9 Ways To Hide Wi-Fi Router Without Losing Signal

9 ways to hide modem and wifi router (updated)

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Hello there, friends! 

Today, I’m excited to share some smart and stylish ways to hide your Wi-Fi router.

It’s all about keeping your home neat without compromising on that precious Wi-Fi signal.

So, let’s dive into 9 creative solutions that blend functionality with aesthetics – perfect for keeping your digital life running smoothly while maintaining your home’s charm.

4 Considerations for Concealing Your Wi-Fi Router

man plugging internet cable into wifi router

Before you go ahead and hide your router, it’s good to remember that how and where you put it can really affect your Wi-Fi signal.

It’s about more than just keeping things tidy. The right way to hide your router is super important to make sure it still works great and keeps your internet running smoothly.

So, let’s think this through to keep your router out of sight without messing up your online fun!

  • Ensure Proper Ventilation: Just like us, routers need to breathe! When hiding your router, remember that routers need air to stay cool. Opt for containers with open tops or sides, like woven grass baskets, which allow WiFi signals to pass through and promote ventilation, even if it doesn’t feel hot.
  • Maintain Signal Strength: Avoid placing your router in materials like metal or dense objects that can block Wi-Fi signals. Opt for coverings made of lightweight, thin-walled containers to avoid signal interference.
  • Check Wiring and Accessibility: Make sure the router’s wiring is properly set up. The hiding spot should allow for easy access to cords and not be completely sealed.
  • Position Antennas Correctly: If your router has external antennas, ensure they are vertically positioned and can extend out of the container for better signal transmission.

9 Practical Ways to Conceal Your Wi-Fi Router

Now that we’ve got the basics down on how to keep your router safe and sound, let’s dive into 9 chic and practical ways to tuck it away.

These ideas will not only help you maintain a tidy and organized space but also ensure your Wi-Fi router blends seamlessly into your home’s decor.

Let’s get started on giving your router a little style makeover!

1. On the Wall

a wall mounted wifi router

If you’re short on shelf space or don’t have tall furniture to place your router and modem on, no worries!

You can attach them to the wall using command strips.

To get the perfect angle, try using rubber bands to secure the router and modem to the hook.

And for an extra touch of neatness, take a look at this handy guide from Velcro Brand.

It shows you how to create a custom cover that matches your wall color, neatly concealing your router and all those pesky wires for a cleaner look.

How to Neatly Hide Away Your Internet Router

2. Behind a Photo Frame

a photo frame on the shelf

Your cherished photographs can be a clever disguise for your router, especially if it’s in a spot that’s hard to miss.

Sometimes, you need to keep your modem and router centrally located, or maybe moving them just isn’t an option.

In such cases, why not use some stylish photo frames? Place them strategically on a mantle or a prominent shelf.

Not only do they add a personal touch to your space, but their tilted setup also works well for sneakily covering up your router and modem.

Simply choose a frame that’s big enough to conceal your router (think about a size of around 4 by 6 inches or larger) and place it in front of your device.

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3. Behind Your TV

a white TV shelf

Tucking your Wi-Fi router behind the TV might seem like a smart, space-saving solution, especially when you’re trying to declutter and hide those unsightly cables.

But hold on before you settle on this spot! It’s important to weigh the possible downsides, which we’ve covered in depth in our article.

To cut to the chase, it’s not the best idea to hide your router behind the TV.

Doing so can really slow down your Wi-Fi and weaken the signal.

So, even though it might look neater, this spot could end up being more trouble than it’s worth for keeping your internet running smoothly.

If you still prefer to have the router close to your entertainment setup, try positioning it on a high shelf or atop a tall furniture piece behind your TV.

4. On a Shelf

TV screen, paintings and books on white shelves

Nestle your modem or router into a bustling bookshelf for a clever disguise.

If you’re a book lover with a crowded shelf, that’s the perfect spot to place your router and modem.

Amidst the eclectic array of books, these tech gadgets will blend right in, becoming just another part of your collection.

To enhance the aesthetic and keep your router hidden, why not add a touch of nature? Place a few potted plants among the books.

A medium-sized plant is just the right size to obscure your router and modem.

For routers placed higher up, a small potted plant on the shelf does the trick.

Or, if your router is on the floor, a taller plant placed beside it can provide a natural and effective cover.

a wifi router and a pot of plant on a shelf

5. Behind a Faux Stack of Books 

If you have a cozy end table near where your router and modem are plugged in, this idea is a perfect fit.

Consider crafting a router cover from an old book spine.

It’s a creative and unique solution, but remember to leave enough space around it for proper air circulation.

Interested in a DIY project? I’ve got a fantastic step-by-step tutorial for you to create a faux stack of books that doubles as hidden storage.

It’s a fun way to repurpose old books into something stylish and practical.

DIY HIDDEN STORAGE | Free Book Upcycle

But if DIY isn’t quite your thing, no worries!

You can easily find faux-book spine boxes online that look just as great and save you the hassle of cutting.

This way, you get a clever and decorative cover for your tech without the need for crafting skills.

6. In a Basket

basket on the shelf

Opting for a charming wicker basket with a lid can be both a simple and attractive solution.

The natural ventilation provided by the basket’s holes is usually sufficient to prevent your router and modem from overheating.

Wifi router hidden in a basket

Neatly arrange the cords and let them discreetly peek out, staying hidden yet accessible.

For tidier cable management, gather all the cords with a Velcro tie and thread them through the basket’s handles at the back.

What’s great about a wicker basket is its versatility in blending into any room’s decor.

You can place it on the floor, atop a piece of furniture, or tuck it away in a corner — it’ll look perfectly at home wherever you put it.

If you can, leave the lid slightly open or choose a basket with an open top to ensure better heat dissipation.

7. In a Cable-Organizer Box

a cable organizer box on the wooden floor

Cable organizer boxes are the unsung heroes when it comes to neatly concealing tech gadgets like routers and modems.

Take a quick online journey to find a cable management box that not only fits your router and modem but also complements the style of your home.

Once you’ve got the right box, just place your router and modem inside and set it in a discreet corner or along a wall where it won’t draw attention.

These boxes come in a variety of designs and styles, but if you can’t find one that catches your eye, grab a plain white box and unleash your creativity with some stickers or a splash of paint.

These organizer boxes are typically designed with slim profiles, so they won’t interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.

Plus, they’re built to manage heat effectively, keeping your devices cool and functioning at their best.

8. In a Metal-Cut Box

a wifi metal-cut box

If you find that your router tends to run on the warmer side, a metal laser-cut box could be your ideal solution.

Routers and modems can vary in how much heat they generate, and if yours gets particularly warm, enclosing it in a small, confined space might not be the best idea.

These boxes are fantastic for maximizing airflow, ensuring your router stays cool even during heavy usage.

The intricate cuts allow for ample air circulation, helping to disperse heat efficiently.

Plus, the metal material is a safe choice since it’s not flammable, giving you peace of mind.

9. In a Cabinet

a cabinet with cane doors

A versatile storage cabinet, be it your TV console or another type of unit, can serve as an excellent spot for your Wi-Fi router.

Whether it’s a built-in wall unit, cleverly concealed behind panels, or a stylish wall-mounted option, these storage solutions can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Just remember to check that the cabinet walls aren’t too thick to ensure your Wi-Fi signal remains strong and unobstructed.

For a trendy and practical approach, consider a cabinet with cane doors.

Not only do they allow your Wi-Fi signal to pass through effortlessly, but they also add a chic, contemporary flair to your space.

If you’re tight on floor space, a tall and narrow wall-mounted storage unit can be a great choice.

It keeps your router or modem hidden, along with other small items, without taking up valuable room.

For the DIY enthusiasts, the ‘From House to Home’ DIY tutorial can guide you in setting up your router in an existing cabinet, transforming it into a smart, hidden tech hub.

Alternatively, for a touch of retro charm, the mid-century side table project from ‘Making Manzanita’ could be an exciting venture.

Best Place To Put a Wi-Fi Router in Your House

best locations to put a wifi router in your house

If you’re still wondering where’s the best place to hide that trusty Wi-Fi router in your home, even after exploring our 9 ideas, don’t fret! We’ve got some tips to help you figure it out.

One golden rule: make sure your router sits smack dab in the middle of your house, and give it a boost by placing it up high on a table, shelf, or ledge.

For more in-depth guidance on router placement, dive into our article, where we’ve shared 6 more pro tips to ensure you get the most out of your Wi-Fi signal. 

Wrapping It Up

And that’s it! With these tips and tricks, you can effortlessly blend technology into your home decor.

Remember, the ideal spot for your router is somewhere central and elevated to maximize signal coverage.

Enjoy creating a space that’s both functional and beautiful, and say goodbye to Wi-Fi woes and cluttered spaces. 

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