8 Practical Ways To Make Your TV Stand Taller

the TCL Google TV is placed on a high-leg table

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What To Know

  • Determine the ideal TV stand height by marking your eye level while seated and subtracting half your TV’s height from this mark.
  • Enhance your TV stand’s height through various methods, including adjustable legs, height-adjustable stands or risers, and creative solutions like wooden blocks or DIY bases.
  • Consider wall mounting your TV as an alternative for achieving the perfect viewing height, especially for heavier TVs.

In this guide, I’ll teach you eight practical ways to make your TV stand taller.

Let’s get started!

How High Should Your TV Stand Be?

Finding the perfect height for your TV stand is an easy task that makes watching TV more comfortable and enjoyable.

To start, sit down in the place where you love watching TV the most and mark the wall with painter’s tape at the point where your eyes naturally rest.

This marked point is typically around 42 inches above the ground when you’re seated on a sofa.

Ensure the tape is precisely at your preferred viewing level. 

To determine the best height for your TV stand, measure the distance from the tape to the floor and then subtract half the height of your TV.

diagram to determine the optimal height for a TV stand

For instance, if the spot you chose is 42 inches high and your TV is 24 inches tall, subtract 12 inches (half of your TV’s height) from 42 inches, resulting in 30 inches. 

This calculation suggests that the ideal height for your TV stand would be 30 inches. 

Additionally, it’s important to choose a TV stand that is strong and stable enough to safely hold your TV’s weight, preventing any potential mishaps.

Next, we’ll explore possible methods to adjust your TV stand and achieve the perfect height.

How To Make Your TV Stand Taller

Making your TV stand taller can be a simple way to enhance your viewing experience, and there are a couple of straightforward methods you can try to achieve this.

1. Adjust Your TV’s Legs (if Possible)

First, if your TV has adjustable legs, you might find that you can increase its height. 

To do this, gently flip the TV over and tweak these legs to make the TV stand taller. 

It’s important to remember that if your TV is large or heavy, you should definitely get someone to help you with this task to avoid any injuries.

2. Use a Height-Adjustable TV Stand

Another effective solution is opting for a height-adjustable TV stand.

These stands are designed to let you easily modify the height of your TV, ensuring you can set it to the perfect level for comfortable viewing.

Not only do these stands make adjusting the height of your TV a breeze, but they also tend to look better than some DIY methods, such as propping your TV up with a wooden box, which I’ll discuss later.

For those looking for a recommendation, the MOUNTUP Universal TV Stand is a great choice. 

It’s highly rated by users and can be a fantastic addition to your setup.

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3. Use a Height-Adjustable TV Riser

If you find that your TV sits too low on its stand, a simple and effective solution is to use a height-adjustable TV riser, like the below WALI riser, which can easily raise your TV to the perfect viewing height.

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TV risers are available in many different sizes and shapes, making it important to know the dimensions of your TV to pick the right one. 

4. Use a Height-Adjustable Desk

Using a height-adjustable desk with wheels under your TV stand is a clever and practical solution for those wishing to raise their TV stand. 

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This arrangement not only facilitates the adjustment of your TV’s height for improved viewing angles but also introduces the advantage of mobility, enabling you to smoothly relocate your TV to any desired spot in the room. 

When choosing a desk for this purpose, it is crucial to select one equipped with four sturdy metal wheels. 

These wheels must be robust enough to securely support the weight of your TV.

5. Use Wooden Blocks

Elevating your TV to the perfect viewing height can easily be achieved with a few creative solutions that are both practical and stylish. 

One straightforward method involves using wooden blocks. 

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These blocks, which vary in color and size, can be strategically placed under your TV stand. 

This simple addition provides a quick and effortless way to lift your TV stand to the desired height, enhancing your viewing experience by making it more comfortable and enjoyable.

6. Use Pallets or Crates

For those who find themselves needing to add more than just an inch to their TV stand, a more rustic option might be the perfect solution. 

Utilizing pallets or crates is an innovative way to achieve this.

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By positioning pallets or crates either under or on top of your TV stand, you can significantly increase its height. 

This method not only offers a considerable height adjustment but also adds a unique, rustic charm to your living space.

7. Build a DIY TV Stand Base

Building your own TV stand from scratch is a project that may require a bit more of your time and effort, but it’s definitely achievable and rewarding. 

If you’ve been relying on a temporary solution for your TV stand and are considering an upgrade, you now have the exciting opportunity to create a TV stand that perfectly meets your needs and matches your style. 

This will involve purchasing the necessary materials and handling the measurements yourself. 

However, the end result will be a TV stand that is tailored specifically to your entertainment space, enhancing both its aesthetics and functionality. 

Whether you prefer a design that is simple or more complex, you have the freedom to craft your TV stand exactly as you envision it. 

For a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this, be sure to check out the instructional video provided.

The Super Easy TV Stand - DIY Project

8. Wall Mounting Your TV Instead

close up view of TV mount

Mounting your TV on the wall is an excellent choice, particularly if you find that your TV is too heavy to be securely positioned on a stand. 

To assist you with this, we have created a comprehensive guide on how to wall mount a Samsung TV. 

This guide serves as a great example for understanding the mechanics of TV mounts and is filled with helpful tips and step-by-step instructions, making it straightforward for you to mount your TV by yourself. 

By exploring the guide, you’ll gain all the information necessary to successfully mount your TV, ensuring it’s both safe and at the perfect viewing height. 

Check it out here.

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