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Will Chromecast Work on a Roku TV?

Will Chromecast Work on a Roku TV?

You have a shiny new Roku TV and your faithful Chromecast. Both work excellently on their own, so you can only imagine how great they’d work together.

Your Roku TV has an HDMI port, but will it work with a Chromecast? Do you actually need to use a Chromecast with a Roku TV?

What are the differences between these two products?

Keep reading to find out!

Will Chromecast Work on a Roku TV?

Yes, Chromecast will work on a Roku TV.

Chromecasts will work on any device with an HDMI port, making them highly flexible and compatible devices.

This includes Roku TVs, which also have HDMI ports.

Just plug the Chromecast into your Roku TV and a power source, change it to the appropriate input, and it’s go time!

Kindly note this applies to all Roku TV models.

Do I Really Need a Chromecast if I have a Roku TV?

No, you do not need a Chromecast if you have a Roku TV.

Although you may appreciate how easy it is to use a Chromecast, you do not really need one if you have a Roku TV.

Roku TVs allow you to cast content from your Android smartphone and tablet, as well as your iPhone and iPad.

You can also mirror your device’s screen from Android devices, Windows 10 computers, iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

casting video from smartphone to TV

Bear in mind that screen mirroring for Apple devices is done using AirPlay.

Although the process to cast content or screen mirror on Chromecasts and Roku TVs is different, the result is the same.

So, whether you want to use a Chromecast with your Roku TV will depend entirely on whether you want to continue using the Google Home app and Chromecast’s interface.

Chromecast vs Roku TV

a Roku TV and Chromecast

There are a few differences and similarities between Chromecast and Roku TV.

Although you can use Chromecast and Roku TV to cast content and screen mirror your devices, there are several other things that set them apart.

Let’s look at how these nifty devices differ!

  Chromecast Roku TV
Mode of Use Casting stick to be used with TVs Smart TV
Portability Very Portable Not Portable
Smart Interface & Built-in Apps No, it only casts your device’s screen Yes, it has a smart interface with many compatible built-in apps
Gaming Play from your phone’s app Wide selection of built-in gaming apps, can connect to your Nintendo Switch, XBOX, etc.
Supports 4K Content Chromecast Ultra & Chromecast with Google TV Some Roku TV models

Mode of Use

You cannot use Chromecast as a standalone device. You must use it with a smartphone, tablet, or PC/MacBook. Chromecast devices plug into your TV, allowing you to cast content onto it.

Without a phone connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast, it’s completely unusable. So, if you don’t own a smart device or laptop, or prefer not to use it for watching TV, then Chromecast isn’t the right option for you.

Roku TVs, however, are smart TVs and standalone devices. You can use them to cast content, watch regular TV via apps, or watch streaming apps.

Roku on smartphone and TV

You don’t need another device to use them, just a stable internet connection. Some models even have an Ethernet port, so you can have a faster wire connection.

On Roku TVs, everything is in one place, whereas Chromecasts require another device to connect to and cast content from.


Chromecast connect to TV via USB port

Chromecasts can fit in your pocket and be taken anywhere (yes, even overseas!).

As long as you’re somewhere with a TV with an HDMI port and an internet connection, you can use your Chromecast. You’re also casting content from your phone, so you can pick up where you left off on your favorite show, even if you’re halfway across the world.

If you’re a nomad or avid traveler, your Chromecast will be your best friend.

A Roku TV is an actual TV, so you can’t carry it around like you would a Chromecast. It’s meant to be placed in your home and stay there, which is fine if you don’t need to watch streaming apps on a TV when you’re out of town.

Smart Interface

While Chromecasts just mirror your phone’s screen or cast specific apps, Roku TVs have a built-in smart interface that lets you use your TV like a big computer.

Although you cannot browse the internet with this interface, you can use several of its features, designed for the big screen, meaning they’re compatible with your Roku TV.

For instance, Roku TV has over 30,000 apps. While the Google Play Store has many more apps, they’re not all designed to be used on your television.

Contents on Roku

So, the format and method of use may not always foster an optimal user experience.

Meanwhile, Roku TV apps are made to be used with the Roku TV remote and smart interface, so they work smoothly on your TV.

Not to mention you won’t have to shift your gaze from your phone to your TV every time you want to open a new app or select something within the app.

You will also have access to certain streaming and live broadcast television apps that aren’t available on your phone or tablet, allowing you to watch regular TV.


One of the great things about Chromecast is that you can cast games from your phone on the big screen. This is a great opportunity to host competitive gaming parties where you each take turns trying to beat the final levels of Candy Crush or a similar gaming app.

However, you are confined to playing on your phone, which means it will be difficult to play multiplayer games.

Roku TVs also have built-in game apps which are compatible with Roku TV’s design. They also make it easy to connect your Nintendo Switch, XBOX, or another type of gaming console to your TV.

This allows you and several friends to all play games together without being hunched over a phone.

4K Content

You can watch 4K content on the Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast with Google TV. Yes, you can still do this even if your phone, tablet, or laptop does not have a 4K screen.

a woman starting 4K TV

This allows you to take advantage of all the amazing 4K content. However, you will need a 4K TV to stream to, and seeing as most 4K TVs are also smart TVs that support casting and screen mirroring, it makes your Chromecast somewhat useless.

Some Roku TV models have 4K screens. However, not all Roku TV apps support 4K content, so you must ensure the picture resolution is actually 4K.

Wrapping Things Up

Although your Chromecast can work on a Roku TV, it’s not necessary.

Roku TVs allow you to cast and screen mirror from your device and even support AirPlay, which is a huge plus for Apple geeks.

Chromecasts and Roku TVs are similar in the sense that you can cast to them, play games, and stream content. However, their hardware, mode of use, and interfaces make them fundamentally different.

Chromecasts are great if you want to cast to a regular TV or a smart TV that doesn’t support casting. Roku TVs are a good option if you enjoy Roku products and want a high-quality smart TV.

What’s your experience using a Chromecast on a Roku TV? Do you prefer Chromecasts or Roku TVs?

Let us know in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.