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Can You Sell a PS4/PS5 With Digital Games?

Can You Sell a PS4/PS5 With Digital Games?

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You used to be a gaming fiend, playing your PS4/PS5 from dawn to dusk without a moment’s rest. However, a lot has happened over the past few years and you barely pick up your once beloved controller anymore. So, you’ve finally decided to sell your PS4/PS5 for some extra cash. 

The device is chock full of somewhat expensive digital games that you’d hate to see go to waste. Without a PS4/PS5, you won’t be able to continue playing them, but is it possible to sell them with your PS4/PS5? 

No, you can not resell digital games on your PS4/PS5 once you’ve purchased them with your account. 

Luckily there is a workaround. PS4/PS5 allows users to request refunds for games, DLCs, and subscriptions if they’ve accidentally purchased the wrong game or were displeased with a game after playing it. 

So, what happens to your games if you sell your PS4/PS5 and can you play these games on a different account? 

Keep reading to find out! 

What Happens to the Games on My PS4/PS5 If I Sell the Console?

PS4 game disc with the console and the controller with the Neon purple background

When buying a digital game from the Play Station store, you’ll be asked to log into your PSN account on your PS4/PS5. Then, once the game has been installed and launched, it will be permanently linked to your PSN

Think of this like buying games on Steam. You’re purchasing these games on your Steam account, rather than your device. 

So, what happens if you sell your PS4/PS5? Will all the games you’ve purchased over the years stay on the console? 

This depends on whether or not you’ve logged out of your PSN account. 

If you sign out of your PSN account on your PS4/PS5 before handing the console to the buyer, they will not be able to see or play any of the games you’ve purchased on your PSN account. 

The sign out feature on PS4 to sign out the PSN account

It’s also a good idea to wipe all personal information on your console by performing the Restore Default Settings process, which will factory reset your device.

The buyer could use any lingering personal information left on your console to gain access to your accounts or you may have changed certain settings which could inconvenience them. 

Using your console’s Restore Default Settings function allows you to sign out of your PSN account, remove any login information, and erase all custom settings with the click of a button. 

Follow the steps below to factory reset your PS4 and PS5. 


Step 1: Go to the Settings

Step 2: Scroll down, and find and open Initialization at the bottom of the screen. 

The Initialization at the bottom of the settings on PS4

Step 3: Head to Restore Default Settings

The restore default settings feature on PS4

Step 4: Then, your PS4 will prompt you for a passcode. If you’ve set a custom PIN, enter it now. Otherwise, enter the default code 0000.

The PS4 asking to enter the passcode to access the feature Step 5: Click on Restore

The restore defaut settings on PS4 showing the details which settings will be set to default


Step 1: Open the Settings

Step 2: Head to System followed by Reset Options

Step 3: Navigate to Restore Default Settings

Step 4: Then, you will be asked to enter your passcode. If you’ve set a custom passcode, enter it now. Alternatively, if you haven’t set a passcode, enter the default code 0000

Step 5: Select the Restore button.

Can I Play My PlayStation Games On a Different Account?

PS4 controller with the Fortnite game on the Sony TV

The short answer is that you can not play your PlayStation games on a different account while using a different console

That said, you can access games linked to different accounts as long as they’re all signed in on the same PlayStation console. 

The only catch is that you must ensure your main account is set as the console’s primary account. This will allow any other PSN accounts logged into the console to play your main account’s games. 

Failing to set your main account as Primary will prevent any other logged-in PSN accounts from accessing games in the main library. 

As you can see, games linked to different PSN accounts will be locked and marked with a closed lock icon. When selected, these games will also display an error message, as shown above. 

The lock icon for game that users not allowed to use on PS4 if the users do not own the license of the game

Follow the instructions below to set your main account as the Primary. 

Step 1: Check that you’ve chosen the right account to set as your console’s Primary. 

Step 2: Launch the Settings menu. 

Step 3: Navigate to Account Management.

The account management from the PS4 settings  Step 4: Go to Activate as Your Primary PS4

The feature Active as primary on the PS4 settings menu

Step 5: Click on Activate

The option active and deactivate for primary account on PS4

Are PS4/PS5 Digital Games Transferable?

No, you can not transfer PS games from one account to another. 

Once you’ve purchased a game from the PS store, it will be permanently associated with the account you purchased it on. 

While you can not transfer content before PSN accounts, you can transfer game data, settings, and other content between PS consoles logged into the same PSN account. 

Head to this PlayStation article to learn how to transfer data between consoles. 

Bonus: How to Refund PS4/PS5 Games

You can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing games, DLC (downloadable content), in-game consumables, and season passes. 

However, you will be unable to request a refund once you’ve started downloading or streaming the purchased game or content unless the content is faulty. 

So, you can not simply buy a game and play it for a few days before requesting a refund. Also, if you’ve accidentally purchased the wrong game, you must request a refund before downloading and playing it. 

Follow the steps below to request a refund. 

Step 1: Go to the PlayStation refund page and log into the PSN account you used to purchase content. 

Step 2: Scroll down and go to Refund

The feature Refunds is being highlighted with a red box on PlayStation's website

Step 3: Head to Requesting a PS Store refund followed by Refund for games and add-ons

Requesting a PS store refund and the refund for games and add-ons from the PS store

Step 4: Choose the Request Refund option. 

Request refund is being highlighted with a red box on the PS's website

Step 5: Then, scroll down and go to Contact PlayStation

The refund type page on the PS store choosing the games, add-ons and then Contact PS Support

Step 6: Next, head to PS Store & Refund and go to PlayStation Store Refund

The PS Store & Refunds is being selected follow with the PS Store refunds

Step 7: Click on Refund Assitant. From here, the website’s bot will guide you through PlayStation’s refund process.

The refund assistant after user ask for a refund

Step 8: When the bot asks you what it can help you with, choose Refund Eligibility

The refund Eligibility from the bot and being highlighted with a red box

Step 9: The bot will ask if you are the owner of your PSN account, to which you should respond Yes. Then, click the Return a game or add-on option.

The refund process keeps going after the Yes answer

Step 10: From here, choose the reason why you want to return the game. 

The refund bot asking for the reason why users want to refund the content

Step 11: When asked if you’ve downloaded or streamed the game, select No. Then, enter how many days ago you purchased the game. 

The bot asking for the number of date user has been bought the game

Then, one of PlayStation’s Support Agents will guide you through the rest of the refund process. 

Wrapping Things Up

In short, you can not sell a PS4/PS5 with digital games. So, if there are any sellers online boasting a PlayStation with several popular games pre-installed on it – stay away! PlayStation games are stored on your PSN account, not the physical console. 

This means you’ll still be able to play your favorite PS games on your new PlayStation console once you’ve logged into your PSN account. 

Moreover, these games are not transferrable between accounts. That said, you can link several PSN accounts to one console and play all their games given you’ve set the main account as the Primary. 

Before selling your PS4/PS5, remember to use the Restore Default Settings feature to keep your private information safe from the prospective buyer. 

You can get refunds for PS games as long as less than 14 days have passed since you purchased it and you haven’t downloaded or streamed it yet. 

What’s your experience selling/buying a PS4/PS5? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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