How to Fix a Crooked TV When the Wall Mount Is Level: 4 Efficiently Solutions

The TV is crooked on the left side

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What To Know

  • For a tilted TV on a level wall mount, adjust the bracket screws on the tilted side to realign the TV.
  • To easily correct a crooked TV without remounting, consider using a full-motion wall mount. This allows for post-installation adjustments to achieve perfect TV alignment.

In this guide, I’ll show you four efficient solutions to straighten it out, from simple bracket adjustments to choosing the right mount. 

You’ll find easy-to-follow steps with images, ensuring your TV hangs perfectly straight without any hassle.

Let’s get started.

Adjusting the Bracket Screws for Perfect TV Alignment

Even with a level wall mount, your TV might still look a bit off-kilter. This is a common issue, but fortunately, the fix is usually straightforward. 

In my experience, the key to solving this issue is usually found in fine-tuning the bracket screws. 

Here’s a step-by-step approach to get your TV perfectly level:

Step 1: Check which side of the TV is tilting more. This is where you’ll focus your efforts.

Step 2: On your TV bracket, find the screws on the tilted side. These screws are what you’ll need to adjust.

Step 3: Gently and gradually adjust these screws. The goal is to slowly bring your TV back to a level position. Be patient – a little turn can go a long way.

A hand is adjusting the screw of the bracket of the TV

Keep in mind that different mounting brackets have different types of screws. The way you adjust them might vary. 

For instance, as a user on the RedFlagDeals forum pointed out, some brackets have specific adjustment screws for leveling.

For a clearer understanding of how these might differ from my own experience, you can refer to the comments in the linked discussion.

Ensure the Wall Mount is Securely Leveled

The bracket of the TV is hung on a white wall

Getting the wall mount level is crucial for a perfectly straight TV. 

Here’s a handy trick I’ve picked up to make sure everything lines up right from the start:

Step 1: Take a large piece of white paper and place your wall mount on the paper. 

Trace around the mount and mark where the screw holes are. This traced outline will serve as your drilling guide.

A hand is using the bracket and trace on a paper

Step 2: Next, tape this paper template to the wall where you plan to hang your TV. The most important step here is to use a spirit level to ensure the template is perfectly horizontal. This accuracy is key to avoiding a crooked mount.

Step 3: With the template level, mark the drill points on the wall through the guide. Now, you’re ready to drill the holes for mounting, confident that your TV will hang straight and true. 

This simple preliminary step can prevent a lot of frustration and give you the peace of mind that your TV will be exactly where and how you want it.

Adding Rubber Pads or a Piece of Paper for TV Alignment 

For those seeking a quick and simple solution, rather than a comprehensive fix, this method might be just what you need. 

This solution is especially useful if you want to avoid the hassle of unscrewing the entire TV wall mount, remeasuring, and rehanging, only to discover that the TV is still uneven.

This solution involves a quick adjustment without any complex measurements. 

Simply find something to balance the tilt – I use a folded piece of paper, adjusting it until it compensates for the tilt of my TV. Place the folder paper between the hook and the wall mount bracket for an instant level effect.

A piece of paper is put in between the TV bracket with the screw

If you’re looking for other creative solutions, take inspiration from a Reddit user who successfully used a skewer to re-level their TV.

Below are the images I mentioned earlier, showing how I used a piece of paper to prevent my TV from appearing crooked.

The bracket is crooked on the left hand side

A paper is put in between the TV bracket and the screw

Disclaimer: This method might not be suitable for every TV model or situation. While it has worked in some cases, it’s crucial to assess your specific setup and proceed cautiously. This technique is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and we cannot be held responsible for any potential damage. Safety and stability should always be your top priorities.

Incompatible TV Mount

If there are no loose bolts or screws, and there are no issues finding studs, could it be that your TV is too heavy for its mount?

If your mount cannot handle the weight of your TV, then it will obviously look misaligned.

It could be that you upgraded the size of your TV, for instance, from 55” to 70”, and you didn’t replace the TV mount. TV mounts vary according to TV size and weight.

It’s important that you choose one that is compatible with the size and weight of your TV. Otherwise, your TV mount could get overwhelmed, and you could one day find your TV on the floor.

Check the weight specification that comes with the TV mount. Ensure that it is compatible with the size/weight of your TV. If not, replace your mount.

Alternative: Using Full Motion TV Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a more versatile solution to a crooked TV, consider upgrading to a full-motion wall mount. 

Amazon Basics Full Motion Articulating TV Monitor Wall Mount for 26" to 55" TVs and Flat Panels up to 80 Lbs, Black
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  • Designed for concrete, brick and wood studs wall (single stud).
  • Designed for TVs up to 80 lbs (36.3 KG) and display sized 26" - 55" (66 CM - 140 CM).

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These mounts offer the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to adjust your TV’s rotation and angle even after installation.

The beauty of a full-motion wall mount lies in its ability to let you easily rotate and level your TV. 

If you find your TV slightly askew due to an imperfect initial mounting, there’s no need to go through the entire remounting process. 

Simply use the mount’s adjustable arms to tilt and rotate your TV until it’s perfectly level.

To really understand the benefits and ease of adjustment a full-motion mount offers, I recommend watching this short video for a practical demonstration

Pillar TV Mount Level Adjust | Fix crooked TV wall mount after tv is mounted.

Please note that the size and weight of your TV are crucial when choosing a full-motion bracket. Ensure you find a bracket that perfectly fits your TV’s specifications.


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