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Air Conditioner Interfering With TV Reception: True or Not?

Air Conditioner Interfering With TV Reception: True or Not?

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While not common, your air conditioning unit can interfere with your TV’s reception. But fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often.

We don’t usually mount our TVs and air conditioner units close together, so the digital “noise” your air conditioner produces doesn’t usually interfere with your TV’s reception.

But you wouldn’t be here if you were not having TV interference issues, now would you?

You’ve checked your LED lights and your neighbor’s LED lights, and neither of these causes your TV’s interference. The weather is good, so rain or high winds couldn’t be an issue.

Could your air conditioner cause the TV interference? Probably. But let’s explore this situation first.

Do Air Conditioners Interfere with TV Reception?

Yes, they can. But not all the time.

Electronics affect digital signals mainly because of the “noise” or radio frequency they emit. Your air conditioner unit is no different. But not many AC owners have this issue.

ACs don’t always interfere with TV reception because their digital “noise” is not as “loud” or strong as other household electronics such as your LED lights and radios. They undergo tests to ensure they do not get in the way of other home or office appliances despite being in close proximity.

We also don’t mount AC units close to our TVs. We usually have them across our entertainment set-ups or tucked away in the corner to keep the room looking and feeling larger. This distance is often enough to stop your AC’s “noise” from affecting your TV reception.

But it’s not just the “noise” from your air conditioning units affecting your TV’s interference. Physical causes such as thick walls, rain, and wiring can cause TV interference. However, your AC is a huge chunk of metal, and it can get in the way of smooth signal transmission too.

How Can You Tell if Your Air Conditioner Units are Causing TV Interference?

But how can you be sure that your AC is the sole cause for your TV’s interference? Well, lucky for you, it’s quite simple!

Method #1: Turn It Off and On Again

All you have to do is unplug all the electronics in the room (except your TV) and turn off your gadgets. Then, turn on each device individually to see which one your TV responds to.

a hand unplugs the power cord of a device

Not any of your devices? You can now proceed to plug in other electronics such as your radio, router, or AC one by one.

If your TV starts to experience signal interference after plugging in and switching on your AC, then you know where the problem lies.

Method #2: Ask Your Neighbor

Still couldn’t find the reasons for your TV’s reception interference? There’s one more thing you may have to do: go to your neighbors.

two neighbors talk about tv via the low fence

If you live in a suburb, apartment complex, condo, or anywhere with neighbors, chances are you’re not the only one using electronics that cause TV reception interruptions.

You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “Ugh…this is such a hassle,” and you’d be right. It can be a pain to unplug multiple devices only to plug them back in one by one. It’s an even bigger pain to knock on your neighbor’s doors and ask them to turn off their electronics for a few minutes.

But these are some things you have to do if you really want to find the root cause of your TV’s interference issues.

How to Solve and Prevent TV Reception Interruptions at Home?

Now that you’re sure your AC is causing the TV interference let’s go over two ways you can solve this issue.

Don’t worry; they’re not overly complicated!

Tip #1: Move It Away!

The first tip would be to move your TV farther away from your AC unit. Try mounting it to the opposite side of the room.

a tv on the wall

If you’re using a split-type AC unit, you might be able to relocate that to the other side of your entertainment room. Try to get it as far away as you can from your TV.

Now plug everything in and see if you’re still experiencing some signal interference.

IMPORTANT: If you’re planning on moving an AC unit of any kind, make sure to call up professionals so they can help you. DIY-ing an ACrelocation and re-installation without the right know-how can lead to a lot of damage.

Tip #2: Get a Power Board

If you’re still seeing white flecks on your TV screen while watching, this may be a problem relating to electrical interference. You will have to look at your wiring for this.

a power board with many cables

These white flecks happen when electrical interference comes from home electronics, such as your air conditioning units.

For situations like these, investing in Power Boards with built-in electrical Filters may be more cost-efficient. These are relatively easy to find online, and while they can be pricey, you can find many deals in both local and online electronic stores.

Furman Power Conditioner (SS6B) black
  • 15 foot power cord
  • Illuminated ON/OFF switch
  • Circuit breaker

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But be wary of Power Boards with prices that look too good to be true!

Tip #3: Get the Professionals Involved

If you tried the tips we gave above, but your TV’s reception still hasn’t improved, be sure to call your cable technicians so they can look at your TV. There might be something wrong with your antenna/satellite wiring.

Can I Put My TV In Front of An Air Conditioner?

AC units are some of the most important household gadgets in these modern times. We use it to stay cool during warmer weather, which happens quite often now.

But is it safe to put it in front of your TV?

air conditioner is placed in front of a TV

Yes. If your AC is far enough away from your TV, then you won’t experience any reception issues if you put it right across your entertainment set-up.

However, it’s not ideal. Not because of reception issues, but because of the moisture in the air.

The moisture coming from the air conditioner and its cooling temperature can penetrate your TV’s system and cause damage.

Our best suggestion is to put your AC unit in a different corner of the room, far enough away from the TV.

Is AC Bad for Electronics?

So, is AC bad for electronics? Not exactly.

While it can affect your TV’s reception, that doesn’t happen as often. Most companies now create AC units that are “quieter” or do not emit too much radio-frequency interference.

Having an AC in the same room as your TV and other electronics won’t damage them unless your device is under the AC and leaks right on top of it.

But if your AC is mounted off to a wall and you have some devices lying in the middle of your coffee table, don’t worry. Nothing bad will happen to them.


So we talked about how AC units can interrupt your TV reception. We also learned ways to tell if your air conditioner units are the problem and not other external factors.

Yes, it is a hassle to check each electronic at home just to find the sole culprit for your TV’s reception issues. But it’s something you have to do if you want to get back to watching movies without the screen suddenly going black or having white speckles floating about on the monitor’s screen.

Luckily, the solutions to TV reception issues caused by air conditioners aren’t complicated to accomplish on your own. You’ll only need to either move your AC unit farther from your television or invest in a good-quality Power Board.

In the worst-case scenario, you will have to call your cable technicians to look at your TV’s wiring.

An even worse scenario is asking every person living in your vicinity if you can turn their electronics off and on again!

Joking aside, we hope you got valuable tips from this article. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments below. We’ll do our best to answer them in our upcoming articles. Good luck!

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