HDMI Keeps Popping Up on Your TV? 5 Proven Solutions to Fix It

HDMI info banner on the Roku screen

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What To Know

  • Inspect and replace damaged HDMI cables or ports, and keep your TV’s software updated to prevent HDMI pop-up issues.
  • Enable the Simplink (CEC) feature on your TV for better control of HDMI-connected devices and to reduce unnecessary pop-ups.
  • Disable the Info Banner on Sony TVs to avoid triggering HDMI notifications.

In this article, I’ll quickly show you five proven solutions to fix the annoying HDMI pop-up issue on your TV.

Let’s dive in!

What Does the HDMI Keep Popping Up on Your TV Screen Mean?

If you’ve ever connected an HDMI-compatible device, such as a game console, streaming stick, or DVD player to your TV, you’ve probably noticed it triggers an HDMI pop-up on-screen. 

This pop-up not only informs you that your TV has detected an HDMI input, but it also tells you which HDMI port the device is connected to. 

For instance, you may see a notification that says “HDMI 1.”

Sony TVs’ HDMI pop-ups are usually found on the bottom center of the screen, parallel to the TV’s LED indicator. 

As you can see below, our Sony TV also informs us what kind of device has been detected. In this case, it’s a Fire TV Stick. 

HDMI info banner on Sony TV

When you connect an HDMI device to a Samsung TV, you’ll notice the HDMI banner spans the entire top width of the screen. 

Not only is this banner wide, but it’s also very informative since it lists the number of HDMI ports currently in use along with your local time and date. 

HDMI info banner on Samsung TV

On a TCL TV, you’ll notice the HDMI banner is in the top right corner. 

While this banner doesn’t include the time and date, it does include the current HDMI port being used along with the input signal’s resolution and refresh rate. 

This can be helpful to ensure your TV is set to a compatible resolution and refresh rate so that the video on-screen is clear and smooth. 

HDMI info banner with resolution information

This banner should usually disappear pretty quickly, but if it doesn’t or keeps reappearing, there may be something wrong with the HDMI connection or your TV’s software.

Thankfully, this issue can be fixed by following our simple troubleshooting tricks. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of that pesky HDMI banner.

How To Fix HDMI Keeps Popping Up on Your TV Screen

The following solutions will address all possible reasons for your TV’s HDMI banner freezing on-screen or constantly popping up. 

I recommend trying all of them that apply to your TV model since this issue could be related to a hardware problem, software glitch, or a frustrating combination of the two. 

1. Inspect the HDMI Connections

Head to the back of your TV and carefully examine the HDMI cable at both ends. 

Ensure either end is securely connected to the device (e.g. laptop, game console, streaming device, etc.) and TV’s HDMI ports. 

Loose HDMI connections can be hard to spot, but they can cause a host of problems including intermittent signals. 

This can lead to the HDMI banner constantly reappearing as your TV repeatedly detects it. 

Then, check your HDMI ports and cable for damage, such as tears or any missing pins. 

HDMI cables must maintain a complete physical connection to their ports to establish a strong signal. 

So, either component being damaged can prevent a strong connection from being formed. 

ARC HDMI port on the TV's rear side

If you suspect your TV’s HDMI port may be at fault, try connecting your input device to another port if possible. 

This is a good way to figure out if your TV’s HDMI port is causing the problem. 

If neither HDMI port does the trick, your HDMI cable may be nearing the end of its days. So, switch it out for another HDMI cable to see if that does the trick. 

Once you’ve tried using a different port and cable, it’s time to try connecting your input device to another TV to figure out which device is causing the issue. 

Should your input device work flawlessly on another TV, your original unit may be to blame, and vice versa. 

2. Update the TV Software to the Latest Version

You keep your iPhone up to date, but did you know you have to update your TV’s software as well? 

Out-of-date TV software can lead to strange glitches, such as the HDMI banner not disappearing or reappearing. 

It’s a good idea to update your TV’s software regardless of whether your TV’s glitching or not, as this keeps the unit working in tip-top shape and can help prevent any potential issues from arising. 

All TV manufacturers, including Sony, recommend regularly checking for updates or enabling automatic updates. 

Checking for updates screen on Samsung TV

Check out the table below to learn how to update the software on a few notable TV brands. 

Samsung Settings → Support → Software Update → Update Now
LG All Settings → Support → Software Update → Check for Updates
Sony Settings → System → About → System Update → Check for Update
TCL Settings > System > About > Software Update > Network Update > System Update > Check Update

3. Disable the Info Banner on Sony TVs

If you have a Sony TV, you may be able to disable the HDMI banner altogether, eliminating this problem entirely. 

A few Sony TV users struggling with this issue found that disabling the Info banner feature stops this pesky HDMI notification from popping up whenever you play/pause a show on a streaming device (e.g. Apple TV). 

This process may vary depending on which Sony TV model you have. 

So if the following instructions don’t work on your unit, I recommend searching online for how to turn off the Info banner on your Sony TV model. 

Below, I’ve listed the instructions for disabling the Info banner on my Sony Google TV, model KD-43X75K. 

Step 1: Launch the Settings and head to Channels & Inputs

Channels & Inputs settings on Sony TV

Step 2: Go to the Info banner option. 

Sony TV Info banner is turned on

Step 3: Select the Info banner to toggle it OFF. (The toggle icon will appear grey instead of blue.)

Sony TV Info banner is turned off

4. Enable Simplink (CEC) on Your TV

If you love controlling multiple devices with one remote, you have Simplink (CEC) to thank. 

This common feature allows users to simultaneously control multiple HDMI-connected devices and their TV with a press of a button.

Simplink CEC can adjust the devices’ volume levels, turn them all off at once, and perform many other useful tasks. 

As soon as you turn on Simplink CEC, you’ll be able to turn off your TV along with all its connected HDMI-compatible devices (game consoles, streaming sticks, DVD players) with the click of your TV remote’s Power button. 

But, Simplink CEC’s usefulness doesn’t stop there, as these Reddit users found. 

When enabled, this feature can also prevent your TV from continuously displaying the HDMI banner, especially if your game consoles, streaming devices, or other HDMI-compatible devices remain connected to your TV even after you’ve turned it off. 

HDMI CEC description info on Samsung TV

As you can see below, our Samsung TV labels this function as Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC). 

Samsung TV Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) feature is turned on

Consult the summary table below to learn how to enable Simplink (CEC) on a few popular TV brands. 

Samsung Settings → General → External Device Manager → Activate Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
LG All Settings → General → Devices → HDMI Settings → Activate SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC)
Sony Settings → Channels & Inputs → External inputs → HDMI CEC Settings → Activate CEC
TCL Settings → Channels & Inputs → Inputs → Activate HDMI Control

5. Ensure Your Gaming Console or Streaming Device Is Fully Turned Off

select the TV Off option on the Roku screen

While pressing your TV’s Power button may turn off the display, it will not turn off any connected HDMI devices. 

Instead, these game consoles and streaming devices will go into rest/sleep mode. 

Here, they may perform any necessary updates so that they’re ready to be used the next time you turn your TV on. 

As these devices are still turned on and connected to your TV, they may continue to trigger the HDMI banner.

So, to ensure the HDMI banner does not continue to pop up, make sure to turn off your game console or streaming device completely

Many streaming devices do not have a Power button, so you may just need to disconnect them from your TV’s HDMI port. 

However, game consoles, like the PS4, can be shut down by navigating to the Power Options.

select the turn off PS4 option

Then, click on Turn Off PS4 and wait for it to shut down. 

PS4 Power Turn off option

If you don’t want to fuss with your PS4’s settings, you can also long-press the console’s Power button for 7 or more seconds until you hear the unit beep twice, signaling it’s shutting down. 

pressing the power button on the Sony PS4

Wrapping Things Up

A pesky HDMI banner can be an eyesore, but there are a few clever ways to get rid of it. 

Ensuring your hardware is all properly connected is a good start before updating your TV software. And, if you have a Sony TV, I also recommend disabling the Info banner. 

Finally, enable Simplink CEC on your TV and double-check that your connected HDMI devices are all shut down. 

How were you able to finally get rid of that annoying HDMI pop-up? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I have to select an “input” selection, ie: HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc,every time I turn on this new JVC Roku TV LT- 40Maw325– Why & how to stop that??

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