. 

It’s perfect for pinning notes, photos, or your kids’ artwork, making it a personal and functional cover-up.

9. Sound Insulation Panels

Sound Installation Panels

For a dual-purpose solution, I highly recommend using sound insulation panels. 

These panels not only neatly conceal the electrical box but also significantly reduce ambient noise. 

It’s an especially great option for creating a quieter, more serene environment in busy households or apartments. 

10. Chalkboard

A Chalkboard in A Kitchen

Lastly, a chalkboard cover is both fun and functional. 

It’s great for writing grocery lists or messages, and it effortlessly hides the electrical box. 

I love how it adds a quirky touch to my kitchen!

5 Ideas for Outdoors

Those sub-panels in our backyard are great for powering garden parties, outdoor movie nights, or electric gardening tools.

But let’s be real, they’re not the prettiest sight. 

I’ve got some cool ideas to make them look way better, transforming that dull box into something eye-catching 

1. Disguise as a Mailbox

A Mailbox

I had this quirky idea to turn my wall-mounted electrical box into a faux mailbox. It blends in perfectly with the exterior of my house! 

Just remember to seal the opening – you don’t want your postman accidentally slipping mail into it.

2. Bird House

A Birdhouse

Transforming your electrical box into a decorative birdhouse adds charm to any garden.

Make sure to block the entrance, so our feathered friends stay safe and don’t wander into the electrical panel.

3. Hanging Flower Pots

A Hanging Flower Pot

Nothing brightens up an outdoor space like hanging flower pots. I used them to drape over my electrical panel, adding a splash of color and life to the wall. 

It’s a simple yet beautiful solution.

4. An Artificial Boulder

Camouflaging a ground-level electrical box is easy with an artificial boulder. 

Electrical Box On The Ground

I have a friend who has done this, and it looks so natural in their backyard, blending seamlessly with the landscape while keeping the panel out of sight.

A fake boulder in a yard

5. Tall Bushes and Flowers

Planting high grass and flowers around a ground-based electrical box is both practical and pretty. 

I chose vibrant blooms and tall grasses, which not only hid the box but also transformed that corner of my garden into a lovely, natural hideaway.

Garden with High Bushes

Wrapping Up

Alright, that’s a wrap on our journey through creative ways to hide those not-so-pretty breaker boxes.

I’ve tried a few of these myself, and trust me, it’s amazing how a little ingenuity can turn a dull utility spot into something unexpectedly cool. 

So, go on and give these ideas a whirl; your breaker box is about to become the unsung hero of your home’s decor!

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