Can Jailbreaking Your PS4 Let You Play Online?

PS4 controller with the Fortnite game on the Sony TV

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What To Know

  • It is not possible to play a jailbroken PS4 online.
  • Jailbreaking your PS4 subjects you to the possibility of being permanently banned by Sony and limits access to features like online multiplayer
  • It is possible to reverse a jailbreak by formatting or factory resetting the PS4, it is noted that once the firmware is updated to the latest version post un-jailbreaking

This article addresses everything you need to know about jailbreaking a PS4 console.

Learn how it affects online play and its associated risks.

Let’s get started!

What Can a Jailbroken PS4 Do?

The PS4 console with the subheading what can a jailbroken PS4 do

Jailbreaking involves navigating the flaws of an electronic device to access and modify its firmware code. With PS4 and other gaming consoles, jailbreaking allows the installation of (possibly pirated) software that the manufacturer has not approved for the console. 

A jailbroken PS4 console allows users to do things that are impossible with a standard console, such as access and play the entire library of PS4 games without purchasing them, no matter how expensive. All you have to do is to download the game onto your USB drive and then transfer it to your jailbroken console.

A jailbroken PS4 also lets you install custom firmware, like an emulator. It enables you to play games from other regions, older consoles (i.e., PS2, PS3, or even PS1) and also access homebrew software

However, you must know that jailbreaking your PS4 and downloading games without paying for them is illegal. It prevents the game developers from benefiting from their innovation, exposing you to several risks and consequences. It’s always best to support game developers by purchasing their games legally.

Risks Involved in Jailbreaking a PS4

The PS4 console with the Sony TV and PS controller along side with a Risk Alert logo

Before you give in to the temptation to jailbreak your PS4, it’s important to understand the potential benefits and drawbacks. 

One of the most common risks of Jailbreaking a PS4 is that it subjects you to the possibility of being permanently banned by Sony. Jailbreaking a PS4 also is not covered by and can nullify your warranty.

Additionally, jailbreaking your PS4 consoles limits your access to certain features like online multiplayer, which connects players over the internet. You can no longer sign into Sony’s PSN online service or access the store and other services. 

Also, since a jailbroken PS4 no longer receives firmware updates, it’s prone to system crashes and errors. 

Knowing all of the above, if you decide to jailbreak your PS4, be ready to accept the responsibility and consequences. We advise that you proceed with caution.

Can a Jailbroken PS4 Play Disc?

PS4 console with the three game disc on a wooden table and the Sony TV at the back

Jailbreaking a PS4 may hinder users from playing online, but it does not necessarily affect the console’s ability to play physical discs. A jailbroken PS4 should be able to play physical games like a standard console, although this comes with some exceptions.

Most PS4 game discs require specific firmware versions to be able to run. If your jailbroken PS4 console is not updated to the required version on the disc, it will not play the disc. In most cases, the disc even tries to update the console’s firmware.

An attempt to go online and update the firmware on your jailbroken PS4 can lead to the deactivation of the jailbreak on the PS4 console.

Seeing as you’ll need to update your PS4 console for it to run correctly, consider what that means for the jailbreak on your console. It’s an “either/or” situation, and you’d probably have to choose. 

Can a PS4 Jailbreak Be Reversed?

The PS4 console on the left and the interface of the PS4 on Sony TV on the right of the image

Do you now find the jailbreak on your PS4? Have you purchased a jailbroken PS4 console but prefer the console in its original state, and you are wondering if it’s possible to get rid of the jailbreak? 

Un-jailbreaking or reverting your jailbroken PS4 console is possible!

You can easily do this by formatting or factory resetting the jailbroken PS4. This process erases all your console’s previous data and settings, including the jailbreak.

You can install the official firmware update after the device has returned to its original state.

However, it’s important to note that un-jailbreaking a PS4 may only sometimes be possible or straightforward, and you will lose all saved game progress. 

Follow the steps below to do it:

Step 1: Download the latest firmware update from the official PlayStation website. The file should be namedPS4UPDATE.PUP.”

Step 2: Create a new folder on a USB drive and name it “PS4” —or anything else that’ll be easy to find in UPPERCASE. 

The folder name PS4 is stored inside a USB flash drive

Step 3: Inside the “PS4” folder, create another folder. This one you can name “UPDATE.”

The UPDATE file is created and stores inside the folder PS4

Step 4: Copy the firmware update file you downloaded in Step 1 to the “UPDATE” folder on the USB drive. 

The PS4 update file downloaded from the PS website is stored inside the folders from a USB flash drive

Step 5: Ensure your PS4 is turned off and connect the USB drive to the PS4 console. Your USB must be formatted to FAT32, or it WILL NOT work.

The USB flash drive is plugged into the PS4 console via a USB-A port

Step 6: Press the Power button and hold it until you hear two beeps. This will make the console run in Safe Mode.

Step 7: Select the “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)” option from the Safe Mode menu.

The PS4 Safe Mode with the Initialize PS4 to factory reset the PS4 console

Step 8: Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the firmware installation process.

Step 9: Wait a few minutes to complete the process.

After the firmware update, your PS4 will be restored to its original firmware, losing all traces of jailbreak and modifications.

How to remove PS4 Jailbreak and go back to official PS4 || Road to 1000 SUBS

Note: After an un-jailbreak, some users say setting up the console with a new PSN account is better to avoid PlayStation detecting and possibly banning you again. Also, once you update your firmware to the latest version, you cannot jailbreak your PS4 again. 

Can You Play Online on PS4/PS5 Without PlayStation Plus?

The PlayStation Plus on PS4 console and the interface on Sony TV

PlayStation Plus is a paid service required for PS4 and PS5 users to play games online with other players. It also gives access to free monthly games and specific discounts on digital purchases. 

Most multiplayer games on PS4 and PS5 require a valid subscription, while some games allow online multiplayer access without the PlayStation Plus feature. Fortunately, many popular games are currently free-to-play (without PlayStation Plus).

To confirm which games are free-to-play before downloading, you can check for the PS+ logo in the game’s specifications. You can also check the free-to-play category on the PlayStation store. 

Here’s how:

The NBA 2K24 Black Mamba has the logo of the PS+ inside the details.

The NBA 2k24 Black Mamba game needs PS Plus to able play online

Some games, such as Fortnite and eFootball 2023, allow you to play online without requiring a PS+ subscription.

The Fornite game does not need PS Plus to join online section


Jailbreaking a PS4 offers some benefits, like playing pirated games and accessing many unapproved games for your console. Nonetheless, it also comes with significant consequences, such as the risk of console damage, security vulnerabilities, and online bans.

While you can undo a jailbreak, it is not enough justification to go along. It is always best to support and encourage developers by purchasing games legally.

Ultimately, individual users must decide whether to jailbreak a PS4 and risk the consequences. What do you think? Would you jailbreak your PS4?

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