How to Use a Universal Remote on a Fire Stick, Step-by-Step with Images

A hand is hlding the GE remote control and try to control the Fire TV

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Things You Need To Know

  • To use a universal remote with a Fire Stick, it’s crucial to first activate the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) feature on your TV. 
  • Once CEC is enabled, your TV’s remote can control the Fire Stick, eliminating the need for an additional remote.

In this guide, I’ll demonstrate step-by-step methods for connecting both GE and Magnavox universal remotes to my Fire Stick. 

Each step will be accompanied by images to ensure a clear and easy-to-follow process. 

Additionally, for those who might prefer an alternative to using a universal remote, I’ll touch upon the Amazon Fire TV app, a handy and user-friendly solution for controlling your Fire Stick. 

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just seeking a more streamlined streaming setup, this guide is designed to enhance your Fire Stick experience.

Using Universal Remote Control

Before setting up your Fire Stick to work with the universal remote, it’s necessary to enable the CEC function on your TV. 

Here’s how to do it on an LG TV 43UP7550PTC.

Head to Settings → General → Devices → HDMI Settings → enable SIMPLINK (HDMI CEC).

general menu on an lg tv

simplink aka hdmi cec feature is toggled on on an lg tv

This step is crucial: without the CEC feature activated on your TV, the universal remote, even when connected to your TV, will not be able to control your Fire Stick.

GE Universal Remote

After enabling the CEC feature on your LG TV, the next crucial step is pairing the GE universal remote with your TV. This will allow you to control the Fire Stick using the GE remote. 

Here’s the step-by-step process to pair the GE universal remote with your TV:

Step 1: Press the Setup button on the remote and hold it for 4 seconds. You will notice the red light turning on. Once the light is on, you can release the Setup button.

The process of pairing the GE Universal remote

Step 2: Press the TV button. You should see a single flash of the red light on the power button, indicating the remote is ready to be programmed for your TV.

A hand is hold the pairing button on GE universal remote

Step 3: Input the specific code for your TV brand. For example, the code for LG TVs like mine is 6021. You can find this code in the list provided with your GE universal remote.

The manual list of code that for GE Universal remote to pair with any TV from the list

The list of code highlighted the manual code for LG TV

Step 4: After entering the code, your GE universal remote is now paired with the TV. Connect your Fire Stick to the TV, and you should be able to control the Fire Stick using the universal remote.

A hand is hlding the GE remote control and try to control the Fire TV

Note: If the remote is still not working after these steps, repeat the entire process using a different code for your TV brand.

Keep in mind that the GE universal remote I used in this demonstration is a basic model without navigation buttons. Therefore, the most I could do was turn the volume on and off. 

For more comprehensive control over the Fire Stick, you may want to consider a different GE remote model that includes navigation buttons.

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Magnavox Universal Remote

The Magnavox universal remote is designed for ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of major TV brands, including LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, Vizio, TCL, JVC, and Hisense. 

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This makes it a versatile option for controlling various devices, including the Fire Stick.

To pair the remote with your TV, press and hold the button designated for your TV brand for 5 seconds. The remote will automatically begin the pairing process.

Each button on the remote is associated with a different TV brand. For instance, in my case, with the Fire Stick connected to an LG TV, I press and hold button number 1. 

When the indicator LED starts flashing rapidly and then flashes three times, you can release the button.

The process of pairing remote on a black universal remote
A hand is using a universal remote to control Fire TV which is showing on the TV screen
The universal remote is control TV using Fire Stick

Bonus: Using TCL Roku TV Remote to Control Fire Stick

In further testing, I tried using a TCL Roku TV with a Fire Stick and faced a problem: I needed two different remotes to operate them.

Even after turning on the CEC feature on the Roku TV, I found out that the remote for the TCL Roku TV can’t control the Fire Stick, and the Fire Stick’s remote can’t control the Roku TV.

A hand is holding a remote and control the TCL Roku TV

A hand is hold the Roku remote to control the Fire TV

To streamline your experience and reduce the confusion of juggling two remotes, I’ve found an alternative solution. Please refer to the section Using the Amazon Fire TV App below for more information on this workaround.

Using Amazon Fire TV App

For a cost-effective and convenient way to control your Fire Stick, consider using the Amazon Fire TV app. 

This method involves using your smartphone as a remote control, and it’s straightforward to set up. 

I’ve tested this approach with both a Samsung A71 and an iPhone 13 Pro, connected to an LG TV 43UP7550PTC with a Fire Stick, and found it to be quite effective.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Install the Amazon Fire TV app on your  Android device or iPhone.

Step 2: Ensure your smartphone and Fire Stick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for seamless pairing.

The Fire Stick and a phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

Step 3: Launch the Amazon Fire TV app and choose Set up New Device. You’ll need to log in with your Amazon account.

The Samsung phone is using the Fire remote app to with the login interface

Step 4: On your phone’s settings screen, under Connect To Remote, look for your Fire Stick’s name. 

The Corn's Fire TV is available on the Samsung phone

A 4-digit code will be displayed on your TV screen. 

Enter this code on your phone to establish the connection.

A 4-digit code from the Fire TV and got entered on the Samsung phone

Step 5: Once paired, you can now use your smartphone to navigate and control the Fire Stick.

The Fire TV remote app is connected to the Fire Stick on the TV and able to control the Fire streaming device

Through testing, I confirmed that the app interacts seamlessly with the Fire Stick. However, I noted that the app lacks an in-built volume control feature. 

To adjust the volume, I had to use Alexa commands or adjust it manually on the TV.

This solution is particularly useful for those using a Fire TV with a TCL Roku TV, eliminating the need to juggle between two different remotes. 

The Roku and Fire TV remote apps on iPhone 13

You can easily control the Roku TV with its respective app and then switch to the Amazon Fire TV app for your Fire Stick, all from the convenience of your phone.

An iPhone is using the Roku remote app to control the TCL Roku TV

An iPhone is being used as a Fire TV remote by using the Fire remote app to control the Fire Stick

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