Does TV Warranty Cover a Cracked Screen?

cracked tv in the living room

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What To Know

  • TV warranties do not cover accidental damage like cracked screens; they only cover manufacturer defects such as faulty software and hardware.
  • The cost of repairing a cracked TV screen can range from $60 to $400, depending on various factors like TV brand and screen type.
  • While TV warranties exclude cracked screen coverage, homeowners insurance typically covers such damage, even if it’s the owner’s fault.

Oops! It all happened so fast. The baseball ricocheted off the wall, through the window, and right into your TV. 

There’s no denying it: the TV screen is severely cracked. 

You check your bank account and Google how much screen repairs cost, then remember your warranty. Do TV warranties cover cracked screens? 

If not, is there insurance that will cover the cost of repair/replacement? 

Keep reading to find out!

Will My TV’s Warranty Cover a Cracked Screen?

No, your TV warranty will not cover a cracked screen.

Unless your TV was shipped to you with a cracked screen, the TV warranty would not cover it.

Đa and son stading in front of breaking TV

This is because the cracks are not a consequence of the manufacturer’s and shipper’s negligence. 

Instead, they are the customer’s fault. 

People have argued that the TV warranty should cover it because it’s the manufacturer’s fault that the TV is delicate enough to be so “easily cracked’. However, TV manuals and warranties (which you consented to) make it clear that you should avoid hitting or dropping it. 

This also applies to TVs that have fallen off their mount, even if the same manufacturer made the mount. In this case, it’s the customer’s fault for incorrectly mounting their TV and not following the provided instructions. 

What Does My TV’s Warranty Cover?

Warranty Red letter

Your TV warranty will cover faulty software and hardware. 

Your TV warranty will only cover the cost of repairing broken TV components that are the manufacturer’s fault, such as faulty software and hardware. 

Let’s go over what these two mishaps entail. 

Faulty Software

Is your new TV stuck in one language? Are you having trouble changing the channel? Is it plugged in but not turning on? 

If so, then your unit may have faulty software

TVs contain many internal components that must work correctly for a smooth viewing experience. 

So, one component malfunctioning, resulting in glitches on-screen, isn’t uncommon. 

Luckily, TV warranties will cover this since it’s the manufacturer’s fault. 

However, if the TV was working well before you damaged it somehow, you’ll have to pay for the repairs yourself. 

Faulty Hardware

A broken TV screen

Did you order a TV only to find it cracked once you took it out of the packaging? Was the packaging missing foam protectors meant to shield the TV from damage? Was the cable already bent and torn? 

If the answer is “yes,” the TV warranty should cover faulty hardware

Since TV manufacturers know that customers often claim the TV came broken, when they really broke it themselves, they will probably only cover the repair costs if you’ve just bought your TV. 

So, contact customer service as soon as you discover the damage and send pictures if you can. 

What Else Won’t My TV Warranty Cover? 

There are several mishaps your TV warranty will not cover.

In addition to a cracked screen, there are several other things that a TV warranty will not cover

Water Damage

A wet living room with a TV

If you spilled something on your TV, managed to drop it in a puddle, or suffered a natural disaster that flooded your home, you will have to replace the unit yourself. 

Since TV manuals make it very clear that TVs should be kept far away from water, the manufacturer is not responsible for any water damage. 

Yes, even if the water damage was not your fault. 

The only exception would be if the TV was shipped to you wet and damaged. 


A Theft stole a TV

Was your TV stolen? 

Though the TV warranty support staff may offer their condolences, they will not give you a new TV for free. 

Once again, it’s considered the customer’s responsibility to keep their TV safe. So, the warranty will not cover any theft or vandalism. 

Old Age 

A woman using a smart TV

Your TV is a few years old, and it shows. The cables are wearing down, and there are a few scratches here and there. 

However, your warranty hasn’t expired yet. 

Will it cover the repair costs to make your TV look new again? Absolutely not! 

First, electronics are expected to age, no matter how expertly crafted they are. 

Second, if manufacturers repaired a TV every time it showed signs of aging, they’d make far fewer sales, which would be terrible for business. 

Repairs After a Technician Has Repaired It

Fixing a TV in the back

Did you bring your TV to a technician for repairs? 

If so, then you’ve voided your warranty. Yes, even if they couldn’t fix it. 

TV manufacturers cannot control what a technician does to a TV, meaning they could have worsened the problem, resulting in higher repair costs. 

So, to be safe, always contact customer service to ensure they will not cover the repair costs before taking your TV to a technician. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Cracked TV Screen?

It could cost up to $400 to fix a cracked TV screen. 

Although prices will differ depending on where you live, your TV screen’s condition, the TV brand, and screen type, it will usually cost between $60 to $400

Paying in cash

However, the biggest factor in screen repairment prices depends on the damaged internal components. 

For instance, if your LED or LCD screen was slightly cracked, it could only cost $60 to repair. However, the price will be much higher if the impact broke the screen’s internal components. 

OLED, smart, and plasma TV screen repairs often start from $100 since the replacement parts may be more expensive and the screen’s build is more complicated. 

Moreover, Philips and Sony TVs are cheaper to repair, while Panasonic and Vizio are more expensive to fix. 

Is There Insurance That Covers My TV Screen?

Homeowners Insurance Policy

Yes, homeowners insurance typically covers TV screens. 

So, your TV warranty won’t cover the cracked TV screen. Now what? 

Luckily, homeowners insurance often covers damage to TV screens, even if it’s your fault. 

However, we suggest consulting your insurance policy to ensure your specific plan covers the TV screen repair costs. 

The downside is that many renters do not have homeowners insurance, making it tricky to cover repair costs. 

Wrapping Things Up

A TV screen cracking is unfortunate but incredibly common. 

If TV warranties covered every mistake their customers made, they’d quickly go bankrupt. So, warranty policies only cover faulty software and hardware. 

Unless you have homeowners insurance, it should cost you between $60 to $400 to get your TV fixed. 

Otherwise, you may need to purchase a replacement. 

So, keep your children and pets out of the TV room and handle it with care. 

What’s your experience with TV warranty policies? Did you know that homeowners insurance typically covers TV screens? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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