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How to Reset Lamp Timer On a BenQ Projector?

BenQ projectors have a lamp that works as a great light source for digital projection functions. The lamp lets the image get seen clearly on the screen. This lamp, therefore, has a timer. The lamp can work for a given duration before it wears out and needs changing. The timer alerts the user how long the bulb has before its useful life is over.

There are two ways of resetting BenQ projector lamp timers. One uses the reset button on the projector’s control panel, and the other initiates an automatic reset. The manual method works for BenQ projectors with a reset switch, while the automated process is for models without a reset switch. However, you can use the automatic form even if the projector has a reset switch.

What is a Lamp Timer in a BenQ Projector?

A BenQ Projector is working

A lamp timer is a feature present in projectors that measures the number of hours the lamp has been running. The lamp timer is essential because it guides the user on when to replace the bulb to avoid inconveniences while using the projector. 

Therefore, the timer should be present in every projector. Many things would be disrupted if there was no lamp timer. 

For instance, the projector could go dark during the presentation causing it to end prematurely, thus disappointing many. 

The lamp timer alerts the user when approaching the end of its useful life. After the lamp replacement, the clock needs to be reset to continue with its work, that is, to time the lamp usage ideally.

A standard lamp has a lifespan of 1,000 to 5,000 hours. It has a metal halide lamp with UHP (Ultra-high-pressure) mercury gas inside the bulb.

The LED lamp operates longer than a standard lamp. It has a life of 60,000 hours and has a half-life of 30,000 hours.

Laser Lamp spans 20,000 hours, and this lamp can last for over ten years if properly managed.

Why Do I Need to Reset the Lamp Timer?

A white BenQ projector on a white table

The projector lamp timer records the time the lamp has been working. It records in hours. The lamp timer needs to be reset to accurately record the new bulb hours.

Failure to do so will cause the lamp timer to miscount the hours, damaging the projector if the lamp burns.

When Do You Need to Reset the Lamp Timer on the BenQ Projector?

Lamps with High-pressure mercury or metal halide will slowly reduce the brightness of the projected image as its power becomes weak and pressure begins building up within its bulb. A reduction in lamps’ brightness might be hard to notice at first. When the bulb reaches its half-life, the change is evident, and the dimming is noticeable to the point that it is difficult to ignore.

Sometimes the bulb may fail at the end of its useful life caused by temperature strain. Once the lamp is changed, you need to reset the lamp timer to ensure it starts counting the bulb’s life correctly.

How Do I Check Lamp Hours on a BenQ Projector?

A working BenQ projector

When checking out the lamp hours on the BenQ projector, one should be aware of the average duration of the bulb and then deduct the lamp hours from it.

The method of checking the lamp hours includes:

Accessing the system, when the projector is in action, the time in hours of lamp usage is automatically counted by the lamp timer, which is built-in. The procedure of calculating the corresponding lamp hours is knowing the amount of time the lamp has been running. For example, 500 hours for a light that runs for 2000 hours, means the remaining hours are 1500.

To get the lamp hour details:

  1. Click on the OSD menu and click on the advanced menu> systems setup>Advanced> lamp settings menu. Click Okay on the projector.
  2. Choose a lamp timer and click okay on the projector.
  3. Equivalent lamp hour information will get displayed on the menu
  4. To opt out of the menu, click MENU on the projector.

Lamp hour details are also available in the Information menu

One should not open the projector to check out the bulb under warranty because they may refuse to exchange if it spoils. However, if you choose to change the lamp on your own, ensure you get a quality lamp. Quality lamps include; BenQ W 1070CJD HQ , and more.

How Do You Reset the Lamp Timer on a BenQ Projector?

Reset the lamp timer to ensure its life is counted correctly. Since the bulb is an integral part of a projector, it must have the best care. The bulb affects how images are displayed on the screen. Once the bulb is changed, the projector goes back to normal.

Manual Reset

Buttons on a white BenQ Projector

A manual reset entails using a reset switch in the response circuit, and the projector does not respond when the inputs turn ON except if the reset switch is clicked on.

  • Go to hour Settings

Switch on the projector after ensuring the lamp cover is secure. Then, Press the EXIT button on the projector’s control section and hold it for three seconds. Let go of the button when LAMP HOURS is displayed on the screen.

  • Reset the hours

Click MENU, then click the arrow direction control buttons to modify lamp hours on the screen. Reset the lamp hours to “00.00.”

  • Save

Click on EXIT to save the current lamp hour settings and start the timer over the brand new lamp.

Automatic Reset

BenQ projector remote

It happens when there is no reset circuit in the response circuit, and the projector switches on automatically when an INPUT switches on.

  • Go to Menu

Switch ON the projector after getting a new lamp. Wait for the startup image to appear on the screen, then click on the MENU on the control panel; alternatively, you can click menu/EXIT on the remote.

  • Advanced Setup 

Apply the directional arrows to accentuate the “Advanced Setup” menu. Click the hand facing down to highlight the “lamp settings” and then click “Enter.

  • Reset the timer

Apply the navigation arrow to accentuate “Reset Lamp Timer” and then press “Enter.

  • Finalize

Accentuate “Reset” and click “Enter” on the approval screen.


How to Extend Projector Lamp Life?

Projector Lens

The projector works best in a dust-free area; one should not install it in an area exposed to dust.

Reduce frequent turning on and off. Turn on the projector when it is ready for use because every turn on, there is a power rush that stresses the bulb’s connections.

Check the temperature. An overheated projector can cause the bulb to shatter.

Please rest the projector. An overworked projector causes stress to the lamp; one should use the projector for an average of five hours a day to guarantee extended lamp life.


a projector lamp

During the presentation, the audience is essential, a top-notch production is important. A dim or failing lamp won’t work; thus, it is necessary to check the lamp timer regularly and change the bulb when it is due.

Also, one has to ensure that they have quality and genuine BenQ lamps to produce quality images. Resetting is relatively easy. It is done after the lamp change, and one can follow a guideline step by step.

In case of difficulty, you can contact BenQ customer service for more assistance.

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