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TV Wall Mount Is Level but the TV Is Not: How to Fix the Crooked TV Mount?

TV Wall Mount Is Level but the TV Is Not: How to Fix the Crooked TV Mount?
Quick Fixes for You
  • Check and tighten any loose bolts or screws where the TV attaches to the mount to ensure it is level.
  • Verify your TV’s VESA mounting specifications for proper installation, and use a stud finder to place the mount accurately.
  • Ensure your TV mount can support the TV’s size and weight, and if difficulties persist, seek assistance from professional installers.

The TV is the center of attention in every living room. When it appears somewhat off-center, it calls for urgent fixing.

If your TV looks unlevel even though your TV mount is level, read this post to learn why it appears crooked and how to fix it.

As a general rule of thumb, the first step to finding any solution to a problem is to identify the cause. Well, fixing your crooked TV isn’t any different.

With that in mind, here are a few possible reasons why your TV isn’t level, even though your TV wall mount is.

1. Loose Bolts and Screws

When your TV mount is perfectly level, but your TV isn’t, the first suspect is usually loose bolts and screws. A loose bolt or screw is enough to make your TV look crooked.

man is tightening the bolts and screws of the TV


Solution: Check the back of your TV where the TV is attached to the mount. There are usually two screws that are fastened into your TV mount. Inspect if any of the bolts and/or screws are loose.

If there is a bolt that doesn’t seem tight enough, take your allen wrench/screwdriver and tighten it up. However, don’t over-tighten it, leave some room to allow for adjusting if needed.

2. VESA Size Confusion

If you are not so well acquainted with VESA mount sizes, there is a chance that your TV looks crooked because you didn’t follow the proper way to mount it (you didn’t follow VESA specifications).

For safe and proper TV wall-mounting, it’s important that you follow VESA specifications when mounting. Otherwise, don’t expect things to line up when the holes and the screws are incompatible.

Solution: You may need to have your TV professionally mounted. Or, at the very least, do your homework on the right VESA mounting sizes so that you can mount it properly.

To determine your TV’s VESA mounting specifications, refer to the user manual or check the manufacturer’s website.

If neither helps, you could also measure manually to find the right VESA pattern. Here’s a video tutorial to guide you on how to do this.

What is VESA? | How to measure VESA | How to Find the Right VESA Mount for Your TV

Because VESA measurements are given in millimeters, remember to convert your measurements if using inches.

Also, the measurements are read in the order of horizontal followed by vertical. For instance, if your horizontal measurements are 800mm and your vertical measurements are 400mm, your measurements will be displayed as 800×400.

3. Missed Studs

Finding studs can be frustrating. Believe me, the number of times I have cursed when looking for them is countless.

man uses stud finder to find missed studs

When you are lucky enough to find one, the spacing between the studs becomes the next frustrating thing. This may force you to rely on a hollow wall anchor, which will only work if it’s sturdy enough to support your TV’s weight.

The result? An off-center TV.

Solution: Use a stud finder and be patient when locating the studs.

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4. Incompatible TV Mount

If there are no loose bolts or screws, and there are no issues finding studs, could it be that your TV is too heavy for its mount?

If your mount cannot handle the weight of your TV, then it will obviously look misaligned.

man adjusts the misaligned tv mount

It could be that you upgraded the size of your TV, for instance, from 55” to a 70”, and you didn’t replace the TV mount. TV mounts vary according to TV size and weight.

It’s important that you choose one that is compatible with the size and weight of your TV. Otherwise, your TV mount could get overwhelmed, and you could one day find your TV on the floor.

Solution: Check the weight specification that comes with the TV mount. Ensure that it is compatible with the size/weight of your TV. If not, replace your mount.

5. A Crooked Ceiling

If you live in an older house there is a chance that the ceiling looks a little wonky, which is causing your TV to look unlevel, even though it really isn’t.

Solution: There is nothing much you can do about an unlevel ceiling. The most you can do is to make use of decor pieces, paint, and wallpaper to help trick your eyes.

Here are some great ways to camouflage your crooked ceiling into looking straight.

6. Seek Professional Help

It’s no secret that mounting your TV can be accompanied by several difficulties, some of which can prove strenuous to rectify by yourself.

To avoid any hassle, consider letting professional installers handle it for you.

a man is fixing the crooked TV

After all, nobody understands better what mounting a TV safely and correctly entails than they do. Best part? You won’t have to help or fret about having the know-how or tools to fix your crooked TV.

The technician will bring along all the necessary tools to quickly identify the mounting problem. They will then fix it, and configure everything professionally.

The mounting plate is the foundation of the rest of the installation, if it is not correctly installed, the TV will most certainly look slanted.

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