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Miroir Projector Review

You might have heard of the Miroir brand or perhaps Miroir projectors. And you may be new to the brand and its product; which is understandable.

This article will address some of the things you need to know concerning the quality and features of Miroir projectors. So let’s get to it!

What is the Miroir brand all about? And what are Miroir projectors like?

Being one of the best companies known for making projectors, Miroir has attained a good position in the industry.

The brand started making its products in 2012 and has since then risen to be one of the fastest-growing projector companies. It has partnered with several other brands worldwide.

Miroir offers a wide range of options as regards your choice of projector. Their products are upgraded to serve customers, and because of this, different individuals can use Miroir projectors.

Miroir projectors are compatible with a lot of devices:

  • Mobile devices such as Android and iPhones
  • Laptops
  • Game consoles
  • Streaming devices

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Some Miroir Projectors and their superb features

Do you intend to purchase a Miroir projector but you don’t know which one to go for? Worry no more.

In this section, we will be reviewing three Miroir projectors.

And I’ll go through the different features of each of these projectors and also their shortcomings. Of course, no one product is perfect in itself.

Let’s start!

Miroir SYNQ M189 HD Projector

Miroir M189 Portable Projector (Renewed), Black, 80 Inch Picture, 1080P Supported, Home / Outdoor Entertainment, Rechargeable Battery, Compatible with...
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY -- The built-in lithium-ion battery allows for approximately 3 hours of...
  • HD-QUALITY PROJECTION -- Small enough to easily fit inside your briefcase or bag, the Miroir SYNQ...
  • MANUAL FOCUS + KEYSTONE PROJECTION -- The M189 HD projector automatically adjusts for easy setup and...

This is one Miroir projector that can get you thrilled with its unique features. From portability to projection, image quality, and many other features, the M189 HD projector is one that sure stands out.

Some of the features of the M189 HD projector include;

  • Screen size from 20 to 80 inches. It gives you that big screen feeling you desire.
  • HD 1280 × 720 (720p) native resolution
  • Slot for streaming device and power. The rear slot can be opened to connect devices, and once you are done, you can easily tuck it away and close it back. This helps to hide the cord and protect the device.
  • A battery life of over 3 hours of projection time. You can plug it while using it to extend the duration.
  • HDMI Input. This device connects easily to HDMI compatible devices.
  • Easy streaming. With this device, you easily stream content. All you need is to plug in the streaming device, and you’re set.

It is a very portable device. If you intend to get a projector for both home and office use, this projector is an excellent pick.

There won’t be a need to bother yourself adjusting to get the right image with this projector. The M189 projector automatically adjusts itself. So you see, no stress.

With these outstanding features, the SYNQ M189 HD Projector still has its shortcomings. One of which is that small letters and tiny details appear blurry because of the 720p resolution.

Although the projector has an automatic keystone feature to provide a perfectly rectangular image, it does not work well on all walls.

Taking an overall view of this projector, however, its outstanding features surely surpasses its shortcomings.

Do you want to consider another projector? That’s okay. Let’s see another one.

Miroir Ultra Pro Projector M631

Miroir M631 Portable Projector, Black, 120 Inch Picture, 4K Supported, Home / Outdoor Entertainment, Rechargeable Battery, Compatible with TV Stick /...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: 9.5” x 5.39” x 1.5” 1.98lbs, LONG BATTERY LIFE:, Built in li-polymer...
  • LARGE DISPLAY: Works for at home movies, streaming and backyard parties, or for streaming in...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MANY DEVICES: Laptop, iPhone, Android, Tablet, Apple TV, Streaming Device. Apple...

Is there a device that has almost everything you need in a projector? Yes, and this is the device.

With the perfect image, sound, and product size, this device has it all. Check out some of its features below;

  • Full HD 1920 ×1080 (1080) native resolution. This projector can turn any wall into a perfect screen with the perfect image display. Whichever place you choose to use the projector, it works perfectly.
  • HDMI Input. It has a USB-C video and charging port, which connects easily to a wide range of devices.
  • Screen size is from 20 to 120 inches.
  • Two in-built 3-watt speakers and audio out jack (3.5mm) to give you the perfect sound. It also allows you to connect easily with external speakers.
  • USB charging port for iPhone. Suppose you need to charge your phone during a presentation; this projector has got you covered.

The brightness of a Miroir Ultra Pro Projector M631 is excellent. It has a powerful LED lamp that casts close to 700 Lumen brightness and provides about 20,000 hours of projection time.

However, when it comes to projection time, this projector might not be your best bet for long-hour presentations because its battery life is just about 2 hours.

HD Pro Projector M289

Miroir M289 Portable Projector (Renewed), Black, 100 Inch Picture, 4K Supported, Rechargeable Battery, Home Entertainment, Movie Projector, Compatible...
  • Remarkable Clarity and Contrast: Enjoy a cinema quality viewing experience with the latest DLP...
  • Large HD Display: The M289 transforms your home entertainment viewing screen into a cinematic...
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery & Lamp Life: The M289 comes with a built-in 5200 mAh, li-polymer,...

Do you want to have that cinema experience right in the comfort of your home? Then you just found the device you are looking for.

It is portable, easy to use, and compatible with a wide range of devices. What other feature makes it stand out?

  • A protective cover lens with the on/off function
  • HD 1920 × 1080 ( 1080p) native resolution
  • Screen size is from 20 to 100 inches. The HD Pro Projector M289 brings the cinema right into your home.
  • Two in-built 3watt speakers that produce loud sounds. You can connect it to external speakers for a more audible effect.
  • Kick-stand to help with image adjustment and to prevent any form of distortion when projecting. You don’t need to continually adjust the projector; this feature covers up for it.

You can use this Miroir projector with several devices: tablets, laptops, notebooks, game consoles, and many others.

It is perfect for use in a bright environment because of its LED lamp, which casts up to 400 lumens of brightness and provides about 20,000 projection time.

Like the Miroir Ultra Pro Projector M631, the M289 device has only about 2 hours of battery life.

How to set up a Miroir projector

Setting up a Miroir projector is not a difficult task. Although, as a beginner, you may find it a bit confusing. If this is the case for you, don’t worry.

In the video tutorial below, you will see how to set up a Miroir projector.

How to set up and use the MIROIR MICRO PROJECTOR

Besides, if you want to bypass the Miroir projector activation code, click here!

What people have to say about Miroir Projector – User reviews

When a product is good, positive results and feedback are sure to come. What do users have to say about Miroir projectors?

Read on to find out!

The Miroir Ultra Pro Projector is a great projector with good quality and easy portability. It is a small and powerful device, with great sound.

HD Pro Projector M289 is a good device. It is portable and can last for almost 2 hours (1 hour 45min). For good video quality, it will be better to use a computer other than the phone. Although the projector is a bit noisy, the sound soon becomes less noticeable when you start using the projector. The sound is okay but you may need to connect the projector to a nice speaker; Bose speaker will be a nice pick.

Miroir SYNQ M189 HD Projector is the best mini projector at the moment. It has an awesome picture quality on a higher gloss paint. But it will be better if it could be a little brighter because the room needs to be pretty dark to get good picture quality. It projects an incredible image for it’s size, and it is very portable.


No single device has it all; in the same way, no single brand can make the perfect product that will cater to all your demands and have all the qualities you desire in a projector.

So, what other brands can you opt for in place of a Miroir projector? Speaking in terms of features, other brands can cover up for this, and in this section, you’re going to see a few of them.

For brightness:

BenQ TK850: this projector provides an intense 3000 lumens brightness, with excellent image quality. This makes it superb for use during the daytime or in a bright environment.

BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO Projector for Movies, Gaming & Sports | Low Input Lag for Most Games | Dynamic Iris | 3000 Lumens | 3D | 3 Year Industry...
  • TRUE 4K UHD RESOLUTION: 3840 × 2160 or 8.3 million Individual Pixels give incredible clarity...
  • PROJECTOR-OPTIMIZED HDR-PRO(HDR10/HLG): HDR-PRO supercharged by Dynamic Iris with exclusive enhanced...
  • CINEMATIC COLOR TECHNOLOGY: Our out-of-the-box factory calibrated color accurate projector with...

3D projection:

Optoma UHD51A: It provides the rare 3D options that many projectors do not have, with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (×4). It also provides intense brightness of about 3500 lumens.

Optoma UHD51ALV True 4K UHD Smart Projector with HDR | Super Bright 3,000 Lumens | Works with Alexa and Google Assistant & Technology OCM818B-RU Low...
  • Product 1: COMPATIBLE WITH ALEXA & GOOGLE ASSISTANT: With Echo devices or Google Home, take control...
  • Product 1: True 4K Ultra HD: experience high-quality home cinema feel with 4K Ultra HD with 8. 3...
  • Product 1: HD compatible: HDR10 technology with dci-p3 wide color gamut support displays everything...

Battery life:

Anker Nebula Capsule: this projector has a great battery life, with a battery capacity of 5200mAh/3.85V. When fully charged, it can run for about 4 hours.

 Nebula Capsule, by Anker, Smart Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector, 100 ANSI lm Pocket Cinema, DLP, 360° Speaker, 100" Picture, 4-Hour Video Playtime,...
  • Remarkable Clarity and Contrast: DLP's advanced IntelliBright algorithms deliver remarkably bright...
  • 360° Speaker: Equipped with a powerful omnidirectional speaker to pump out sound in every...
  • Super Portable: A seamless aluminum body ensures greater durability and a meager 15 oz weight to...


Finding the best projector that will serve you perfectly is not an easy task, but with Miroir projectors, you will have little or no need left unsatisfied. Why?

Because Miroir is a brand that works with advanced technology to provide the best for customers. Either as a beginner or an expert, you will find Miroir products very easy to use.

Portability is another feature that makes the Miroir brand stand out amongst many others. I mean, who likes to move around with heavy devices? No one.

So check out the best Miroir projector that works for you and start that enjoyable cinematic experience.

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