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Can I Connect an HDMI Laptop To a DisplayPort Monitor?

Many of us are content with using our laptops for work, or even gaming. But in some cases, having a bigger screen to work on is needed. Using a bigger monitor provides a bigger space to work or view images in a larger format.

Resizing windows on your screen may work, but that would mean things on display are smaller. The best solution would be to connect your laptop to a monitor so you can see everything better and have a larger screen area to work on.

One of the problems you might encounter when connecting a laptop to a monitor is they might have different ports. A laptop usually has HDMI and USB ports while monitors may only have a DisplayPort and AVG ports. Will you be able to connect an HDMI laptop to a DisplayPort monitor? 

Can I Connect an HDMI Laptop to a DisplayPort Monitor?

A Laptop next to a monitor

Yes, you can connect an HDMI laptop to a DisplayPort monitor, but it is not that simple. You need to have the proper cables to do this.

DisplayPorts have higher bandwidths than HDMI. It means that it can handle signal transmission from one device to multiple display screens without losing image quality.

You will need special cables or adapters that will be able to handle signal transmission between two different ports. There are data cables that have an HDMI on one end and a DisplayPort on the other but knowing how the data moves is crucial.

HDMI to DisplayPort Adapters

It is quite easy to find HDMI to DisplayPort adapters, but not everything will work to connect an HDMI source to DisplayPort display. Most cables available for purchase only connect from a DisplayPort host, which is a PC, laptop, tablet, or game console, to an HDMI monitor or projector.

Before purchasing an HDMI to DisplayPort cable, be sure to read the product description carefully. These kinds of cables only have one-way signal transmission so be sure that the signal will transmit from an HDMI source, the laptop, to a DisplayPort monitor. Below are examples of cables and adapters that do just that.

1. FOINNEX HDMI to DisplayPort Cable Adapter

HDMI to DisplayPort, FOINNEX HDMI to DisplayPort Cable Transmit Signal only from HDMI Output to DisplayPort Input, 4K@60Hz HDMI to DP Adapter...
  • 【Dual Monitors for Work】 FOINNEX HDMI to DisplayPort adapter transmits high-definition video and...
  • 【For Game Mode】 HDMI to DisplayPort converter also suitable for gaming console to monitor, like...
  • 【4K@60Hz】HDMI 2.0 to DP 1.2 support resolution up to 3840x2160 @60Hz. Please check your devices...

The FOINNEX HDMI to DisplayPort Cable Adapter transmits a high-definition signal from an HDMI source, like your laptop, to a DisplayPort monitor. It is available in two-meter and 0.15-meter variants to fit your needs.

This cable adapter from FOINNEX comes with a DisplayPort 1.2 on one end and on the other end an HDMI 2.0. You’ll also find an extra USB wire. This is used to direct power to the cable adapter.

To use this, you connect the DisplayPort end to the monitor. Then you connect the HDMI end to the laptop. Do not forget to connect the USB to the USB port on the laptop. Otherwise, the connection will be unsuccessful

This FOINNEX HDMI to DP cable adapter supports UHD 4K and 1080p resolutions, both with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

2. VisionTek HDMI to DisplayPort Active – Adapter

VisionTek 900822 External Video Converter
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Connect your HDMI equipped computer, graphics card, or gaming console to a...
  • AMD Eyefinity - Supports AMD Eyefinity Technology for viewing multiple HDMI displays.
  • EASY TO USE: No software drivers to install and no external power required. Just Plug and Play!

The HDMI to DisplayPort Active Adapter from VisionTek connects a laptop using an HDMI port to a monitor with a DisplayPort. The cable is five feet long and supports resolutions of up to 2560x1440, with 32-bit color and a refresh rate of 60Hz. 

The VisionTek cable is NOT bidirectional. It means that you cannot use it to connect a DisplayPort host to an HDMI monitor or projector.

This is a plug-and-play cable, with no software needed to be downloaded. 

This HDMI to DisplayPort Active Cable also supports AMD Eyefinity. This technology allows the use of multiple monitors to increase screen space without losing display quality.

3. BolAAzuL Active 4K HDMI to DisplayPort 1.2 Converter Adapter 

Active 4K HDMI to Displayport 1.2 Converter Adapter Cable 6FT/1.8M, BolAAzuL HDMI Source to DisplayPort Monitor Cable Unidirectional HDMI 1.4 Male to...
  • 【HDMI to Displayport Converter Cable】 The Active 4K HDMI to Displayport Cable Converter is ideal...
  • ⚠️Note: 1) Bypass cable with no scaling capability. To get 4K resolutions, the HDMI source must...
  • 【Better Compatibility】Storing EDID information on the converter to make sure that there is a...

This HDMI to DisplayPort adapter from BolAAzul connects a DisplayPort monitor to an HDMI laptop or PC. It is six-feet long and has an HDMI 1.4 on one end and a DisplayPort 1.2 on the other end.

This BolAAzul device is a plug-and-play cable with an advanced integrated circuit chip that converts an HDMI signal to a DisplayPort output. It can support a maximum resolution of 3840X2160 with a refresh rate of 30Hz.

It should be noted that to get 4K resolution, the input source should be HDMI 1.4 and above and the output source should also support 4K. If not, the best you can get is 1080P resolution that has a 60Hz refresh rate.

This converter adapter from BolAAzul does not support refresh rates beyond 60HZ.

4. QGeeM HDMI to DisplayPort Converter Adapter Cable

HDMI to DisplayPort Converter Adapter Cable with USB Power,QGeeM 4K x 2K HDMI to DP Adaptor for HDMI Equipped Systems,Compliant with VESA Dual-Mode...
  • ◆ Multi-function ◆: High Performance HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter - connects an HDMI enabled...
  • ◆ Plug & Play and Very Easy Use ◆: USB-Powered (✿NOTE✿: !!! plug the USB connector into a...
  • ◆ Reliable Connection ◆: Features Quad-shielded cable with PVC jacket for maximum video...

The HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter from QGeeM connects an HDMI laptop, tablet, or PC to a DisplayPort monitor. This product is only about 6 inches long and may require the use of an additional DisplayPort cable. 

To use this, connect the HDMI 1.4 end to the HDMI port on your laptop, the USB cable goes to the USB port of your laptop, and then, connect the DisplayPort 1.2 to the DisplayPort socket in your monitor.

If the QGeeM adapter cable is too short, plug in a DisplayPort 1.2 cable to your monitor, then connect the female end to the male end of the adapter cable. It is a plug-and-play device with no need to install any software.

This unidirectional HDMI to DP adapter cable supports 1080p resolution at 120Hz refresh rate, 4Kx2K at 30Hz, 2560x1440 at 60Hz, and 1920x1080 at 60Hz. 

5. BENFEI HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter

HDMI to DisplayPort, BENFEI HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter Compatible with Laptop, Xbox 360 One, PS4 PS3 HDMI HDMI Device
  • COMPACT DESIGN - The compact-designed portable Benfei HDMI to DisplayPort adapter connects a...
  • SUPERIOR STABILITY - Built-in advanced IC chip converts HDMI TMDS signal to DisplayPort digital...
  • ULTRA 4K@60Hz RESOLUTION: The adapter is fully compatible with DisplayPort 1.2a, HDCP 1.3/1.4/2.2,...

The HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter from BENFEI features an HDMI male that plugs into a laptop and a DisplayPort female where you will connect the DisplayPort cable coming from your monitor. It also comes with a USB cable which can be a great help in powering up the device.

This HDMI to DP adapter supports comprehensive resolution up to 4K with a refresh rate of 60Hz, as well as 1080p, 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 800x600, 720i, 720p, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, and 1080i. This adapter is not bidirectional, so you can’t use it to connect an HDMI monitor to a DisplayPort laptop.

How to Connect an HDMI Laptop to a DisplayPort Monitor?

When you have found the right adapter or cable adapter, connecting your laptop to your monitor is fairly easy.

HDMI to DP adapter without USB
An Adapter without USB cable

For cables with an HDMI on one end and DP on another, you only need to plug them in their respective ports for them to work. They draw power from the HDMI port, so you don’t need to connect it to a power source to work. They are also plug-and-play, eliminating the need to install any software.

HDMI to DP adapter with a USB cable
An Adapter with USB cable

In some adapters, you will need to plug a USB cable into a power source in order for it to work. For such devices, when you plug the HDMI male into the port, you need to remember to also plug the USB into the proper port. Then connect the DisplayPort end to the monitor. You may need to use an extra DisplayPort cable as these adapters tend to be short.

HDMi to Display Port Adapter

Also, when plugging and unplugging the DisplayPort end, be sure the latch is not engaged. You can do this by pressing the latch on either side of the DisplayPort end.


You can connect an HDMI laptop to a DisplayPort monitor. You just need the right cable or adapter to do this.

The one thing you should look at carefully is knowing how signal transmission works because HDMI-DP cables are one-directional. Be sure that the cable or adapter gets a signal from an HDMI source, which is your laptop, and transmits it to a DisplayPort monitor.

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