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How to Unlock an Optoma Projector?

How to Unlock an Optoma Projector?

When you use an Optoma projector for a presentation or a film-watching activity, you usually adjust the settings before you start, to provide your audience with an excellent viewing experience. 

Typically, you would select the appropriate projection orientation, update the image and display settings, etc. Other times, you will lock the unit to keep other people, perhaps younger audiences such as kids, from adjusting the projector settings by mistake.

Often, you will have a problem changing the settings back, leaving you with a locked projector that won’t respond to any button you press on your remote.

While this may sound dumb, it is a common inconvenience Optoma projector owners encounter. 

Unlocking an Optoma projector is easy. In this article, we will walk you through what to do and provide you with detailed steps to unlock your projector.

How to unlock an Optoma projector

A white projector working in a dark room

There are two instances wherein you will need to unlock your Optoma projector:

  • The Keypad Lock feature has been enabled in the settings. 
  • Someone set up a security code. 

Below are the steps in unlocking your Optoma projector:

Locked Keypad 

A black projector and a projector screen in a living room

The solution to a locked keypad on an Optoma projector is simple. Just press the Enter key on your remote, found in the middle of the arrow keys, and hold it for 7 to 10 seconds. 

The projector’s keypad should then begin functioning as normal. 

If your remote control doesn’t work, try the same fix on the Enter button on your projector’s control panel.

Alternatively, you can access the OSD (on-screen display) by pressing the Menu button on your projector keypad. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the submenu. 

Once you’ve entered the Menu page, go to Options. Select Keypad Lock and choose Off. 

Now, if you want to lock the buttons, simply choose On, and you will see a warning message to confirm the keypad lock.

Security Password

A white projector and a projector screen in room

When you enable security on your Optoma projector, it will display an “Enter Security Code” at startup. You will need to input the correct four-digit code to power on the unit. 

The default password is 1 2 3 4, but you can change it via the Setup submenu in the Main Menu. Simply go to Security and select Change Password

If, for instance, you or someone else activated the security feature accidentally, you just need to enter 1 2 3 4, and the projector will be unlocked, provided you have not previously changed the password. In some cases, the default password may be 0 0 0 0.

If you do not know the new passcode, you will need to reset the unit. 

How do I reset my Optoma projector?

A purple projector in a white conference room

You can follow any of the following methods to reset your projector:

Method A

Press the Up and Enter buttons simultaneously twice. Then, press the Left and Enter buttons simultaneously twice. 

A service menu will appear. To access the full menu, press the Up, Left, and Down buttons once; to exit, simply turn the projector off. 

Method B

Press the Up button twice, then the Left button twice, sequentially. 

Method C

Press the Power button and Left button twice, and the Menu button sequentially.

A black projector in a living room

Method D

Press the Re-Sync, Enter, and Source buttons on the projector simultaneously. 

Method E

Press the Power/Standby button. Once the Power Off or Picture Mute icon appears, press the Left button eight times slowly. 

Method F

Press Menu, followed by numbers 6, 1, and 9, then press Menu again. 

To exit the service menu, just press the Menu button, followed by 6, 1, and 9. 


A white projector next to a remote and two pencils

To some, a locked Optoma projector may be an uncomplicated dilemma, but it can be quite a hassle especially when you aren’t sure how to fix it. Familiarizing yourself with the unit and exploring the menus, however, can prove to be helpful. 

Knowing the above fixes will save you time as well as a trip to the repair shop. Also, understanding the lock and security functions can help you maximize the features of your Optoma projector. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.