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RS232 vs. VGA: All Things Considered

The RS232 and VGA are two different connectors. The RS232 is a communication standard that allows an asynchronous serial communication between a computer and peripheral devices.

It is a type of connection that uses a cable to connect devices so that they can exchange data. VGA is a cable that connects a device to a projector without the need for a power adaptor.

While these are both forms of connecting devices, they serve different purposes.

What Is RS232?

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You will notice different ports on your projector, and the RS232 port is one of them. RS232 is a communication standard that allows asynchronous serial communication between a device such as a television, a computer, or a projector with peripheral devices.

It is used to control your projector. You can connect your projector to a computer with the RS232 cable, and you can then control your projector with the computer.

You can switch the projector on and off remotely, and you can send other control signals. The cable that it uses has a connector on each side.

One side of the connector is a DB9 female connector, while the other side can be a USB connector, a six-pin Mini Din male connector, or others. You will know which one you need by looking at the needs of the two devices that you are connecting together.

What Is VGA?

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VGA stands for video graphics array, and it is very commonly used for computers and video processors. It is a common input cable used for projectors.

The VGA cable carries video and sync signals with a 15-pin configuration. Of these pins, pins one through three correspond to the red, blue, and green component video signals. Six through eight correspond to the RGB ground, pin four is a common ground, and pin five is not used.

Pins 13 and 14 relate to the horizontal and vertical sync information. Some of the pins aren’t used in this case.

The VGA brings the video to the projector from an outside source, such as a computer. When you connect them, you can send the signal from the computer to the projector, and then it will be projected on the screen.

How Does a Projector Work?

When you have a projector, you will mount it on a wall or on the ceiling. It will project your movies onto a large screen that should be installed on an opposite wall.

The cables are important because you need to get the video to the projector so that it can be projected onto a screen. In addition, you need to control the projector, especially if it is mounted on the ceiling.

The VGA cable will carry the video to the projector so that it can be projected onto a screen. You need to control the projector, and you need to use the RS232 connection for this reason.

You can use the RS232 cable to turn the projector on or off and issue other commands that tell it what to do. You can use an app, your computer, or install buttons that are connected with the RS232 cable.

What Is the Difference Between RS232 and VGA?

RS232 and VGA differences

RS232 and VGA perform two completely different functions with your projector. You will need the RS232 connection so that you can control the projector, while the VGA connection sends the video to the projector to display on the screen.

The RS232 connection lets you control the projector with your tablet, your iPad, your computer, or any device that the projector is set up to be controlled by.

You will be able to perform functions such as turning the projector on, changing the input device, changing the resolution and more.

One advantage of using RS232 connections is that it offers two-way communication, so you will know right away if it has done what you told it to do. It allows you to create an integrated system where you have one central station for control.

The VGA connection is responsible for sending the video to your projector so that it can be projected onto the screen. It does not control the projector or turn it on or off; it simply sends the video.

These are two different types of cables, and you need both to operate your projector. The VGA will only send a video signal, but it will not control the projector beyond that.

You can use the VGA to connect different devices to the projector, such as a DVD player, cable boxes, computers, and more.

How to Control Your Projector

The RS232 is what allows you to control your projector. You can connect a cable to your computer and it will use RS232 protocol to translate your commands.

You can also control it with your iPhone or iPad. It will use an app, and when you ask it to turn your projector on, it will translate the command to an RS232 command to carry it out.

The primary thing to understand is that the RS232 is what allows commands to be translated so that the projector does what you have asked it to do.

You can use this signal to control your projector from your computer or another device. It allows your requests to be translated so that the projector can understand them.

RS232 Versus VGA

Sends data commands to projectorSends video to projector
Allows you to control projectorAllows projector to project video

Final Words

When you are setting up a projector, you will see different ports on the back. The RS232 port and the VGA port look similar, and people often want to know what they do.

The RS232 port sends data commands to your projector to tell it what to do. You can control it from your computer or your iPad by telling it to turn on or off and more.

The VGA port takes a VGA cable that sends the video from the other device to the projector. This allows the images to be projected onto a screen.

Once you understand the difference, you can see that they have very different functions.

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