Where To Put Spacers on a TV Mount: A How-To Guide

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What To Know

  • Spacers should be placed between the TV and its mounting bracket, not against the bolt-like washers.
  • To use spacers, first measure the necessary length using a skewer and marks from the bottom of the TV bracket to the surface of the TV. Then, select the right bolts for the spacers, ensuring they fit without piercing the TV’s back. Finally, assemble everything by placing the spacers over the screw holes, aligning the bracket, and tightening the bolts with a screwdriver or socket wrench.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the simple yet crucial process of using spacers for mounting your TV, ensuring it’s securely and safely attached to the wall.

Discover how these small gadgets can make a big difference in your TV installation.

Let’s begin.

What Do Screw Spacers Do?

Spacers ensure the TV doesn’t overheat and is firmly secured to the wall.

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Spacers are an important part of mounting your TV to a wall and have two main functions.  

The first one is ensuring that your TV does not overheat. If you’ve ever touched your TV after it’s been on for a few hours you’ve probably noticed it’s become quite warm. 

Your TV needs proper airflow to ensure it doesn’t overheat. When TVs are mounted flush to the wall, there’s very little space behind the unit for the air to circulate. The spacers distance your unit from the mount, keeping it cool. 

Secondly, spacers ensure your TV is firmly attached to the bracket so that it lies flat against the mount when it’s attached to the wall. Some brackets may not exactly line up with your TV and you may need spacers to get the perfect fit. 

Do I Need Spacers for TV Mounts?

You need spacers if there is space between your TV and its mounting bracket. 

You won’t always need spacers when mounting your TV, but they could come in handy if there’s space between your TV bracket and the back of the TV. 

In this case, mounting your TV without spacers risks damaging it since it won’t be mounted securely to the bracket or wall. 

Additionally, a spacer could come in handy as it will prevent the screw from damaging your unit if your bolts are too long to fit inside your TV’s screw holes.

In short, spacers aren’t always necessary but it’s a good idea to have a few lying around just in case your TV, bracket, or screws don’t all perfectly fit together. 

The video below demonstrates how spacers can prevent your TV from being damaged or falling off its bracket. 

How to install the TV brackets

Where To Put Spacers on a TV Mount?

Place the spaces between the TV and its mounting bracket. 

Unlike washers which should be placed against the top of the bolt, spacers need to be placed against the TV. 

Spacers will not scratch your TV like washers might and will securely hold the bracket in place. 

You should only use one spacer for each bolt, so it’s important they’re the right length. If the bolt needs to be tightened further, use extra washers accordingly. 

How To Use Spacers on a TV Mount?

Follow the steps below to use spacers on a TV mount. 

Using spacers on a TV mount is as easy as it is important. 

Note that every TV mount will be slightly different, so always consult the user manual to make sure you’re assembling your TV mounting set correctly. 

Step 1: Measure How Long Your Spacers Must Be 

Spacers come in several different sizes, so it’s important to make sure you select the right one. 

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A handy trick for measuring how long a spacer you’ll need is to use a wooden skewer. Line up your TV bracket with your TV and place a skewer in the bolt hole. 

Use a Sharpie to make two marks: one on the bottom of the TV bracket and the other on the surface of the TV. 

Remove the skewer and measure the distance between the two marks, this will determine how long your spacer needs to be. 

If you can’t find a spacer that is the exact size, it’s best to purchase a slightly smaller one and make up the length using washers. 

Did you know Amazon will help you find a spacer to fit your exact dimensions? Use their Filters for Spacers and select your desired width, length, and shape. 

Alternatively, you can buy a Spacer Assortment Kit  which includes a large variety of spacers to fit your TV mount. 

Step 2: Find the Right Bolts

bolts in white background

The provided bolts in your mounting kit may be too short to use with the spacer. 

First, check that the bolt’s outside diameter is the correct width for the bolt holes and spacer. 

Use a wooden skewer to measure how long the bolt must be to hold both the TV and bracket in place without piercing the back of the TV. 

Also, take note of what kind of bolt your mounting kit uses. If you’re not sure what type of bolt it needs, consult the user manual.

 There will usually be a list of provided materials that should tell you what kind of bolt (e.g. lag, hex, penta head) you need. 

Amazon has Filters for Bolts which allows you to select what kind of bolt you need, its length, width, thread size, material, and more. 

Step 3: Assemble Everything 

Now that you have all the necessary materials, you can put everything together. 

Lay your TV face-down on a towel or blanket to protect the screen from being scratched. 

Place the appropriately sized spacers over the screw holes, then line up the bracket with the spacer. 

If you’re using washers, slide them onto the bolt so they lay flat against the head. Put the bolts in place. 

Use a screwdriver or socket wrench to tighten the bolts, holding the bracket, spacers, and TV together. 

That’s it! We told you it was easy! 

If you’re still having difficulty visualizing how spacers work, watch the video below demonstrating how spacers allow you to secure a bracket to a TV. 

Solving TCL wall mount issue

Wrapping Things Up

Spacers can definitely come in handy when mounting a TV, especially if you notice some distance between the TV and bracket. 

They’re easy to use, affordable, and worth every cent. 

Just make sure you take the proper measurements and purchase the correctly-sized spacers for your TV mounting set. Don’t worry if they’re a little short, a few washers on the bolt will do the trick. 

What’s your experience using spacers when mounting a TV? Has this article helped you understand what spacers are and how to use them? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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